Bathroom Cleaning

Stop mold, mildew, and grime in your bathroom with our expert guides to cleaning the bathroom—and keeping it clean. Learn how to scrub the shower, clean the toilet, wash grout, and more.

Glass being cleaned with rag and gloves from hard water stains
Finally—Here's How to Get Hard Water Stains off Glass Windows and Doors
White cone-shaped beauty blenders with makeup in front of foundation bottle
Here's the Correct Way to Clean Your Beauty Blender
Toilet bowl brush being used to scrub a toilet
You Probably Haven't Cleaned Your Toilet Brush Lately (or Ever)—Here's How
Nylon-bristled scrub brush on pink gloves next to tiled wall with pink mold
The Pink Mold in Your Shower? It's Not Actually Mold
Modern bathroom with marble shower stall
Keep Your Marble Shower Stall Sparkling Clean With These Tips
cleaning your toothbrush
How to Clean Your Toothbrush
person wiping down bathroom sink fixtures
Here's the Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to Keep It Sparkling
cleaning a shower wall
How to Clean a Shower
cleaning hard water stains out of the toilet
Remove Hard Water Stains From a Toilet Without Chemical Cleaners
scurbbing a shower head with an old toothbrush
How to Clean Your Showerhead
cleaning rust in the sink
Get Rid of Rust Stains From Toilets, Tubs, and Sinks
shower head with calcium buildup
The Best Way to Remove Calcium Deposits From Your Shower Head
Modern Bathroom
9 Places in Your Bathroom That Are Especially Dirty
refinished bathtub
Best and Worst Ways to Clean a Reglazed Bathtub
person cleaning nail clippers
Learn How to Properly Clean Makeup and Beauty Tools
Woman cleaning bathroom mirror
How to Clean a Bathroom in 15 Minutes
before and after showing soap scum in the shower
Get Rid of Soap Scum on Every Bathroom Surface
Demolished bath tub
How to Remove Grout, Mortar, and Drywall Mud From a Bathtub
Clean bathroom with white towel hanging over tub and plant on sink surface
6 Ways to Reduce Bad Bathroom Smells
clean bathroom
Try These Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free
person wiping down a toilet seat
Get Your Toilet Sparkling Clean in These Easy Steps
pouring cola down a toilet
10 Weird Toilet Hacks That Really Work
Bathroom faucet next to dish soap and vinegar bottles and folded towels with toothbrush on top
Restore Shine to Your Faucets With These Easy Steps
clean bathtub
How to Clean a Bathtub
Bidet handle lifted with water streaming from faucet into bidet bowl
What Is a Bidet?
Clean jetted tub near light-filled windows
You'll Relax More Fully If Your Jetted Tub Is Cleaned Properly
preparing to clean a toilet tank
What's Lurking Inside Your Toilet Tank?
person cleaning toilet jets
How to Clean the Rim Jets on a Toilet Bowl
cleaning kitchen faucet
Tips for Cleaning Hard Water Deposits
cleaning tile grout
The Best Methods for Cleaning Tile Grout
cleaning black mold
Best Mold-Busting Tips for Lazy Cleaners
Cleaning Soap Scum Off Shower Door
What Is Soap Scum?