45 Backyard Walkway Ideas That Will Elevate Your Yard

backyard walkway ideas

Maite Granda

Backyard walkways can transform your yard into a beautiful and functional oasis, connecting the different areas of your outdoor space and providing a pathway to enjoy fresh air and relaxation. From flagstone pathways meandering through gardens to sleek, modern concrete pavers leading to cozy seating areas, here are our favorite walkway ideas with various materials and looks that will match a variety of design styles.

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    Wood Plank Walkway

    A wood plank walkway

    @ann.living / Instagram

    The wall mural and pergola design add an art deco look to this backyard that contrast with the simple, organic wood plank walkway. The combination looks stunning when combined with its natural surroundings.

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    Matching Stone Patio and Walkway

    A small backyard with a sitting area

    Brophy Interiors

    Even the smallest of yards can benefit from a walkway. This yard makes the most of its small space with a stone patio for a fire pit and a walkway to match.

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    Multiple Walkways for a Big Backyard

    A backyard with a cabana

    Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    When you have a large backyard with multiple areas, having a walkway between each area is a must. This backyard has a swimming pool, gazebo, and a small deck area. A concrete walkway leading to each area makes them easily accessible.

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    Staggered Walkway

    A backyard with a staggered pathway

    Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    This home exterior features several sleek, cledan lines, from the home exterior to the fence, but the staggered walkway adds a bit of charm and interest. Staggering the concrete pavers adds a more laidback look that balances the space.

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    A Simple Walkway

    A concrete walkway leading to a patio

    Mindy Gayer

    The real showstopper of this backyard is the small patio, with a hanging swing and beautiful garden. The concrete paver pathway is kept simple to help ground the space while not taking away from the charm of the rest of the backyard.

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    A Path to a Favorite Spot

    A stone and gravel pathway leading to an outdoor seating area

    Maite Granda

    If you have an unused area of your yard that would make a great spot to relax and enjoy some fresh air, consider adding a concrete paver walkway and a concrete patio with outdoor furniture. This will transform an underutilized spot into a potential favorite area of your home.

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    Walkway Around the Pool

    A pathway around a backyard pool

    Leclair Decor

    The concrete squares around this backyard pool add a polished look to the backyard. The grass acts as spacers between the stones and offers some relief when walking around on a hot summer day.

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    Space for Container Plants

    A backyard with container plants on the walkway

    Dazey Den

    Even though a walkway is typically used for getting from one part of the yard to the other, you can get creative with it. These concrete stepping stones are the perfect spot for potted plants. This design adds a lush look and a laidback feel to the backyard.

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    A Dirt Pathway

    A manicured backyard with a dirt path

    The Home Consultant

    When it comes to designing your backyard, you may want to spend less of your budget on the pathway and more on other features like this stunning wood plank fence. A pathway doesn't always have to be complicated; a simple dirt pathway for the fire pit area looks great when paired with the fence and well-manicured lawn.

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    Grass Concrete Pavers

    A large concrete walkway leading to the back door

    Mindy Gayer Design Co / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Grass concrete pavers are concrete pavers that allow grass to grow between them for an elegant, streamlined look. This backyard features a concrete patio with a paver walkway set at a diagonal for a one-of-a-kind look.

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    Elegant Cobblestone

    A cobblestone pathway in a backyard

    Sergii Petruk / Getty Images

    If your backyard landscape is perfectly manicured and you love that polished look, you need a walkway to match. Cobblestone brings a uniform look to any space while adding visual appeal through its variety of colors. We love the way this walkway seamlessly leads you up into the garden.

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    Simple Walkway in a Lush Garden

    A walking going through a pergola garden

    KG Designs

    When you have a lush, tranquil garden like this one, you'll want the walkway to blend right into the surroundings. This elegant stone walkway is simple so it doesn't take away from the beautiful plants and row of pergolas.

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    Concrete Pavers

    An aerial view of a backyard swimming pool

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    These concrete pavers not only provide a walkway to get from the outdoor kitchen to the dining area, but they also serve as a pool deck and a visually appealing design aesthetic.

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    A Streamlined Look

    A backyard with a pergola

    Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    This backyard features many clean, sleek lines, from the home exterior to the pergola. The concrete walkway from the pergola to the house reflects the lines on the house and pergola for a streamlined look.

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    Set the Walkway Aside

    A small backyard with a stone walkway on one side

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    If your backyard is small, it's not ideal to have a walkway go through the middle of the yard. Instead, add a walkway on one side so you can enjoy a larger lawn and garden area on the other side.

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    A Touch of Color

    A narrow backyard with a brick pathway

    The Home Consultant

    This narrow backyard features succulents, tropical plants and a stucco exterior. The red clay walkway brings color while still staying true to the minimalistic vibe of the home.

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    Embrace Stone

    A stone walkway leading to a backyard

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Stoffer Photography

    Stone can be an expensive option for a patio or walkway, but concrete can oftentimes mimic the look of stone. This walkway features concrete pavers that lead to a concrete patio before leading to the backyard. The look is as elegant as stone without the higher cost.

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    Red Clay Walkway

    A backyard walkway made of red brick squares

    Jake Olimb / Getty Images

    Red clay looks stunning against green grass. This red clay walkway is laid in square patterns for a streamlined look that's polished and elegant, while bringing color and personality to the backyard.

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    A Colorful Accent

    A backyard with bright orange stepping stones

    Dazey Den

    This desert backyard gets a splash of bright color. Painting concrete stepping stones and a concrete patio is an easy, budget-friendly way to bring color to your outdoor space.

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    Stone Steps Over a Pond

    An elevated backyard with a pergola and pool

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    This small backyard pond gets an elegant makeover with stone steps that lead over the pond to the backyard pool. The stone anchors the space among the surrounding lush garden and vines growing on the pergola.

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    Diamond Pattern Pavers

    A backyard with a pool and seating area

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Stoffer Photography

    If you love the clean lines of square concrete pavers but want a little more visual appeal, lay them in a diamond pattern. The concrete pavers by this backyard pool look elegant and stylish when paired with the stone patio just beyond.

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    Large and Small Concrete Pavers

    A mediterranean style backyard with a small and large walkway

    The Home Consultant

    The front yard of this Mediterranean-inspired home features two matching concrete paver walkways in different sizes. The small walkway leads to the front door, while the large concrete pavers lead to the backyard. This provides a cohesive and functional look.

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    Contrasting Colors

    A backyard with a stone and gravel walkway

    Kanok Sulaiman / Getty Images

    A walkway is a great opportunity to add contrasting colors to your backyard. This walkway features large stones in gray tones, which are then surrounded by pebbles in tanner tones that help create a stark contrast.

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    A Combo of Wood and Water

    A wood walkway over a koi pond

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

     The combination of wood and water adds an elegant look to this backyard. If you want to add a wooden pathway above a water feature, you'll want to pick the right type of wood. Choose IPE, cedar, modified wood, or another type of specialty, water-resistant wood to prevent it from getting too hot or slippery.

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    A Pool Pathway

    A backyard with a walkway leading to an above ground pool

    @houseofharvee / Instagram

    Flagstone pavers, placed right by the pool, reflect the colors and pattern of the tiles on the above-ground pool and provide an easy way to get from the pool area to the wooden deck to sunbathe after a swim.

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    Concrete Pavers on a Gravel Yard

    A small backyard with a pathway leading to a hammock

    The Home Consultant

    A gravel yard is a budget-friendly and low-maintenance yard option, especially if you love minimalistic design. To make it easier to walk around, simple, square concrete pavers help lead you to various areas of the yard including to this relaxing hammock.

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    Sleek, Clean Lines

    A walkway leading from the front to the backyard

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Stoffer Photography

    This home and yard are filled with an abundance of sleek lines, from the square windows to the doorways leading to the back patio. So, it only makes sense to stick with this seamless look when adding a walkway. The concrete pavers are the perfect addition to this farmhouse-style home.

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    Incorporate Two Options

    Stone stepping stones leading to an outdoor seating area

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Stoffer Photography

    Can't decide between walkway options? In this backyard, concrete pavers lead from the house to the patio while flagstone pavers lead to the patio from the backyard. The two options complement each other and allow you to incorporate materials and textures you love.

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    A Multilevel Backyard

    A small backyard with a small concrete walkway on one side

    Mindy Gayer Design Co / Vanessa Lentine

    This small but efficient backyard features three levels — the deck, patio, and lawn at the bottom. To make it easy to go from one level to the next, a concrete pathway leads to the steps that lead to every level.

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    Two Types of Walkways

    A small backyardwith a pathway to a shed

    Eyewolf / Getty Images

    A budget-friendly way to add a walkway is by incorporating two types of walkways; the concrete pavers have a more polished look in the yard. But once the walkway reaches the end of the yard to the patio, the walkway switches to a gravel path that's more casual and budget friendly.

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    Wood Deck Walkway

    A wooden walkway around a pool and outdoor seating area

    Maite Granda

    Weather-treated wood will keep your toes cool on hot summer days and adds an organic, natural look to this modern backyard. The material is carried through to the covered patio and the roof for a cohesive look.

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    A Desert Backyard

    A desert backyard with orange accents

    Dazey Den

    The above-ground pool and outdoor furniture bring bright pops of color to this desert backyard. The stone walkway blends in to the sandy backyard to allow the other features of the backyard to stand out.

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    A Minimalistic Look

    A mediterranean style backyard with a pathway rnning in the middle of a garden

    The Home Consultant

    The concrete pathway in this yard reflects the shape and color of the raised garden beds that contrast with the sandy yard. The minimal plants and simple design elements make this a low-maintenance garden with big design impact.

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    Combine Various Materials

    A backyward walkway with a variety of rocks and stepping stones

    Kanok Sulaiman / Getty Images

    Adding two types of textures to a walkway will add interest and depth to your outdoor space. These flagstone stepping stones get extra visual appeal when paired with multicolored pebbles laid in a random pattern.

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    A Side Yard Walkway

    A stone walkway leading to the front yard

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    If you have a lush side garden, you'll want to place a pathway that leads from the front yard to the backyard. Flagstone stepping stones are a great option because you can easily place them in the pattern your garden grows.

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    A Smaller Patio and Fire Pit Area

    A stone patio and walkway leading to the fire pit area

    Maite Granda

    Instead of installing an oversized stone paver patio for all your outdoor entertaining needs, go with a smaller patio for outdoor dining and a pathway leading to a small area for the fire pit. Not only does this help you save money, but it separates the two areas for those who wish to keep a distance from the fire pit while enjoying drinks and food.

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    Walkway Down the Middle

    A small backyard with a walkway running down the middle

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    This narrow yard features two zones separated by a wide stone walkway. From the street, the walkway leads through an arch greenery into the yard, which is an inviting way to welcome guests.

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    Flagstone Patio

    A spanish style backyard walkway

    Mindy Gayer Design Co / Vanessa Lentine

    Laying a flagstone walkway creates a fun pattern that flows effortlessly from one part of the yard to the other. The coloring of the stones fits seamlessly with this Spanish-inspired home with its brown pergola patio and terra cotta roof tiles.

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    The Perfect Wood Walkway

    A large backyard with a wood walkway to a private gazebo

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    This specialty hardwood walkway can withstand hot summer days as well as slippery conditions, making it the perfect walkway around water. The wood also adds an organic look that fits right into its natural surroundings.

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    Light the Way

    A stone tile walkway with path lights

    Bespalyi / Getty Images

    If you're one to enjoy your backyard day or night, choosing a lighted pathway is a must. This tile walkway features lighting along the border as well as in the garden to light the way when you want to take a stroll in your garden at night or if you simply want to illuminate your backyard during the evenings.

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    A Path to Dry Your Feet

    A stock pool with a stepping stones nearby

    @duniacruzrealtor / Instagram

    Is there anything worse than stepping out of a pool and getting grass stuck on your wet feet? A few simple stone pavers will keep your feet of the grass until they dry, plus they add a cute element to this stock tank pool.

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    Stones on Gravel

    A backyard with a stone and gravel walkway

    Kanok Sulaiman / Getty Images

    Stepping stones are an easy way to add a walkway to your backyard; you don't have to dig up your yard or have any special skills to add them. If you want to add more visual appeal to stepping stones, border them with rocks or gravel for more dimension and texture.

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    Circular Concrete Pavers

    A backyard with concrete stepping stones near a pool

    @threebrospools / Instagram

    The circular concrete pavers lead from the above-ground pool to the cobblestone patio. The combination of the circular pavers with the cobblestone creates a beautiful variety of shapes and textures when paired with the lush green lawn.

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    Wood and Concrete Walkway

    An elevated backyard with lush plants

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    One level of this garden features a concrete walkway, while the other level features a wood one to help differentiate the two areas. The combination of these materials adds visual interest and depth to the backyard.

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    An Antique Bridge

    A vintage bamboo bridge walkway in a backyard

    Raththaphon Wanjit / Getty Images

    You don't need any special skills to add a walkway to your backyard. Look to sites that sell vintage items for one-of-a-kind walkway ideas. This old wooden bridge makes the perfect walkway in this expansive backyard.