Feng Shui 2017 Updates - Highlight of Bad Areas

Tips for areas with challenging feng shui energy this year

feng shui 2017 updates
The negative 2017 feng shui energies can be neutralized when you have a good feng shui foundation in your home, as well as use the proper feng shui cures. Be sure to watch our feng shui videos to learn how to create good feng shui energy in your home. George Doyle/Getty Images

As a general rule, it is recommended to keep the challenging feng shui areas quiet and to avoid any renovations or loud work. Be sure to also read the auspicious feng shui energies update for 2017.

There are several feng shui schools, and one of the classical feng shui schools called the flying stars school, takes into consideration the time dimension, as nothing is static. Basically, it is a way of keeping track of the movement of good and bad feng shui energies, called annual feng shui stars.

The traditional feng shui names for these inauspicious energies (for example, the Three Killings, the Violent Star or Illness Star, etc.) can trigger fear based thinking, so do your best to approach this info in a calm and intelligent manner. After all, we are talking about energy here, and energy is in constant motion.

As a reminder, the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on January 28, 2017; it is the year of the Fire Rooster. Your annual feng shui cures are placed on February 4, 2017, which is the Solar New Year.

Below are the feng shui bagua areas of your home or office space that will host inauspicious feng shui energies in 2017.

2017 SOUTH - Avoid Bad Luck

South feng shui area of your space is housing the most challenging star energy (#5) in 2017. It is best to keep the South feng shui area of your home or office as quiet as possible this year and avoid any renovations or building work. To weaken the effects of negative energies in the South area, place metal feng shui cures there, such as six Chinese coins, for example.

It is also advisable to use feng shui metal elements colors, such as white or gray, as well as the round shape - the shape of metal element - in your feng shui decorating efforts for the South bagua area in 2017. Try to completely avoid fire feng shui element decor items here in 2017; you need to do your best to weaken the earth element energy and not strengthen it.

2017 NORTHWEST - Eliminate Sickness Energy

Northwest feng shui area also needs calm in 2017. Metal feng shui element items are the suggested cure to balance the energies of the Northwest area of your space in 2017. It is wise to avoid the fire feng shui element here as in colors (red, purple, pink, orange, and yellow); shapes (triangular); or actual fire items (candles).

For best results, work with the metal and water feng shui element colors, shapes and cures. It is highly recommended to include the salt water cure in your Northwest bagua area feng shui cures for 2017. 

Protective feng shui cures such as the Medicine Buddha, Dzi beads or Wu Lou are also recommended.

2017 SOUTHWEST - Protect Your Home

Southwest feng shui area needs help in 2017 in order to manage present energies. Water element is very good here, be it in colors, images, shapes or actual element, like a small water feature

Limit earth and fire feng shui elements in the Southwest area in 2017. Basically, minimum activity and maximum water items (as much as reasonably possible) should keep under control the energies that challenge the Southwest feng shui area in 2017.

From traditional feng shui cures, the energy of the blue elephant or rhinoceros is considered helpful here.

2017 WEST - Protect Relationships

West feng shui area also needs your attention in 2017. Fire element decor in the West feng shui area should help neutralize the negative energies present here in 2017.

Do not have a strong Water feng shui element decor item, such as a big mirror, for example, in the West; also avoid Wood decor elements and cures.

An abundance of Fire element energy - in colors (red, purple, orange), shapes (triangular), images of fire as well as actual items (candles) - should keep things in check in this area. A strong light source is good. Avoid metal chimes or any metal moving objects.

Avoid disturbing this area of your home or garden, best not to plan any major renovations or any other house changes in 2017 in the West of your home or office.

Fire element crystals, such as carnelian, amethyst or jasper in spherical/polished shape can be a good feng shui cure for the West area.

In 2017, this area also hosts a specific negative energy called Tai Sui, or Grand Duke of Jupiter. Additional cures are recommended, along with keeping this area as quiet as possible.

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