Backwoods Smokers Cubby G2

Backwoods Smoker Cubby G2
Backwoods Smoker Cubby G2. Backwoods Smoker

The Bottom Line

For nearly 30 years Backwoods Smokers has been making some of the most popular competition smokers around. Several of the most successful teams on the BBQ circuit use one of these and for a few simple reasons. Basically, this is a vertical water smoker, making it easy to operate and its efficient use of charcoal makes it inexpensive to run. The insulation holds in heat giving you easy temperature control.

This model is large enough for most backyard barbecue enthusiast and the performance is much, much better than the typical hardware store smoker.

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  • Solid, handmade construction
  • Highly efficient smoker
  • Good temperature control


  • Heavy but short can be a little awkward
  • Standard version comes without casters


  • 1364 square inches of cooking space
  • 180 to 300 degree F/80 to 150 degree C temperature range
  • Double wall construction with 1-inch insulation (2-inch upgrade available)
  • Runs approximately 8 to 12 hours on a full load of 8 to 9 pounds of charcoal
  • Many additional features available (for additional price)
  • 160 pounds total weight
  • Made in the United States by Backwoods Smoker

Guide Review - Backwoods Smokers Cubby G2

Consider this the improved water smoker. Built like other vertical water charcoal smokers, the Backwoods Smokers are hand built with thick insulation and lock tight doors so that these smokers hold in the heat and control the airflow to a very precise level.

This gives you a powerful smoker that turns out consistent barbecue. For more nearly 30 years Backwoods Smokers has been building and improving this line of smokers making them especially popular with the competition barbecue teams.

"The Cubby" is the smallest version of their smokers and is ideal for the backyard barbecue cook who doesn't need to cook 4 briskets at a time.

This model is large enough for several racks of ribs, a couple of pork butts or a pair of briskets. The G2 or generation 2 version of the Cubby is larger and has improved features, making it the better choice. Of course, at nearly $1,400USD this isn't an inexpensive smoker. Add in all the extras and the price can go over $2000USD, so this is a smoker for the very serious barbecue cook who plans on getting their money out of it.

The construction of this smoker is excellent. Each Backwoods Smoker is hand made in the United States and features thick gauge metals, heavy duty latches, handles, hinges and corner accents making this a highly durable smoker. Without electronics or moving parts this smoker is hard to break. If you are interested in a reliable smoker that can produce great barbecue then this is certainly a model to take a serious look at.

I would really recommend paying the extra for the 2 inches of insulation if you live in a cold climate. It will keep this smoker very efficient and its temperature very stable.

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