25 Basement Kitchenette Ideas For a Stylish Bonus Space

Basement kitchenette

Rebecca Foster Design / Photo by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

Whether you're remodeling an underground rental apartment, in-law guest suite, or a family game room, including a basement kitchenette can provide a place to make simple meals, store wine and snacks, host poker night, and help create a flexible bonus space that will make your home feel more functional and fun.

Space constraints and a lack of natural light can make designing a basement kitchenette challenging. But just because a kitchenette is relegated to the basement doesn't mean it should be treated like an afterthought. Here are some ideas for decorating a basement kitchenette that doesn't skimp on functionality or style.

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    Add Cottage Style

    basement kitchenette

    Design by House of Jade Interiors / Lindsay Salazar Photography

    This cottage style basement design from House of Jade Interiors is designed to optimize movie and game nights, with a built-in pantry for storing snacks, a glass-front fridge for beverages, soft blue cabinetry, a farmhouse sink, and a decorative real stone wall in shades of beige, taupe, and gray.

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    Think Pink

    basement kitchenette ideas

    Fynes Designs

    Fynes Designs added a pastel pink kitchenette with a diamond-patterned tile backsplash, gold-toned hardware, and open shelving that includes a bistro table and chairs located off to one side, and a lounge area with a comfortable couch and coffee table on the opposite wall.

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    Feature Exposed Brick

    Basement kitchenette

    Pizzale Design Inc. / Photo by Mike Chajecki

    For this stylish renovated home basement in Mississauga, Ontario, designers at Pizzale Design Inc. created a kitchenette built into an exposed brick feature wall that includes hidden storage. "A second kitchen was created to accommodate the mother’s love for cooking with more fridge storage," the designers say. A spacious island with a place to drink or dine defines the kitchenette from a nearby sitting area outfitted with a comfy sectional in bold coral upholstery.

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    Go British Style

    Basement kitchenette

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    Not all basement kitchenettes are created equal. In the U.K., townhouses often feature a basement kitchen that opens up onto a terrace or back garden. The Classic English Kitchen range by deVOL Kitchens looks just as great underground as above ground, in classic black and white. Exposed beams, black piping, painted white brick, and a red Anglepoise task light give a polished industrial feel, while an open shelf decorated with a plant and an oil painting adds a homey touch.

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    Make It Peachy

    basement kitchenette

    Design by Pluck

    This basement kitchenette designed by London-based Pluck is decorated in luminous shades of peach that amplify the natural light from the window.

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    Keep It Light and Airy

    basement kitchenette

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Photo by Genevieve Renee

    This large basement renovation from Louis Duncan-He Designs includes a kitchenette that's clad in white shiplap and cabinetry that maximizes the natural light from a small window.

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    Go Dark

    basement kitchenette

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    Christina Kim Interior Design added a stylish wet bar with moody black finishes and gold accents to this basement rec room that could be adapted into a full kitchenette with a heat element. The relaxing, sophisticated space is a self-contained bunker for family hang outs and game nights with friends that stretch into the wee hours.

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    Light It Up

    Basement kitchenette

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    One of the biggest challenges when outfitting a basement kitchenette is ensuring that there is adequate lighting. If your basement space doesn't have windows or natural light of any kind, installing recessed lighting into the ceiling is a clever solution. In this contemporary London basement kitchenette designed by Sebastian Cox for deVOL, glass block-style built-in LED panels diffuse warm light from overhead that gives the illusion of natural light and is strong enough to illuminate the functional space, a more stylish solution than your average can lights.

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    Game It Out

    basement kitchenette

    White Sands Design Build

    This Southern California coastal farmhouse style basement game room from White Sands Design Build has a kitchenette tucked discreetly in the corner so that you can keep your game night drinks and snacks at the ready.

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    Make It Fun

    Basement kitchenette

    Rebecca Foster Design / Photo by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

    "This Manhattan Beach, CA basement kitchen was designed to be fun but functional," says interior designer Rebecca Foster. "The kids can get snacks but also wash dishes in the dishwasher, and it is a combo oven so meals can be cooked, not just microwaved. It is the perfect spot for after beach snacks or dinner and a movie." Stainless steel appliances, gray wood-toned cabinetry, and white walls and ceilings give the space a crisp, modern look, while multi-colored glass storage jars displayed on open shelving create a focal point.

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    Outfit the Guest Suite

    basement kitchenette

    Designed by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp

    This 49-square-foot basement kitchenette in a guest suite designed by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design was built with Hellen's mother-in-law in mind, equipped with everything she would need to cook up a storm like she does at home. The efficient L-shaped layout includes a built-in oven, a small stovetop, and a full-size Smeg refrigerator. A soothing palette of white, gray, and pale blue keeps it feeling light and airy.

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    Use Vertical Space

    basement kitchenette

    Designed by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp

    Many basements have lower ceiling heights than upstairs spaces. In a basement kitchenette, adding open shelving that reaches all the way to the ceiling will add storage while making the ceilings feel taller by drawing the eye upward, especially if you finish the walls and shelving in bright white tones.

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    Add a Dining Table

    basement kitchenette

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Michelle Berwick Design relegated this basement kitchenette to a single wall, adding a long stone backsplash with a built-in display shelf. A large dining table anchored by a pendant light replaces a kitchen island, creating a space for comfortable sit-down meals that divides the kitchenette from the seating area.

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    Use Shaker Cabinetry

    basement kitchenette

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    This basement kitchenette from deVOL Kitchens is tucked into an alcove, with Shaker-style cabinets painted in a serene blue-green, a farmhouse-style sink, and floating shelves in a darker shade of teal. Wide plank hardwood flooring elevates the space.

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    Add an Island

    basement kitchenette

    Design by Pluck

    This London basement kitchenette designed by Pluck has wrap-around blue cabinetry, a sink under the window that lets in natural light from the street above, a farmhouse sink, navy blue cabinetry, and a marble-topped kitchen island.

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    Add Some Art

    basement kitchenette

    Britt Design Studio

    A stone countertop and matching backsplash, gold hardware, and a gilded framed painting that's lit like it's in an art museum adds polish to this wet bar from Britt Design Studio that has plenty of space for preparing and storing drinks and snacks.

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    Make It a Snack Station

    basement kitchenette

    Cake & Confetti

    Two-toned blue cabinetry and countertops, a colorful backsplash, gold hardware, and a cute retro-style mini refrigerator turn this colorful family-friendly kitchenette from Cake & Confetti into snack central.

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    Open a Cellar Bar

    Basement kitchenette mini bar

    deVOL Kitchens


    While it's not technically a kitchenette, this cellar bar and wine storage corner made up of elements from the Real Shaker Kitchen by deVOL Kitchens is a great alternative for those who love to drink and don't need to cook, preferring to use their basement square footage for an impressive collection of bottles and a dedicated prep area for cocktails.

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    Mix Materials

    basement kitchenette

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Michelle Berwick Design mixed pale wood cabinetry and shelving with an abstract patterned tile backsplash wall that adds interest to the small dry bar and could work just as well in a basement kitchenette.

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    Include a Wine Fridge

    Basement kitchenette

    New Perspective Design


    This basement kitchenette, complete with a wine fridge from New Perspective Design, is incorporated into a faux brick feature wall, allowing it to blend into the background and keep the focus on a comfortable seating and TV watching area perfect for family movie nights and watching big games with friends.

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    Add Wood Paneling

    basement kitchenette

    Design by Laura Brophy Interiors

    Laura Brophy Interiors added wood paneling to this wet bar that could easily double as a kitchenette with a hot plate that can be stored when not in use. Dark lower cabinets and a pale wood-paneled backsplash with windows and open shelving adds balance.

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    Keep It Open

    Basement kitchenette

    drewhadley / Getty Images

    This modern basement apartment conversion has shiny white walls, polished pale gray concrete floors, and a dark wood kitchenette with a peninsula housing the sink tucked into the back wall of the room, out of the way but open to the rest of the room.

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    Choose Glass-Front Cabinetry

    Basement kitchenette

    New Perspective Design


    In this basement pool room from New Perspective Design, a kitchenette provides temperature-controlled storage for adult beverages, a mini-fridge, and plenty of built-in storage for snacks. Glass-front, interior-lit upper cabinetry mimics a pair of windows on either side of the kitchenette, and recessed can lighting brightens up the basement space even more.

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    Add Color

    basement kitchenette

    Michelle Berwick Design / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to introduce color in a basement kitchenette, like the yellows and blues that lift the herringbone pattern white subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances and hardware of this basement kitchenette from Michelle Berwick Design.

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    Mix Dark and Light

    basement kitchenette

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Open wine storage, glass-front cabinetry, and gleaming silver backsplash tile keep this dark wood basement kitchenette and wet bar from Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions from feeling too heavy.