29 DIYs Perfect for Your Next BBQ

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    Sun's Out, Buns Out!

    There is no better way to spend the summer than enjoying the time outdoors with your family and friends. This summer take advantage of the great weather by hosting BBQ parties in your backyard. To help you get ready to grill some burgers and hot dogs here are some of our favorite DIY ideas perfect for your next BBQ.

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    DIY King of the Grill Apron

    Is your husband the king of the grill? If so make him a fun apron to wear while BBQing. You can make this DIY using the printable design which can be added to a blank apron.

    DIY King of the Grill Apron from Minted Strawberry

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    DIY Bottled Cocktails

    DIY Bottled Cocktails
    The Sweetest Occasion​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Keep your own homemade cocktails in an easy to serve bottles at your backyard BBQ. You can try making your own bottled drinks perfect for the summer with this easy DIY.

    DIY Bottled Cocktails from The Sweetest Occasion


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    DIY Color Blocked Food Domes

    Keep the bugs out of the food by covering them up with cheerful DIY color blocked food domes that you can DIY. After you have set the patio table with the food place a food dome over each plate to block bugs from landing on the food. You can make your own color blocked food dome by decorating your old food domes with paint and napkin rings.

    DIY Color Blocked Food Domes from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Wooden Corn Holders

    Get rid of your old ugly plastic corn holders and make some new ones out of wood. These modern wooden corn holders are perfect for eating corn on the cob and look stylish too.

    DIY Wooden Corn Holders from The Merrythought

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    DIY BBQ Smoker

    DIY BBQ Smoker
    Living The Country Life​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Treat your family to delicious home smoked food by building your own DIY smoker this weekend. The large smoker will give you plenty of space to smoke a variety of meats and fish allowing you to host a big BBQ party if you wish.

    DIY BBQ Smoker from Living the Country Life

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    DIY BBQ Kit

    Package all BBQ essentials in a wood caddy for the perfect BBQ gift. Inside the caddy, you fill it with an apron, spices, a branding iron, BBQ tools, cans of beer, and a jar of homemade ketchup. The completed gift is perfect for Father's Day, birthday parties or even as a hostess gift.

    DIY BBQ Kit from Jacquelyn Clark

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    DIY Rolling Grill Cart

    This DIY rolling grill cart is outstanding as it gives you tons of extra storage space. The cart also has useful hooks to hand BBQ tools or hang dish towels from as well.​ Roll it over to your BBQ when cooking to do meal prep, and once the food is ready to be eaten roll the cart to the patio table to transport the food.

    DIY Rolling Grill Cart from The House of Wood 

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    DIY Drink Cooler

    Give a new look to your old drink cooler by adding some a vinyl decal. You can make your own popsicle decal by having your Circut Explore cut the template on white vinyl. Once the design has been cut, simply peel and stick the design.

    DIY Drink Cooler from Damask Love

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    DIY Suns Out Buns Out Burger Wrapper

    Make everyone at your BBQ smile with these cheeky burger wrappers.  These DIY suns out buns out burger wrappers will help everyone eat their burgers without a mess. To make your own download the template and print the design onto small paper favor bags. 

    DIY Suns Out Buns Out Burger Wrapper from Studio DIY

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    DIY Toy BBQ

    While you are busy BBQing keep the kids entertained by letting them play on this cute toy BBQ. All summer long your child will be able to use their imagination to cook their favorite BBQed foods.

    DIY Toy BBQ from Kate's Creative Space

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    DIY Hamburger Balloons

    Decorate your BBQ party with these fun hamburger balloons. You can make your own burger balloons using a yellow balloon and tissue paper. 

    DIY Hamburger Balloons from Studio DIY

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    DIY Ice Bucket

    Keep bottles of alcohol cool on your patio table by making a beautiful ice bucket. Instead of a large cooler, an ice bucket will keep your drinks within easy reach on the patio table.

    DIY Ice Bucket from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Clay Pot Smoker

    If you want to try smoking food or are on a tight budget this DIY clay pot smoker is the perfect DIY to try. Made out of two large clay pots this simple smoker is a wonderful way to smoke meat and fish this summer.

    DIY Clay Pot Smoker from Makezine

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    DIY Fruit Kabob Stand

    Inspired by kabobs of roasted vegetables serve kabobs of fruit for a sweet snack. The handmade stand makes it easy to grab a stick of fruit and looks beautiful too. Place the fruit kabob stand in the center of your table for a healthy snack, that also makes a great centerpiece.

    DIY Fruit Kabob Stand from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Cheeseburger Moon Pies

    Celebrate BBQ season with a burger-themed dessert. Using some fondant and food coloring you can make a banana or lemon moon pie look like a mini hamburger. Stack the decorate moon pies in a plastic platter and serve them at your next BBQ for a no-bake dessert.

    DIY Cheeseburger Moon Pies from A Joyful Riot

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    DIY Barbeque Snack Trays

    One essential part of a BBQ is the snacks. Make your own paper snack trays perfect for everyone to fill with chips, pretzels, or other treats. You can make your own trays by using your Cricut Explore to cut the popsicle, watermelon and hot dog-themed trays.

    DIY Barbeque Snack Trays from Studio DIY


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    DIY Mini Hamburger Donut

    DIY Mini Hamburger Donut
    Aww Sam

    After a delicious hamburger, it is only fitting to have a burger-themed dessert. Bake your own mini donuts which can be decorated to look like hamburgers. These mini burgers are sure to be a hit at your next BBQ!

    DIY Mini Hamburger Donut from Aww Sam

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    DIY Barbeque Table

    Give yourself a counter to place platters of food while you cook with this outstanding DIY. The wood counter is perfect to place uncooked food, spices, or anything else you need near the grill.

    DIY Barbeque Table from The House of Wood

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    DIY Color Blocked Popsicles

    Cool off after grilling burgers on your BBQ with some delicious homemade popsicles. Unlike store bought popsicles these have a gorgeous color blocked design. The multi-colored popsicles are made by filling ice pop pouches with dragon fruit and mango, but you prefer.

    DIY Color Blocked Popsicles from The Proper

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    DIY Natural Citronella Candle

    Spending time outdoors in the summer does not have to mean being bitten by mosquitos. Keep the bugs at bay with these homemade natural citronella candles that are perfect for your yard.

    DIY Natural Citronella Candle from Poppytalk

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    DIY Built-in BBQ

    For the ultimate backyard BBQ build your own built-in BBQ complete with counters and pergola roof. This outstanding structure is sure to add value to your house and impress your neighbors. If you are serious about BBQing this DIY is for you!

    DIY Built-in BBQ from Instructables

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    DIY Fruit Koozies

    Keep your drink staying cool with a DIY fruit koozie that can be slipped around a bottle or can. Using the koozie, you can also identify your drink, by giving each person a different fruit design.

    DIY Fruit Koozies​ from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Corn Macarons

    For dessert serve corn macarons the perfect BBQ party dessert! You can decorate three vanilla macarons to look like a cob or corn using fondant and food coloring.

    DIY Corn Macarons from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Watermelon Print Napkins

    Set your patio table with some DIY watermelon napkins that are perfect to use all summer. Best of all they are easy to make. Simply cut a sponge to make a watermelon stamp and stamp the design over white napkins.

    DIY Watermelon Print Napkins​ from The Sweetest Occasion

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    DIY Watermelon Serving Bowl

    Salads are an important part of any backyard BBQ party, so serve it in a cute DIY watermelon bowl.

    DIY Watermelon Serving Bowl​ from Dream a Little Bigger

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    DIY BBQ Apron

    Keep your clothes safe from getting stained while you cook by making your own BBQ apron. This stylish apron can also make a great gift.

    DIY BBQ Apron​ from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Barbeque Party Station

    Build your own BBQ party station that will help you store drinks and cooking tools. You will love having the extra counter space when entertaining as it is perfect for holding trays of food and drinks. Meanwhile, the station also has drawers for storage and will keep an umbrella upright too.

    DIY Barbeque Party Station​ from The House of Wood

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    DIY Barrel BBQ

    Convert a 55-gallon barrel into a large BBQ perfect for grilling burgers and hot dogs this summer.

    DIY Barrel BBQ from Instructables

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    DIY Summer Barbeque Invitation

    Invite your neighbors and friends to a backyard BBQ party with these beautiful DIY invitations that you can make by stamping the design. 

    DIY Summer Barbeque Invitation from Damask Love