Barbie Dolls and Toys from 2013

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    Barbie Fashion Design Plates Doll

    Barbie Fashion Plates Doll

    As a little girl, I remember having my own fashion plates. This Barbie themed set includes one doll, six double-sided fashion plates, three Barbie dresses, markers, stickers and three sheets of charcoal paper, so kids can actually design unique and personalized dresses and accessories for their doll.

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    Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

    Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

    The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror allows an iPad to transform into a virtual makeup mirror. Launch the app, hold the special applicator wand, then because of facial tracking technology, girls can virtually add eye shadow, lipstick, color, glitter and stickers to themselves and their friends. Pictures can be stored in a digital scrapbook then emailed.

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    Barbie Digital Dress Doll

    New Barbie Doll for 2013 is the Barbie Digital Dress doll

    The Barbie Digital Dress Doll includes LED lights and touch-screen technology so girls can design, create and select fashions that will appear on Barbie's dress. The dress has pre-loaded designs, but girls can customize her dress. The lights on the dress will also respond and react to sound and music. 

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    Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Fashion Vending Machine

    Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Fashion Vending Machine

    With the Dreamhouse Fashion Vending Machine, Girls fill up the compartments with Barbie shoes, jewelry, and purses. They turn the levers to rotate the pieces within the vending machine and by sliding a lever, the accessory will come down the shaft to be placed into a shopping bag.

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    Barbie Sisters Deluxe Camper

    Barbie Sisters Deluxe Glam Camper

    Does your family love spending time in the outdoors camping? So doesn't Barbie and her sisters! The Barbie Sisters Deluxe Camper flips open to become one of the glamorous camping sites you've ever seen. The girls can still cook smores from their own travel pool!

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    Barbie Glam Vacation House

    Barbie Glam Vacation Home

    If the enormous Barbie dreamhouse is to big or expensive for your living rom, you may want to consider the Barbie Glam Vacation House. The house features a kitchen, dining area and living area with a rooftop balcony. Please note that dolls are sold separately.

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    Barbie and Her Sisters In Pony Tale, Train and Ride Horse

    Barbie and Her Sisters In a Pony Tale Train & Ride Horse

    In the movie Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, Barbie trains a wild horse. This playset from the episode allows Barbie to control and interact with the horse. The features of this horse toy are unique. When Barbie lifts her arm the horse will walk toward her, when she lowers her arm all the way down and the horse will bow down. 

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    Barbie Collector Birthday Wishes Doll

    Barbie Collector Doll Birthday Wishes Barbie

    The Barbie Collector Doll is a special themed doll. In this collection,  each year a different Birthday Wishes doll is released. The 2013 Wishes Barbie doll included Barbie dressed in a pink tulle dress with pin-dot accents, as well as satin ribbon and lace trim. 

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    The 2013 Barbie I Can Be Doll Collection

    Barbie I Can Be Doll Assortment 2013

    In 2013 the Barbie I Can Be Doll Collection series features Barbie as a professional with careers as a a Sweet Chef, Zoo Keeper, Magician, Dolphin Trainer and Baby Doctor. These dolls help girls to dream and imagine what kind of careers they might have when they grow up.

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    Barbie Color Chalk Hair Doll

    New Barbie Doll for 2013 the Barbie Color Chalk Hair Doll

    Girls will love designing Barbie's hair color with the Barbie Color Chalk Hair Doll. There are chalk filled color pods. When it is clipped into Barbie's hair and pulled down, colored streaks will appear in Barbie's hair. 

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    Barbie Hairtastic Color Stylin Doll

    Barbie Color Stylin Doll

    Instead of using scissors to chop Barbie's hair, kids can apply water to her hair, then select a foil clip. When the foil clip is pulled down through the hair, highlights are revealed. The set includes doll, chair, brush, comb, hair ties, water boil, seven foil sheets and one foil clip.

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