45 Backyard Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

outdoor vases on table

Cathie Hong Interiors

While it can be tempting to focus on your interior decor and get to the backyard eventually, you'll want to be able to make the most of your outdoor oasis as well so that you can enjoy spending time there when the temps are nice and warm. If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to shopping for accessories and decorating your backyard, we're here to help. Read on for 45 of our backyard decor ideas to jazz up your outdoor living space in no time.

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    Work the Fence With Wooden Wall Art

    cutout decoration on fence

    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Why not bring some wall art into the backyard? Replicate this setup by hanging a gorgeous wood cutout on the fence so that you can admire it as you sit back and dine al fresco. Whether you paint the wood or leave it nice and natural is totally your choice; there are many different creative directions to go here.

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    Lay Down a Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Rug

    indoor/outdoor rug

    @harperwilliamdesigns / Instagram

    Rugs aren't solely for the living room. There are so many beautiful indoor and outdoor rugs on the market these days, all of which will make your backyard seating area feel a bit more welcoming and complete. Step outside, kick off those flip flops, and get ready to chill.

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    Show Off Your Style With a Chic Side Table

    rattan outdoor chair and side table

    @williamswayinteriors / Instagram

    Backyard furniture doesn't have to be blah. Choose pieces with personality when shopping for the backyard, just like you wood indoors. Don't forget to snag a small end table like this one—it's perfect for housing the essentials (a drinking glass or mug, a book, and some sunnies) as you relax outside.

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    Light It Up With Some Lanterns

    lanterns on deck

    Design: Anastasia Casey / Photo: Madeline Harper

    Lanterns are a forever piece of decor, and they come in so many different styles, making them perfect for everyone. Whether you choose modern glass vessels or warm, woven ones like these, you can't go wrong.

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    Add a Personal Touch With Monogrammed Decor

    pillows on hanging chair

    @sparklesonashoestring / Instagram

    If you can't get enough of monograms, consider hanging up some wooden letters as decor to your backyard You can spell out a favorite short word or acronym, too, if you can't settle on whose initials to showcase.

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    Curl Up Underneath a Soft Throw Blanket

    blanket on outdoor sofa

    @thelittle.apartment / Instagram

    Get cozy! Reading outside in the sun is such a pleasant way to spend a spring or summer afternoon. When things start to get chilly, you'll want to have a throw blanket in reach—choose one that is easy to clean yet still nice and comfy.

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    Stick With a Theme: Woven Pieces, Anyone?

    woven umbrella

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Express yourself! If you love all things rattan and woven, bring this theme to life in the backyard. Here, no detail is left overlooked—even the placemats are made from woven material.

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    Design a Throw Pillow-Filled Oasis

    outdoor lounge area with pillows

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Some plush decorative pillows can go a long way in making your backyard lounge space feel more like home. Cluster several together and pretend you're chilling at a secluded tropical resort.

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    Add Some Color to the Yard With a Peppy Wreath

    wreath on shed

    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Wreaths look beautiful on the front door, but have you tried hanging one on the shed? This is an easy way to introduce some color and pep to a corner of your backyard that could use a little extra cheer. Switch things up seasonally or select a simple boxwood option.

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    Don't Forget to Hang All Kinds of String Lights

    multiple kinds of string lights

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    What's a backyard without string lights? This setup proves that there's no such thing as too many outdoor lighting options: in addition to classic string lights, candles cast a moody glow, too.

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    Jazz Up a Minimalist Yard With Colorful Throw Pillows

    simple outdoor pillows

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you prefer to keep your decor simple, that's more than okay. Here, in this contemporary style backyard, a couple of colorful pillows go a long way in making a seating area feel more complete.

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    Have Fun With Your Umbrella Choices

    striped outdoor umbrella

    Design: House of 1 / Photo: Lifestyle Production Group

    Have fun with your outdoor umbrella—this striped one is full of life and couldn't be cuter, if you ask us. Even if you're not enjoying a beach vacation, you can definitely pretend.

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    Chill Out in an Egg Chair

    egg chair fire pit

    Design: Marian Louise / Photo: Kaley Elaine

    Gather around the fire pit and take a seat in one of these cool egg chairs. Outdoor seating has never been more beautiful; choose a trending chair style to add some serious style to your yard.

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    Try This Outdoor Sconce Setup

    blue wall sconce

    Mary Patton Design

    Sconce-type lighting isn't just for the bedroom. Here, a bold blue fixture helps to illuminate the patio area while looking super cool to boot.

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    Pick a Pretty Pattern, Any Pretty Pattern

    umbrella with printed underside

    Design: Very Handsome Studio / Photo: JP Meche Media

    Since you'll be gazing up at the underside of your umbrella while sitting at the dining table, you'll want to choose a piece with a fun pattern here, too. It's the little things, right?

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    Grab Those Vases for a Dazzling Outdoor Tablescape

    outdoor vases on table

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Vases are a must when styling any tablescape, indoors or out. Grab a few colorful vessels and use them to display some blooms when you eat outdoors—bonus points if you've clipped your own florals from the garden.

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    Bust Out Those Decorative Baskets

    woven baskets on wall

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Baskets on the wall add a rustic touch to this charming little outdoor dining area. Baskets are easy to source on the cheap—keep an eye out the next time you're shopping at a thrift store or flea market, and you're sure to find a bunch.

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    Opt for a Round Rug

    round jute rug

    @beesnburlap / Instagram

    A round jute rug looks right at home on this back patio, complementing these woven accent chairs wonderfully, too.

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    Try Some Wall Art by the Hot Tub

    hot tub decor

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    It's a hot tub party! Here, hanging tapestries help to make this outdoor space feel one of a kind.

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    Honor Those Green Friends

    plant shelf

    Alyssa Ponticello

    Love your herbs and succulents? Build a small plant shelf for the backyard, so that all of your green friends have a home and you can easily access them for watering. DIYers can create something like this with pieces of wood from the hardware store.

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    Go Big in the Backyard With Plants

    tall plant pot

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    Think tall—an oversized plant pot adds the right kind of drama to the patio. Line up a few to create a small privacy wall if you wish.

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    Plop Down on a Bean Bag Chair

    pink outdoor furniture

    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Bean bag chairs aren't just for the playroom; they're totally welcome outside, too. Kids and adults alike will enjoy using these for seating, and they're easy to lug around the yard as needed.

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    Become the Hostess With the Mostess

    rattan glasses

    Design: Anastasia Casey / Photo: Madeline Harper

    Building your outdoor drinkware collection? We love rattan-wrapped glasses like these, which will make you feel as though you're dining at your favorite poolside cafe. It's time to perfect that homemade lemonade recipe.

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    Get Natural

    wood decor on walls

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Draw decor inspo from the natural world around you. A wooden wall hanging adds elegance to this backyard bench nook and can be kept on display all year long.

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    Embrace an Earthy Theme

    outdoor placemats

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Jazz up your backyard tablescape with placemats that feature a cool leaf design. Simple black ones pair nicely with a number of accent colors; you can easily change up your accessories depending on the season or the occasion.

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    Add Ambiance With Hanging Planters

    hanging planters

    Annie Sloan

    Hanging planters are always a classic. Place yours at various heights, as seen here, for a gorgeous, artful result.

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    Stick With Simple Stripes

    striped pillow

    Annie Sloan

    A simple striped pillow elevates this backyard seating area and encourages visitors to sit down and stay a while.

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    When in Doubt, Layer

    rug on brick

    Annie Sloan

    Why not layer a jute rug over brick patio flooring? This can help to section off a space and cozy things up at the same time. Jute is known for being durable and easy to clean; it's certainly not a fussy material.

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    Try This Twist on Tradition

    green cane chair

    Annie Sloan

    If traditional outdoor furniture doesn't speak to you, try an indoor chair on the back patio. This cane rocker is coated in Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Amsterdam Green.

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    Purchase One of These Versatile Furniture Items

    pouf table

    Design: The Layered House / Photo: Jess Isaac

    A small pouf ottoman that can double as a side table is an ideal decor piece indoors and out. Whether you need extra seating or surface space when guests stop by, you'll always be prepared.

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    Spice Up Your Seating With Sheepskin

    sheepskin throw outside

    @beesnburlap / Instagram

    A sheepskin throw is the perfect way to add warmth to your backyard space when the weather starts to get more crisp. It's a simple way to elevate your outdoor entertaining nook on a budget.

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    DIY a Table Runner

    table runner

    Erika Van Slyke

    Table runners like this one are easy to make using scrap fabric that you may already have on hand from other DIY projects. Grab a pattern that speaks to you and sew something that will liven up your meals al fresco all summer long. So easy, yet so cute, right?

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    Remember, Accessories Aren't Just for Indoors

    candle and coral decor

    City Farmhouse

    Don't relegate all of your favorite decor pieces to the living room and call it a day. Some of your favorite accents may be able to shine outdoors, too. Take this cute coral and woven candle holder, for example, which look wonderful on the patio.

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    Grab Some Garden Stools

    garden stools outside

    Design Alchemy

    Ceramic garden stools are one of those incredible, multipurpose pieces that you won't want to miss out on. They can of course serve as plant stands and make for an excellent place to set down a plate or drink, but they can also function as stools—keep them on hand the next time your gathering overflows.

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    Hang Some Hooks

    towel hooks outside

    Design: Amanda Barnes / Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

    If you have a pool in the backyard, you'll want to keep towels accessible. Grab some fun hooks and hang them outdoors so that everyone can easily dry off in the sun. For some extra flair, purchase a couple of Turkish-inspired towels like these; they're so luxe looking.

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    Accessorize With Plants

    cactus in pot by pool

    Design: Amanda Barnes / Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

    Indoor plants are having a major moment, but don't forget about their outdoor counterparts. Cacti, for example, are pretty low maintenance and will add lots of livelihood to your yard.

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    Style a Cocktail Table

    cocktail table outside

    Design Lines Signature

    Not all backyard furniture is traditionally "outdoor looking" these days, and we're loving it. There are many great pieces on the market that look like something you would display inside, such as this sleek white cocktail table, for example. We won't judge if you pick up a second one for your family room.

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    Embrace Your Eclectic Side

    eclectic outdoor space

    @kylamagrathinteriors / Instagram

    Your backyard should be an extension of your interior decor style. So if you love layering and all things eclectic, then by all means, embrace this look in the yard, too. Your outdoor space should make you happy, first and foremost.

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    Go Grandmillennial

    topiaries outside

    Design: Nicole Michael / Photo: Lauren Taylor

    For a grandmillennial touch, add some topiaries to the backyard—they're a preppy classic. Whether you pick a real or fake topiary is entirely up to you.

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    Light Up the Trellis

    lights on trellis

    @beesnburlap / Instagram

    Weave string lights through a fence or trellis to create a glowing display that will encourage you to stay outdoors just a little longer on pleasant summer nights.

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    Pull Up a Chair

    blue adirondack chairs

    Meredith Owen Interiors

    Adirondack chairs aren't just for the front porch; they're great to place in the yard, too. Everyone (pets included) will enjoy curling up on one of them.

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    Clip Branches From the Garden

    branches in vase

    Design: The Layered House / Photo: Jess Isaac

    The best kind of backyard decor is absolutely free. Clip some branches from your yard, pop them into a favorite vase, and you're golden.

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    Dress Up the Cabana

    art hanging in cabana

    Design: The Layered House / Photo: Jess Isaac

    Dress up a cabana area with some framed artwork, like these neutral shadowbox prints. This setup takes the concept of an outdoor living room to the next level.

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    Try a Rechargeable Lamp

    rechargeable lamp

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Rechargeable lamps, which we see used often on restaurant tables, have become popular in the decor world, too. They make for a great alternative to string lights and will add a romantic touch to your outdoor dining area.

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    Get Some Paper Lanterns

    hanging paper lanterns in yard

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Nothing says summertime soirée more than paper lanterns. These set the mood perfectly and will turn even the smallest of yards into a party ready spot.