20 Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas and Tips

Bathroom counter organization ideas

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If your bathroom counter has become all too cluttered and is in need of a bit of a refresh, we get it. It's simply too easy for products, makeup bags, first aid essentials, and much more to pile up in this space, and when you're rushing out the door for work, the last thing you want to do is tidy up after yourself. But let's face it: because it's much easier to get ready for the day when your space is neat and organized, you'll want to focus on tackling this clutter ASAP.

Below, we've rounded up 20 inspiring bathrooms featuring well organized countertops that will motivate you to pare down your belongings today. Get ready to scoop up some stylish vessels and trays and get your loo looking oh so lovely in no time.

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    Stack Your Stuff

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    @the.barlow.house / Instagram

    To conserve space, opt for clear containers that stack. See through vessels will allow you to easily keep track of everything you have on hand (and determine what you need to replenish). A stacking system is ultra practical and eliminates the need to fill your entire counter with various jars.

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    Place Towels in a Basket

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    @nazik_the_nubian / Instagram

    Why not replicate some of the elements of a fancy hotel bathroom in your own home? Placing washcloths in a petite woven basket elevates the everyday and keeps you organized.

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    Add an Under Sink Shelf

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    @houseofchais / Instagram

    If your countertops are super tiny, as is the case in this bathroom, make use of a floating shelf beneath your sink and use that space to house all of your necessities in a cute basket. The solution is both stylish and functional.

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    Set Out a Small Bowl

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    @daniellevictoriadesignstudio / Instagram

    Petite bowls are perfect for housing jewelry while you wash your face at night or step into the shower. This ceramic piece will keep all of your baubles safe while looking gorgeous on your countertop. To find something unique, check out a local craft fair or vintage shop.

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    Grab Sophisticated Storage Pieces

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    @keystonemillworks / Instagram

    Make basics like soap and tissues shine on your countertop by investing in coordinating storage solutions. These striped pieces add some oomph to this sophisticated bathroom and are way prettier than standard packaging. Choose a color scheme that's already present in your bathroom, or think outside the box if you want to make a statement with an additional hue.

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    Try a Tray

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    @navylanedesign / Instagram

    A simple tray is also a great way to corral all of your day to day countertop essentials. When you need to clean your counter, you can simply lift it up and out of the way, no major reshuffling required.

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    Go Monochrome

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    @stylingmyinterior / Instagram

    If you don't want to go through the process of decanting soaps and lotions into aesthetically pleasing jars, we get it. You can simply purchasing items in one particular color to make your countertop look less busy. Here, all white bottles with contemporary labeling appear nice and cohesive.

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    Set Out Guest Towels

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    @theokiecasa / Instagram

    Hosting guests calls for something special. Placing small napkins in a clear tray so that visitors can easily wipe their hands is a great way to make your bathroom countertop appear welcoming and clean without contaminating the cloth towels that you and your family use.

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    Style Some Wicker

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    Chauncey Boothby

    Looking to add some texture to your countertops? A small, lidded wicker jar looks chic on this countertop and is the perfect place to tuck away hair ties or cotton rounds.

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    Upgrade Your Toothbrush Cup

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    Chauncey Boothby

    It's time to toss that plastic cup you've been using to house toothbrushes and pick up something a little more charming. Here, a small silver vessel complements the sink hardware to a T.

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    Deck Out the Vanity

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    Mary Patton

    Have a dedicated vanity in the bathroom? Outfit it with little luxuries such as a petite mirror for closeups, a small candle, and a cheerful plant. You'll feel extra glam as you sit back and apply your lipstick.

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    Purchase an End Table

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    Kate Marker Interiors

    No real counter space? No problem. Fake a counter by placing a small end table next to your sink to house a few key items. However, it's still key to keep a surface like this one relatively minimal.

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    Layer It

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    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Use a thin tray to ensure that products don't easily topple over if you're placing them in the middle of a sink. This setup is layered with a beautiful vase stationed behind the tray.

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    Use Every Corner

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    Stephanie Perez Interiors

    Don't forget to make use of corners! Stashing a couple of products off to the side of each sink is a great way to take advantage of minimal counterspace.

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    Display a Cake Stand

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    @justrenoproject / Instagram

    A cake stand can be a great way to showcase favorite things such as a candle, a couple of bottles of perfumes, or even a small succulent. These pieces are by no means just for the kitchen and add excellent height to any bathroom countertop. Best of all, you can source them easily at thrift stores for just a couple of dollars.

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    Search for a Storage Box

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    Kate Marker Interiors

    Make use of a larger storage box for medicines and other items that you may not want to display out in the open but need to access frequently. This cane one is oh so on trend.

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    Introduce Natural Touches

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    Mary Patton

    Place a small bud vase on your countertop to add a touch of nature to your space. If your bathroom doesn't receive much natural light, a faux arrangement is also A-OK—we won't tell anyone else!

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    Bust Out a Basket

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    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Keep all of your everyday makeup in one accessible spot by placing frequently used brushes and bottles in a small basket. Everything will be easy to grab when you're in a hurry to get ready for the day.

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    Style Your Soap

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    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Give your everyday soap dish a bit of a glowup and scoop up something with a little more personality. A gold, leaf shaped dish adds major style to this bathroom.

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    Stack Some Bins

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    Kate Marker Interiors

    Get your styling on by stacking some artful boxes on your bathroom counter the way you would on an open shelf. These also add lots of visual interest to the space due to their material.