Inspirational Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Bamboo floor, full frame
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When choosing bamboo flooring for an architectural project it is important to understand the different choices that are available to you. Features such as color, grain, and the pattern will all have a dramatic impact on how the final installation looks. You can often get a good idea of the different bamboo options just by visiting your local retail flooring store.

However, you also want to understand how various types of bamboo will look in different environments. The color of the walls, the ceiling, and other architectural features in a space can have a dramatic impact on the way your flooring looks. The best way to get a sense for this is to try and look at as many pictures of bamboo installed in real interior spaces, as you possibly can.

This article contains a variety of images of bamboo floors, installed in different environments, and matched to a number of different styles and decors. Use this both as a guide and as a source of inspiration when making your own bamboo flooring choices.

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    Bamboo Floor in an Open Kitchen

    Bamboo kitchen floors
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    Bamboo has many of the characteristics of natural wood, which means that a bamboo floor can easily be paired with hardwood features. Here we see a kitchen with counters and cabinets crafted from a Golden Oak stained hardwood, creating a gently contrasting natural wood grain pattern that simulates to some extent trees rising from a forest. The effect is capped with patterned gray granite counters, and stainless steel barstools, which provide contrast to the brown wood colors which dominate this kitchen.

    Notice that this is an open kitchen, with the space flowing naturally into a carpeted dining area in the background. Here you can see the predominately wood and bamboo kitchen matched by a Golden Oak stained hardwood buffet and dining table. At the same time, the gray granite and silver steel features match the colors found in the carpet.

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    Bamboo Flooring With Matched Features and Sliding Glass Doors

    Matched bamboo flooring pictures
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    Bamboo can expand beyond the floor to include features such as cabinets, shelves, and nooks. This will often create an interior with a slightly Eastern flavor to it, giving the room a foreign undertone. In this picture, the black granite counters serve to ground the space, creating a clean sleek look that is stylish and uncluttered.

    The natural feel of the bamboo flooring also expands into the exterior space, contrasting with the darker glass door frames, and then the more weathered look of the pier beyond. The result is a space that has the comfort of being inside, with all of the beauty of the exterior atmosphere.

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    Natural Un-Carbonized Bamboo in a White Kitchen

    Bamboo kitchen floor
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    With hardwood flooring, often darker colors will indicate greater strength and durability. When dealing with bamboo floors the opposite is true. Bamboo is naturally a light tan color. In order to darken it, the material undergoes a process known as carbonization, which applies heat and pressure to the bamboo to achieve the darker smoky flavors.

    Here we see a natural bamboo floor, unstained and untreated for color, installed in a contemporary kitchen. The soft color of the floor matches with the bright white wall paint, and bamboo shelving units.

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    Horizontal Bamboo

    Horizontal bamboo flooring
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    The horizontal bamboo floor shown here is created when flat strips of bamboo are laid one atop another horizontally. This means that the wide side of the bamboo faces up. This creates a more natural look for the floor, with lines and features appearing and floating in unique ways through each plank used. The features are less uniform but have a more distinct appearance.

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    Vertical Bamboo

    Vertical bamboo floor
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    A vertical bamboo floor, such as the one shown here, is created by standing up hundreds of strips of bamboo material side by side and laminating them together. Since the short side faces upwards, you have more joint lines which show, running back and forth across each plank. You can also see that the natural features of the bamboo, the distinctive lines that cut through each plank, are shorter and less well defined in this installation.

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    Bamboo in a Shabby Chic Living Room

    Bamboo living room
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    One of the great things about bamboo flooring in interior design is the fact that it is so versatile. There are a wide variety of styles and color palettes which will match with the natural characteristics of this material.

    In this room, bamboo flooring is coupled with shabby chic décor. The two pink and white striped couches are matched by the contrast of the light pink wall and the pure white couch against it. The room is then anchored by the chestnut credenza standing at the end, which draws the whimsical colors of the space back down, uniting them once more with the natural features of the bamboo floor.

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    Bamboo Flooring Contrasted With Purple Accents

    Bamboo living room and den
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    Bamboo flooring is often paired with white features such as walls and furnishings, in order to create a light, airy look of energetic open beauty in a room. Here we see that effect contrasted sharply with a bright purple rug, matched by a purple tablecloth in an open dining room. This serves to help delineate the dining area from the rest of the house, while also giving it a slightly regal flair.

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    Natural Bamboo Living Room and Kitchen

    Bamboo living room and kitchen
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    Vertical bamboo flooring has been installed on the ground floor of this home, creating a united look across the kitchen, living room, and hall. White walls accented with mottled green features mimic forest colors giving the space an artistically stylish link to nature.

    The centerpiece of the space is the fireplace wall, which is both the visual and the actual focal point of all three areas. Here a sharp black border has been used to visually separate the fireplace from the floor, with a large eye-catching work of art drawing the eye up even further upwards as if your vision were flowing up the chimney. This creates a natural sense of flow from floor to sky within the space.

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    Bamboo Flooring in a Hallway

    Bamboo hallway floors
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    The features found in the surface of a bamboo floor seem to have a natural flow to them, leading the eye onwards along the path of the flowing grain. In this hallway, the sharp features of the bamboo create a sense of movement and energy that flashes through the area. The result is a simple space that has a natural essence of movement and flow that will affect every connected room within the home.