What Is Bad Feng Shui Energy Outside the House?

a row of houses
Andriy Prokopenko/Getty Images

Question: In some of you feng shui house articles you mention that a good feng shui house has no sha chi outside the house. What does that mean and how can I know if my house has good or bad feng shui chi outside the house?

Answer: Good feng shui question. First, you can always try to understand the quality of feng shui energy just by looking with fresh eyes. Do the outside surroundings look clean and well-taken care of? Is there anything you can do to improve the outside feng shui of your house?

Can you repaint the front door, do some landscaping, clear out the pathway to the front door? You can also try to feel the feng shui energy around your house, and then look for the reasons that create a specific feng shui feeling.

Do you feel welcomed and happy when you approach your house? Do you feel anxious? Concerned? Pay attention to these feelings, because this is how the feng shui energy "talks" to you. Focus on creating a different quality of energy, a quality of feng shui energy you desire to feel about your house.

When it comes to Sha Chi and Si Chi, you basically look at attacking energy that is directed at your house, or low energy that is lingering around your house. Is there a sharp structure that points at your front door or any of your house windows?

That would be an example of Sha Chi.

Are there garbage bins close to your door or windows? A dilapidated building? That would be an example of Si Chi. Once you identify the quality of feng shui energy outside your house, you can look into the numerous feng shui tips to help you out.

The classical feng shui schools recommend a feng shui bagua mirror as the main remedy for outside Sha or Si Chi.

However, you can always use your creativity and design sense to create the same protective energy, but in a more modern, visually appropriate way for your house style.