13 Ways to Banish the Winter Blahs With Scandinavian Decor

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It is freezing, cold outside and you are stuck inside for God knows how long. Worse, your home feels like a dank cave instead of a snug haven. No wonder you feel gloomy.

It is time to banish your winter woes with a little Scandinavian style.

Nordic winters are long, dark, and brutal. Do locals dread the frigid weather? Surprisingly not. In fact, Scandinavians celebrate the frostiest season, and boosting indoor coziness is a big part of the party.

To make life inside comfy-cozy this winter, implement a few of these 13 Scandinavian décor trends.

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    Take Comfort in a Chunky Knit

    Arm Knitted Blanket

    This hand-knit blanket has dethroned the sheepskin throw as the comforter of choice in many Scandinavian homes.

    In fact, Nordic décor bloggers have been raving about these outrageously chunky and wonderfully cozy, wool blankets all over the interweb.

    If you have seen one before, there's a mighty fine chance it was knit by Anna Marinenko — using her arms as oversized needles.

    Arm knitting is not a brand-new thing judging by the number of how-to videos found online. However, Marinenko, who got her start selling on Etsy, might be the only person on the planet who turned this pastime into a successful full-time business. Her company is called Ohhio.

    Happy customers say her knits are amazingly soft. However, this form of comfort does not come cheap. An extra-large blanket, which is considered queen-sized here in the States, retails for around $900 USD.

    However, you could knit one yourself for a whole lot less.

    Marinenko also sells supplies for creating chunky knits. Spools of bulky Merino yarn start at $59. Do you prefer to knit the traditional way? You can pick up a pair of oversized circular needles for $55.

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    Big, Green and Leafy

    Leafy Houseplants
    Marij Hessel / My Attic

    The easiest way to bring Nordic style into your home is by adding a few houseplants that won't die on you says Dutch blogger, Marij Hessel.

    Green and leafy perennials are on-trend right now. They are adept at freshening stale indoor air, which is a real mood booster in winter.

    An easy-to-maintain favorite is the rubber tree. It thrives in medium light, and you only water it when the soil is bone dry. So that you know, a rubber tree could grow 8-feet tall.

    Another goof-proof option is the aptly named Swedish ivy. It has trailing leafy, stems that make it a crowd favorite.

    Got children or pets? The best plants for your home should be nontoxic.

    However, keep in mind, just because a plant is considered safe, it is not necessarily OK for any creature to consume. The spider plant regarded as both kid and furbaby-friendly can be especially harmful to cats if chewed.

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    Scandinavian Zen Den

    REGOLIT Pendant Paper Shade from Ikea

    Forget about that dramatic chandelier. When it comes to inviting lighting, nothing casts a soft, room warming glow better than a non-fussy pendant light shade made of paper. It is one of the best shades for beautifully diffusing light emitted by harsh LED bulbs. We cannot think of a better way to turn your living room into a Scandinavian Zen den in winter.

    You can light up your home for cheap using this large handmade paper shade sold by IKEA.

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    Hiding What is Ugly Helps

    Scandi white radiator cover
    Stadshem Fastighetsmäkleri

    It is hard to make a room feel cozier when it includes a built-in eyesore that you cannot ignore, no matter how hard you try. It can drive anyone nuts. Sure, the best solution is to rip the ugly out of your home. But, what if you cannot because you are a renter or don't have the budget to remodel? A clever disguise will preserve your sanity.

    For instance, the owners of this prewar Swedish apartment made their living room more inviting by concealing their unattractive wall-mounted radiators behind beautiful slatted covers. Behold the bold, clean lines!

    You can build a radiator cover just like it. This IKEA hack shows how.

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    The New Chevron? Stripes!

    Scandinavian white area rug
    Handmade Wool Blankets via Etsy

    For the ultimate in warmth and style, you cannot beat a Scandinavian rug underfoot. This flatweave floor covering by Handmade Wool Blankets is a simple beauty inspired by traditional Swedish style. We think its monochromatic stripes are a soothing departure from chevron overload.

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    Paint Your Walls Blue

    color of the year 2017 Denim Drift

    Milky, white walls make the most of natural light in winter, so it makes sense they are a hallmark of the modern Scandinavian style. It is also the reason bluish-gray walls are an increasingly popular trend. For instance, Denim Drift, which is Europe's paint color of the year for 2017, is a soothing shade that feels remarkably cozy both day and night.

    Here is another reason to embrace this fresh hue. The stylish bloggers behind PRCHTG say Denim Drift is an incredibly versatile color that works with everything from midcentury Danish design to English country décor. They show how to put Denim Drift to work on Instagram.

    Another good to know: The color blue can stimulate your body to produce mind-calming chemicals. Adding décor elements in pops of mood-boosting hues as shown here can enhance blue's uplifting effect.

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    The New Monochrome

    Black Cords
    Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri

    Monochrome décor is the epitome of Scandinavian style.

    In a nutshell, it makes mixing and matching furniture and decorative accessories easier by sticking to shades of a single color.

    Now there is a new way to interpret this look at home without giving up every shade in the rainbow. The trick is to stick to a pared-down palette instead of just various tones of one color.

    Here is a for instance: Furniture and accessories in muted hues of pink, yellow and blue contrast beautifully with the gray walls and black and white artwork featured in this living room. The subtle pops of color add an uplifting touch to this monochrome-styled home.

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    Paint it Black

    paint it black
    Entrance Fastighetsm

    The color black is the new white. The trend has grown so popular in recent years it is now one of the two top colors for home décor across Scandinavia.

    But wouldn't a room full of black furniture feel depressing in winter? Not if there is lots of contrast. Think matte white walls combined with glossy black surfaces that reflect light as shown in this Swedish apartment. You have to see this tiny condo's beautiful dark floors on Entrance Fastighetsm. To complete your indoor oasis just add a few warm accents like wood cafe chairs and fresh-cut flowers.

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    Stoke the Fire

    candles fireplace scandi apartment

    What makes Scandinavian décor so enticing this time of year? The trendsetting Swedish real estate firm, Alvhem, says it may have something to do with the Nordic phenomenon popularly known as "hygge."

    It is a way of life across Scandinavia that embraces soothing activities like toasting your tootsies in front of a roaring fire or even watching the latest Netflix release in peace and comfort. The overall gist is to rethink winter as an upbeat time of year. Celebrating indoor coziness and bundling up so you can enjoy time outside are two examples.

    During the dark days of winter, Scandinavians light a staggering number of candles to add soothing hygge to their homes. Some say the cozy cheer this ritual brings is one of the reasons Nordic countries are considered the happiest places on the planet.

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    Wrinkles are Hot

    Scandi style linen bedsheets

    Hospital corners. Ironed sheets. A gazillion little pillows. No wonder so many people hate making their beds.

    It is time to get the job done like a Scandinavian. Wrinkled linens. Untucked comforters. Pillows casually tossed into place instead of "artfully arranged." Get the idea? Making a bed has never been this comfy.

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    Personalize Your Space

    Washi tape decor
    Sofia Byström

    Nothing warms up a room like your favorite wall art. But that does not mean you have to spend time and money to create a gallery wall of framed prints.

    Swedish lifestyle blogger, Sofia Bystrom freshens her walls whenever she wants quickly and cheaply using tape. A fun choice is washi tape because it adds a decorative touch and it's a cinch to remove without damaging surfaces. The trick that will boost your mood is to decorate your way with uplifting printables, room-brightening posters, and anything else that makes you happy.

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    Cozify Your Kitchen

    cozy kitchen dining
    Fantastic Frank Real Estate

    What is the best way to start your day in winter? Hot brewed coffee. But it is hard to enjoy a cup of hot Joe at a cold kitchen table.

    To heat things up in this freezing Swedish kitchen, the clever stylists at Fabulous Frank added several room warming elements. Cushy pillows, furry throws, and fresh flowers make a room warming impact.

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    Australian Creates a Scandinavian Paradise

    scandi style
    Tarina Lyell

    Sharon Sunderland transformed her Australian home into a slice of Scandinavian paradise by combining minimalist furnishing and neutral tones with natural elements. Here is her list for creating a warm, Nordic-inspired abode no matter where you live.

    • Must-have furniture: Stick to modernist inspired designs with simple, clean lines.
    • Natural wood accents: Pieces like the wood coffee table shown above add warm and natural beauty.
    • Perfect color palette: Go monochrome using various shades of white and gray.
    • Pops of pink: It is a soothing on-trend shade that makes many Nordic-inspired spaces feel cute and cozy.
    • Touchable textiles: Home accessories like the chunky, knit blanket and fluffy, furry pillows shared above add lots of style and warmth to a room.
    • Gorgeous greenery: Every stylish Scandinavian home has a few houseplants that add beauty while cleaning indoor air.

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