The Banzai Motorized Bumper Boat Review

A Fun Inflatable, Motorized Pool Toy

Banzai Bumper Boat Motorized Pool Toy
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During the summer months, children and their families use a lot of outdoor toys and water toys. There are so many unique pool toys, which are more than diving sticks, toss games and inflatable rafts. The Banzai motorized bumper boat is a fun inflatable pool toy, that allows kids to drive and steer the boat, while squirting a stream of water up to 20 feet!

Using the Bumper Boat

The boat is recommended for children ages 5 and up, with a 100 lb.

weight maximum. Younger children who are properly supervised by an adult, who are also wearing a life vest, may need help to get inside the boat. However, they should be easily able to maneuver the boat by steering it and blasting the water.   The boat and water launcher use small buttons, one on each handlebar, that are held down. The plastic propeller is encased in an outer covering. So, even when the boat is near the side of the pool, it does not come in contact with the pool liner or the side of the pool. As children sit inside the boat, they can steer the boat, while propelling it around the pool, blasting water at their friends or parents.


The boat arrived in a small, compact box. Utilize an air compressor to inflate the inner tube. Then inflate the inner part of the tube, where the child sits, by mouth. It will inflate in seconds, so an air compressor is not necessary.

8 "D" batteries need to be inserted into the steering wheel.

 4 phillips head screws needed to be removed from the top of the steering wheel in order to insert the batteries. Make sure to use a phillips head screwdriver that is very long but skinny, as some of the screws are recessed. Make sure that the cover is securely fastened to keep water from entering the mechanism after the batteries are inserted.

A large black tube is then placed through a small opening in the inner tube. There is a long propellor attachment that is inserted into the black tube. The handlebars and steering mechanism are clicked into the top part of the black tube. Inserting the handlebars may take several attempts to attach properly. 

Is It Worth It?

After set-up, with fresh batteries, there is at least 45 minutes of drive time. Remove the toy from the water at night or when not in use. There may be an issue with the propellor and motor making a loud noise, as they spin repeatedly, even when the trigger is not engaged. The only way to stop the propellor from spinning and completely draining the batteries, is to remove the handlebars. Once the handlebars are re-attached, the propellor could automatically begin spinning again.

This is a very unique pool toy, which is really motivating for many children, especially for barbecues and birthday parties. Should you experience continued difficulties with the driving mechanism, reach out to the manufacturer directly. If it was bought at a store with a good return policy, consider exchanging it.

Even if you have a small, inflatable backyard pool, as long as it is deep enough, this motorized toy could be a great addition.

Pair it up with other water blaster toys, and the kids could be happy entertained for hours.

Always supervise children near water and make sure they are wearing a life vest. Here are more pool safety tips.