8 Basic Kitchen Cabinet Doors You Can Buy

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    Here Are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

    Glass Insert Shaker Style Cabinet Door dexph136_045
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    Kitchen cabinet doors come into play whether you are buying new cabinets, completely refacing your existing cabinets, or simply switching out a few doors to spruce up your kitchen's look.  

    You might even argue that cabinet replacement is all about the doors since this is the true face of your cabinet system.  


    A variation of the classic wood insert Shaker door, the glass insert door provides a glimpse into the contents of the cabinet.


    • Usually found in natural wood styles.
    • Large area available for glass insert.
    • Glass-framed cabinet doors typically do not come with the glass; you need to purchase separately.
    • Airy, open style to display choice tableware.
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    Here Are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

    Kitchen With Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors 126172242
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    Slab style cabinet door is as close to a single, unembellished, ungrooved piece of wood as you can get.  


    • The slab style gives your kitchen a smooth, modern flair.
    • The least popular door style, though becoming more popular as price points go down.
    • For frameless cabinets.
    • Tends to be more expensive than more traditional styles, such as Shaker.
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    Shaker Style Cabinet Door - Simple and Classic

    Kitchen Cabinet Door - Shaker Style
    © KitchenDoorDepot.com

    Shaker style door, with a solid insert.  This classic door is based on the historical Shaker furniture style.


    • Usually found in natural wood finishes, such as oak, maple, or cherry.
    • Also comes paint-ready, though this is less popular.
    • Clean, elegant style.
    • Outer frame beveled at 90-degree angle to the door panel for a greater shadow effect.
    • Outer frame strengthens perimeter of the door.
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    Traditional: Single Arch or Cathedral Style Kitchen Cabinet Door

    Single Arch Kitchen Cabinet Door Style
    © RTA Cabinet Store

    A white cathedral style kitchen cabinet door.  Wood is either natural or is MDF faced in thermofoil.  At the top is a single arch.


    • Rounded "cathedral" top is one of the most popular styles of kitchen cabinet doors.
    • When wrapped with thermofoil, the surface never needs painting.
    • Natural wood is a higher value door.
    • One of the cheaper styles of cabinet door available, often used in rental apartments or budget-conscious home remodels.
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    Doubly Traditional: The Double Arch Kitchen Cabinet Door

    Double Arch Kitchen Cabinet Door
    © Kitchen Door Depot

    Simple solid wood cabinet door with two arches--one on top, one on bottom.


    • Thermofoil or natural wood finishes.
    • Grooves form deep, attractive profile, giving the doors a pronounced shadow effect.
    • Cost is about the same as the single arch door.
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    Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Door With Shaker-Style Frame

    Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Door
    © KitchenCabinetDoors.com

    Kitchen cabinet door with a beadboard style wood insert.  Shown here is unfinished MDF that can be painted.


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    Mullioned Kitchen Cabinet Door

    Mullioned Kitchen Cabinet Door
    Falcon Cabinet Door

    Mullion-style cabinet door allows for placement of glass on the back.  Similar to the other glass-insert cabinet door featured in this article, but with stiles added.


    • "Window style," similar to a mullioned window on a house exterior, fits in well with traditional style kitchens.
    • Stiles act as additional support for the door itself and as protection against glass breakage.
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    A Nice One...If You Can Find It: Wood-Look Thermofoil Cabinet Door

    Aurora Kitchen Cabinet Door
    © WalzCraft

    Who said thermofoil has to be white? This thermofoil has a rich, dark wood flavor, but is easy to maintain.


    • Thermofoil coating, just like the popular white thermofoil, except that this one mimics a wood-grain.
    • The look of wood with the easy-to-maintain qualities of thermofoil.
    • Not easy to find.  In fact, the one shown here, Aurora from WalzCraft, has been discontinued.