20 Amazing Barn Wedding Ideas

Wedding party. Laid Table by wedding banquet in a wooden barn. Candles and bouquet.
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Some may call it a trend, but we think the barn wedding is here to stay. If you're planning a wedding (or dreaming about it), you've probably come across a million and a half wedding ideas, and we can bet a good deal of them involved a barn. And it's no surprise it's so popular - barn weddings are that perfect mix of laid-back, rustic and beautiful that so many brides love. If you're thinking of planning a barn wedding, we've rounded up some of our favorite country-inspired ideas. 

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    A Rustic Setting for Vows

    Wedding Ceremony in Front of a Barn
    Inspired By This

    There's just something innately romantic about a farmhouse-inspired barn wedding. From the strung cafe lights to the reclaimed wood, a barn wedding has something to appeal to every type of bride. This gorgeous whitewashed barn is a lovely backdrop for a ceremony or a reception and feels just as New England as it does Deep South. Place a bit of greenery in doorways or windows to add a modern flare. 

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    Add a Personal Touch

    Barn Wedding With Flags

    Thanks to Pinterest and the like, the "cookie cutter" wedding has been replaced by a sweeping trend of DIY and personalization. A barn offers the perfect blank canvas to experiment, allowing you to add touches that speak to your own personality and creativity. This easy-to-DIY pendant banner adds a bit of whimsy to a rustic space.  

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    Save on Flowers

    Wedding flowers
    WeddingInclude via Pinterest

    The hallmark of a barn wedding is that less is more. With a rustic, uncluttered look, you can forgo expensive extras like fresh flowers and let the minimalistic decor scheme really shine. We love nixing elaborate floral centerpieces for Mason jars and baby's breath. Cheap, easy to find and even easier to arrange, it's the perfect blend of simplicity and femininity.

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    Utilize Indoors and Out

    Barn Wedding
    Greengate Ranch & Vineyard via Pinterest

    Create a romantic ambiance both inside and out with gorgeous string lights and a curtain for separation. Create a lovely reception outside under the stars and set up the DJ (or try DIY with your own iPod) inside the barn when it's time to get down. 

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    A Sparkler Send-Off Your Photographer Will Love

    Sparkler Send off
    Deer Pearl Flowers

    Take advantage of the outdoors with a gorgeous photo op. Fill a Mason jar with extra-large sparklers and encourage your photographer to round up the guests at the end of the night for an unforgettable send-off.

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    DIY Your Barn Lighting

    Beautiful Lighting
    Emilee Unruh via Pinterest

    Edison bulbs are an affordable and trendy way to add a soft glow and warm up large spaces like barns. You can find Edison bulbs on Amazon―just wrap the cables in twine and wind them around beams, poles, and doorways for romantic lighting you can easily DIY.

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    Reclaimed Wood Everywhere

    Rustic wooden centerpiece
    Junebug Weddings via Pinterest

    When decorating a barn wedding, draw upon the structure's character and weave the look throughout the whole space. This rustic reclaimed wood centerpiece from Junebug Weddings is an easy way to add a little elegance to a country setting. Try wooden crates or wood slices for more inspiration.  

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    Drink, Country Style

    Barn wedding bar
    Cavender's via Pinterest

    Not that you need an excuse to draw your guests to the bar, but this upscale barn bar is a great alternative to a traditional drinks table. Though this example is a bit too difficult to DIY, you can always draw upon it for inspiration. Set up a rustic table outside, add some corrugated aluminum, and voilà. 

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    Pallets: A Barn Wedding's Best Friend

    Pallet wedding lineup
    Megan Thede via Pinterest

    Wood pallets are one of the most popular DIY materials on Pinterest. From headboards to coffee tables, there are endless uses for them—and even more for your barn wedding. We love this rustic event schedule idea in particular, but you can also try using pallets as a ceremony backdrop, a cocktail table or even seating (just add hay). 

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    Add Some Wheat

    Wheat arrangement
    Deer Pearl Flowers

    A barn wedding doesn't have to be overly country, but it's always fine to incorporate a few rural elements throughout the event. We adore this wheat and lavender boutonniere, reminiscent of cornfields and rolling fields.   

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    Bring in Vintage Furniture

    A bench at a barn wedding
    Kimberly Smith via Pinterest

    One of our favorite aspects of a barn wedding is that it works with almost all aesthetics. This beautiful bride-and-groom seat is a vintage dining bench, but you can replicate the idea with nearly all of your seating (how about a few Victorian chairs for cocktail hour?). Spend the year before your wedding looking for deals on great vintage furniture

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    Wrap the Beams

    Lights wrapped around a pole
    Sky D via Pinterest

    If your barn space has exposed beams, cheap Christmas lighting and faux greenery is a great way to soften the look without a lot of effort. 

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    Try Benches and Lanterns

    Benches with lanterns
    Coltan O'Toolest via Pinterest

    Ditch the traditional seating idea and incorporate rustic picnic benches instead for a low-key but beautiful look. Next, add a few vintage lanterns and scatter your floral arrangements. This is a great idea if your venue has picnic tables ready for use. 

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    A Stone Barn Wedding

    Stone barn wedding

    rockmywedding / Instagram

    Not all barn weddings are made alike, and this stone barn venue is the perfect example. A barn comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles; if you're looking for something a little more elegant, search for a venue with stone walls and big windows. Add some pendant banners and greenery to complete the look. 

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    More Lantern Ideas

    Chairs with lanterns on the ends
    Tulle & Chantilly via Pinterest

    Lanterns are definitely a barn wedding mainstay. Add them to the ends of the rows during your ceremony to create a romantic path. Pair with a few deliciously scented plants and tea lights. 

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    Fall in Love With Macramé

    Hanging plant baskets in a barn
    We Do...I Do's via Pinterest

    Macramé is having a moment right now, so why not add this trendy, bohemian look to your barn wedding? This gorgeous hanging plant idea is perfect for any space and easy to DIY. 

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    Barrels on Barrels

    Barrels with flowers on top
    Wedding Selects

    You can't throw a barn wedding without coming across a few barrels. These handy and versatile pieces can be used for bars, buffet tables or as cocktail tables with gorgeous floral arrangements—like in this autumnal concept from Wedding Selects.

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    A Rustic Dessert Table

    Dessert table at a barn wedding
    katie martin via Pinterest

    Another reason barn weddings are so popular is because low-key and casual is the name of the game. Instead of an elaborate (and expensive) wedding cake, opt for cupcakes and pies you can make yourself. 

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    Separate a Large Space

    Barn wedding with curtains
    Jonathan Kaye Photography

    If your barn venue is large and open, add some separation with oversized curtains and chandeliers. You can segment off dancing areas, buffets and more with a few beautiful and flowing pieces of fabric.  

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    An Intimate Affair

    Outdoor barn wedding
    At Home in Arkansas

    If your heart is set on a country affair, but you're worried a barn wedding is too large for your event, utilize the outdoor space instead. A barn makes for a beautiful backdrop to any reception. Focus on the surrounding setting and save the barn for a bar or dessert area instead.