How to Easily Clean a Microwave

person wiping down a microwave door

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The quick heating action of microwaves can cause foods to boil over and splatter much more quickly than other heating methods. Luckily, it doesn't take harsh chemicals or even much elbow grease to clean a microwave. So, if your microwave looks like the inside of a petri dish in a science lab, it's time to give it a good cleaning.

How Often to Clean a Microwave

Ideally, you should check a microwave after every use for any splatters or spills and clean them up immediately. In reality, a good rule of thumb is to check and clean the microwave each time you prepare food and clean your kitchen counters. Unless you have a smart hands-free microwave, like the newest model from Sharp, don't forget to disinfect the control panel and handles with a disinfecting wipe to remove bacteria.

Once food splatters on the inside of the oven, each time the oven is used the food "bakes" on and becomes much more difficult to remove. A heavy build-up of food can even affect how efficiently the microwave works.

What You'll Need


  • Lemon, orange, or lime slices
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Dishwashing liquid with grease-cutting ingredients
  • Melamine sponge (Mr. Clean Eraser)


  • Microwaveable glass bowl or cup
  • Sponge or microfiber cloth
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink or large tub
materials for cleaning a microwave
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  1. Steam Clean With Citrus Slices Solution

    Add one cup of water and several slices of lemon, orange, or lime to a microwave-safe glass bowl or large measuring cup. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat on high power until the mixture boils and the interior of the oven is coated with steam.

    Turn the oven off and wait five minutes before opening the door. Remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the oven with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

    steaming lemon slices in the microwave
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    If your microwave has a glass turntable plate, it can be washed in the sink or dishwasher. Load it into the dishwasher after meal preparation for easy cleaning.

  2. Steam Clean With Vinegar Solution

    Place one cup of water and one cup of distilled white vinegar in a microwaveable bowl. Put in the microwave and heat on high until the mixture boils and creates steam in the interior of the microwave.

    Turn the microwave off and wait five minutes before opening the door. Remove the bowl and dip a sponge into the solution. Wring the sponge until most of the solution is out and use it to wipe away any residue in the microwave.

    pouring vinegar into a measuring cup
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  3. Tackle Baked On Food

    If the steaming action isn't enough to cut through baked-on food splatters and grease, it's time to use other methods and some elbow grease.

    1. Using a spray bottle, mist the problem areas with distilled white vinegar. Sprinkle on some dry baking soda. There will be foaming! When the foaming stops, use a sponge to wipe away the food and stains.
    2. Dip a sponge in water and sprinkle it with some baking soda. Use the abrasive action of the baking soda to scrub problem areas.
    3. Dampen a melamine sponge (Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) and use it to scrub away stuck-on food. Finish by wiping down the area with a dampened microfiber cloth to remove any residue.
    items for removing baked-on food
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  4. Clean the Microwave Door

    The interior of the microwave door should be simple to clean with one of the steam methods. However, if there is a greasy build-up, mix one cup of hot water with one teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Dip a sponge in the solution and wring until just damp. Wipe down the door rinsing out the sponge frequently. Finish by wiping down the door with a cloth dipped in clean water to rinse.

    To clean the rubber gasket around the door, sprinkle a sponge dampened with water with a bit of baking soda making sure that all food splatters are removed. Finish by wiping down with a damp cloth or clean sponge to rinse away any residue.

    To clean the outside of the door and the control panel, mix a solution of one part water and one part distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz on the outside and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish. For a quick touch-up throughout the day, use a disinfecting wipe. Allow the surface to dry and then buff to a shine.

    wiping the microwave door
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  5. Remove Burned Food Odor

    We've all forgotten the microwave popcorn and allowed it to burn. The odor is terrible and often lingers in the microwave. To get rid of the odor or odors from spicy foods, clean any residue away and place a bowl of baking soda inside. Close the door and allow the baking soda to stay until you use the microwave again.

    bowl of baking soda inside a microwave
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Tips to Keep Your Microwave Clean Longer

  • Even if you are only heating something for a few seconds, always cover it with a paper towel, paper plate, or microwave cover.
  • Avoid microwaving foods that contain a high level of grease such as bacon.
  • Do a quick clean after cooking something smelly like curry or popcorn by microwaving a cup of water that has a few lemon slices inside.