16 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas to Try

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Stephen Busken / Stefani Stein

Like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets are functional pieces of furniture that help keep your space clutter-free. But bathroom cabinetry also provides a design opportunity to add style and personality to an essentially functional room. While not every bathroom has the space for ample storage, even the smallest powder room can accommodate a vanity with built-in storage.

Whether it’s an organic wood finish, a DIY paint job, or a custom design that uses unexpected materials and/or shapes, here are some ideas to help ensure that your bathroom cabinetry is as good-looking and well-considered as the rest of your space.

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    Minimalist Floating

    Marble bathroom

    Tessa Neustadt / Stefani Stein

    Interior designer Stefani Stein chose floating white oak cabinetry for this Venice Beach, CA new build bathroom, providing ample storage without taking up visual space. The Scandi-inspired wood tone adds just a touch of warmth against the expanse of white marble. Details like unlacquered brass plumbing fixtures and textural dyed sheepskin rugs add to the spa-like organic minimalist design.

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    Reclaimed Rustic

    Rustic bathroom

    Tara Mangini / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    In this rustic chic bathroom from interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. reclaimed wood cabinetry sets the tone and provides storage to keep all but the essentials tucked out of sight, ensuring a timeless, serene feel. The dark wood tones contrast beautifully with a rough hewn stone sink and fresh, bright white tiling, while a mirror framed in the same wood adds cohesion.

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    White Shaker

    black and white bathroom

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    This classic bathroom from San Francisco-based Cathie Hong Interiors features Shaker-style cabinetry painted in a soft creamy white, a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Using double cabinets below each sink allows space for a towel nook with added shelving, creating an easy custom look with prefab units. Using the same cabinetry in both kitchens and bathrooms means that you can often use them interchangeably and might find that kitchen cabinets are more cost-effective, allowing you to create a cohesive look throughout your home without breaking the budget.

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    Custom Curves

    Rounded wood cabinet

    Bertrand Fompeyrine / Atelier Steve

    Not all bathroom cabinets are required to have straight edges. In this Paris apartment remodel, architect Pauline Borgia of Atelier Steve designed custom light oak bathroom cabinetry with a rounded door edge that adds subtle interest and plays up against the square wall tiling. A custom mirror that echoes the rounded edge of the door completes the clever design.

    While it's not in every budget to design custom cabinetry, the unexpected curves in this little Parisian bathroom demonstrate how small but thoughtful design details can make your bathroom unique.

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    Royal Purple

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Kate Lester

    In this glam bathroom by Kate Lester, an unexpected splash of assertive purple adds a high-energy twist that stands up well next to the ornate decorative double mirrors. Cool-toned silver hardware on the cabinetry and plumbing fixtures provides contrast and keeps the space looking fresh and modern.

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    Matte Black

    Black bathroom cabinets

    Stephen Busken / Stefani Stein

    In this spacious condominium bathroom designed by Stefani Stein, matte black cabinetry custom built to fit the room provides space for double sinks and plenty of storage. The dark wood adds polish to the classic coastal style, and bright brass accents create contrast with the room's pale walls and light gray marble finishes.

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    Soft Blues

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Kate Lester

    In this pretty bathroom designed by Kate Lester, bathroom cabinetry is painted in pale blue-gray to harmonize with the blue-and-white floor and wall tiling. Soft brushed antique brass fixtures add a touch of warmth to the overall design.

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    Classic Dark Wood

    Charcoal gray bathroom walls

    Stefani Stein

    Interior designer Stefani Stein chose a dark wood finish for the bathroom cabinetry in this Silver Lake, CA renovation. The cabinet looks like a piece of vintage furniture and works well with the classic black-and-white tiling. Moody gray paint and bright bronze finishes add contrast and a framed piece of art gives the room a focal point while making it feel like more than just a utilitarian space.

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    Golden Wood

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Kate Lester

    In this bathroom designed by Kate Lester, Shaker-style cabinets in warm honey-toned golden wood warms up the dominant neutral color scheme and plays well against the intricate geometric patterned floor tile in soft shades of blue.

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    Recessed Storage

    Bathroom cabinet ideas


    In this roomy bathroom design from Seattle-based OreStudios, recessed cabinetry on either side of the bathroom is rendered in the same dark honey-toned wood and round silver-toned door pulls as the sink vanity, tripling the room's storage capacity while maintaining a streamlined design.

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    Rustic Modern

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Erin Williamson

    Interior designer Erin Williamson chose white oak cabinetry to give this sleek rustic modern bathroom "a spa-like feel," she says. "In addition to adding texture and warmth, wood is hard wearing and the slab front cabinets are easy to clean."

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    Dark Accents

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Kate Lester

    Pale white oak wood cabinetry with black metal door pulls and lighting and mirror accents create just the right amount of graphic interest in this cool-toned neutral bathroom from interior designer Kate Lester.

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    Mirror Image

    Bathroom cabinet ideas


    In this Tudor house renovation from OreStudios, matching sink vanities with classic white cabinetry and marble countertops are positioned on either side of the charming room, with its slanted ceilings and vintage green tile. Twin brass-framed mirrors and a pair of wall sconces complete the picture perfect symmetry, while a tall, dramatic stem of cherry blossoms provides a note of asymmetry and surprise.

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    Powder Room Petite

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    For this petite powder room, Boston-based Desiree Burns Interiors incorporated free-standing cabinetry that houses a small sink. The dark blue painted cabinetry provides a dash of color and just the right amount of storage for essentials, leaving space for a wall shelf that provides a place to show off prettier items and extra towels.

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    Subtle Embellishments

    Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

    Kate Lester

    In this bathroom designed by Kate Lester, bathroom cabinetry is painted in a fresh shade of robin's egg blue. The cabinetry includes subtle detailing on the top panels that creates a custom feel. Black cabinet pulls echo the detailing in the floor tile.

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    Built-In Vanity

    Bathroom cabinet ideas


    In this spacious bathroom designed by OreStudios, double sinks with matching cabinetry and countertops are positioned on opposite sides of the wall, while a built-in vanity in the same materials on one side provides a place to get ready and store essentials.