Do I Feng Shui the Bagua of My Room or the Bagua of the Whole House?

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The first thing to be clear about when applying feng shui is the following: what exactly is your own space? Do you have control over the whole house (you either rent the whole house or own it), or do you just rent one room in a house?

The answer to this question will help you with applying feng shui for best results. If you just rent a room, then it's easy - all you can do is feng shui your own room. It is always best not to interfere with other people and impose on them good feng shui. Not only because it is not right, but also because feng shui does not work this way.

Feng Shui For Different Homes

If you rent a room, find out all about the feng shui bagua of your room and do your best to create good feng shui in your space.

If you have control over the whole house and do not know where to start with feng shui, then it is always best to start with the bagua of the whole house. Create good feng shui in your house by nurturing each bagua area of the house with the feng shui elements it needs (such as the Wood and Water elements in the East bagua area, for example), as well as the energy a bagua area represents (such as Love and Marriage energy in the Southwest bagua area).

After you have done a good job with the feng shui bagua of the whole house, you can then define the bagua of a specific room. So, for example, you might want to define the bagua of your bedroom in order to strengthen the Love & Marriage area of the bedroom. However, it is always best to do this after you have strengthened the Love & Marriage bagua area of the whole house.

Working on the Big Tai Chi and Small Tai Chi are the terms used for this process in the traditional, or classical feng shui schools. The big tai chi is your whole house and the small tai chi is a room in the house.