How to Get Bamboo Cabinets for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Get the natural look with these bamboo cabinets

Bamboo has become a popular material with its most popular use in flooring. Although bamboo cabinets are a very small segment of the kitchen and bath cabinet industry, it's slowly growing in popularity as a solid replacement for traditional cabinet materials. 

About Bamboo
This material is generally more environmentally stable than other alternatives as it's quickly renewable and only takes three years to mature. Also, bamboo does not involve deforestation given it's a type of grass. However, bamboo also has downsides, including some clear-cutting of forests to provide growing space for the bamboo, political implications (as most come from China), and the use of formaldehyde in the production of bamboo products. 

However, bamboo is a beautiful material. With a clear coating, bamboo had a warm, luminous glow that adds radiance to any kitchen or bathroom. 

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    Bamboo Cabinet Finishes

    Eco Cabinets Bamboo Cabinets
    Eco Cabinets Bamboo Cabinets. (c) Eco Cabinets

    Natural finishes tend to be the most popular for bamboo cabinets due its lovely striated appearance. Although darker stains would cover up most of the bamboo's unique look, they are available if they will look more cohesive with your home's current design.

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    How Bamboo Cabinets Are Made

    Bamboo Cabinet Construction
    (c) Eco Cabinets

    Typically, the visible areas of the cabinet, such as its doors, drawers, and panels, will be made of bamboo ply. The cabinet "boxes" (or the cabinets' superstructure) will likely be made of furniture-grade plywood, the same as other quality kitchen cabinets.

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    Bamboo Cabinet Sizes

    Bamboo Cabinet Sizes
    (c) Eco Cabinets

    Because the demand is so low, you will find an adequate, but not huge, the range of cabinet sizes. Leading bamboo cabinet supplier Mr. Bamboo offers 9 base cabinets, 7 upper wall cabinets, 2 pantries, and a wall oven cabinet. The largest base cabinet is 36"W x 34-1/2"H x 24"D. The largest wall cabinet is 36"W x 42"H x 12" D.

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    Bamboo Cabinet Styles

    Bamboo Shaker Style Cabinet
    Bamboo Shaker Style Cabinet. (c) Eco Cabinets

    Bamboo cabinets come in slab-door and Shaker-style forms. Slab doors have no bevels or raised panels as bevels would be impossible to cut into the doors since this is essentially "bamboo plywood" and cutting said plywood would expose the plies. 

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    Where Can I Buy Them?

    Not many places. But here are a few places where we have found bamboo cabinet manufacturers and distributors.

    • Serving only the San Francisco, CA Bay area, with no online ordering possible.
    • Canyon Creek Cabinet Company: This company sources their cabinets in multiple locations along the West Coast and in NY.
    • Kitchen Cabinet Discounts LLC: Bamboo cabinets are offered, but the website doesn't show much of them. No online ordering is possible.
    • Kitchen Craft Cabinetry: This NY-based company sources their hand-crafted cabinets to multiple locations in NY and NJ.
    • Kitchen Cabinet Kings: This online cabinet resource is the perfect place to order and discover your new bamboo cabinets online.
    • Omega Cabinetry: You can find where to purchase bamboo cabinets nationwide by using their simple location finder.