How Bad Feng Shui Impacts the Arguing in Your Home

bad feng shui house arguments

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Is it possible for bad feng shui in your new house to make your relationships suffer? If it seems like you are arguing all the time and can't come to a compromise with your housemates, you may be thinking there is something wrong with the feng shui of your home.

Of course, there can be many feng shui challenges in your new house that can provoke, and even strengthen the negative energy of disagreements, arguments and overall dissatisfaction with your relationship. However, bad feng shui isn't the only answer.

It is somewhat similar to constantly wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes or clothing that does not fit you well. After a while, this starts to irritate and bother you. No matter how hard you might try to suppress this negative energy—either you are conscious of its effect or not—sooner or later, it will just burst out of you!

In feng shui, a house is called your third skin for a good reason (clothing being considered your second skin, energy-wise). So, just like an intelligent, comfortable and beautiful choice of clothing makes your personal energy flow freely and harmoniously, the same happens with the smart choice of your house environment.

Why Does This Happen?

Why does it happen this way? Because your personal energy is connected to everything around you. There are no real, strict boundaries in the world of energy; this is why good feng shui in any space is so important. A good feng shui house nurtures your energy, it is that simple.

However, while there are major feng shui house challenges that contribute to a negative quality of communication, there is one important thing to remember.

You are the only one who is responsible, at any given point in time, for the quality of your choices. To blame the feng shui of your house for what is happening in your relationship is not an empowering choice. After all, you chose to live in this house in the first place!

How to Improve Your Situation

So, the only way to truly improve your situation is two-fold:

  • Do your best with fixing all the feng shui challenges that create the current tension. We will give you plenty of feng shui tips for your house.
  • Focus on your breathing every time you are in conflict and choose to express if not love, then at least calm and neutrality. Smile, and trust that things will get better.

When you work on the feng shui of your house while truly keeping in mind both points, we promise you will create beautiful, long-lasting results in your relationship. Later on, you might even be grateful for this house, because it helped change some unconscious emotional patterns that were standing in your way of a loving relationship.