20 Beautiful Bathroom Curtain Setups

white curtains behind tub

Design: Caroline Brackett / Photo: Emily Bolt

When it comes to selecting curtains for your home, you may think that you only have to focus on choosing options for your living room, bedrooms, and possibly the dining area. However, keep in mind that curtains are key in the bathroom, too. Whether your bathroom features a large window or a small one, privacy is certainly of the utmost importance, so you will want to opt for some kind of window covering purely for functional purposes. Practical reasons aside, curtains simply look much more elegant than traditional blinds and can work wonders in elevating a space. Even the simplest, smallest bathrooms will appear a bit more sophisticated looking with the addition of some curtains.

Not sure what style of curtains to choose for your own space? Below are some of our favorite bathroom setups that feature elegant curtains and roman shades. No matter your decorating style, you're sure to come across a space that resembles yours and appeals to your aesthetic.

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    Keep It Neutral and Calm

    bathroom with curtains behind tub

    Design: Caroline Brackett / Photo: Emily Bolt

    Simple long, white curtains look extra elegant behind the tub in this soothing, mostly neutral bathroom. White curtains like these are a common choice for the bathroom and appear in many of the spaces we feature below. Of course, you will want to keep your family's lifestyle top of mind when selecting a curtain color. White curtains are best for adult bathrooms where messes and spills are less likely to occur!

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    Match the Walls to a T

    floral curtains matching wallpaper

    @soniawhiteman_handmadecurtains / Instagram

    Why not design your curtains so that they match your wall covering? Here, long curtains practically blend into the walls and make this bathroom appear extra luxe. The beauty of this approach is that you replicate this look with any pattern that you like, whether it's loud or more subtle.

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    Install a Small Woven Shade

    small window in bathroom

    Kern & Co

    Use a woven shade to cover a small bathroom window. Shades are easy to install in spaces where curtains would appear too bulky or overpowering. Woven wall coverings can lean boho style, coastal, transitional, and more, it all depends on how you decorate the rest of your space.

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    Have Fun With Pom Poms

    sheer curtains with pom poms

    @natalialong77 / Instagram

    Use your window coverings to showcase your personal style. If you love adding whimsical touches to your space, a pom pom curtain is an excellent pick. You could even sew your own curtains and add a pom pom border by hand if you can't locate a store bought option that speaks to you.

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    Pair Busy Wallpaper With Plain Curtains

    bathroom with curtains behind tub

    Caroline Brackett

    If you have a patterned wallpaper in your bathroom, you may wish to install solid-colored curtains to prevent your space from appearing too busy. Here, white curtains complement the lampshades on the nearby sconces perfectly.

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    Try Cropping Your Curtains

    short curtains above tub

    Design: Caroline Brackett / Photo: Dustin Peck

    Short curtains are useful in the bathroom; by no means do you want to risk your curtains accidentally getting wet. Keeping curtains cropped here also exposes the beautiful wainscoting.

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    Install a Privacy Shade for Extra Coverage

    curtains with shade under

    Kern & Co

    If you plan to mostly keep your curtains open, you may wish to install a privacy shade underneath depending on where your bathroom window is located. Here, this feature is definitely a necessity!

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    Keep Curtains Neutral and Add Color to the Bathroom Via Art

    long white curtains

    Kern & Co

    Here is another instance where simple, solid curtains reign supreme yet again. You can still add pops of color to your bathroom in the form of artwork and accessories even if you keep your basics neutral.

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    Let Your Curtains Do the Talking

    patterned curtains in bathroom

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    Go ahead and have some fun with patterns! Here, blue and white curtains add pep to this bathroom and contribute to its chic, modern look. They also eliminate the need for additional wall decor; they truly do all of the talking in this space!

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    Install Cheerful Yellow Curtains

    yellow curtains and blue wallpaper

    @melanielissackinteriors / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to introduce bright colors into the bathroom. This sunny yellow is bound to put a smile on your face as you get ready for the day.

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    Install a Sheer Curtain if Your Bathroom is Secluded

    sheer curtains by bathtub

    @interiorspickle / Instagram

    A sheer curtain works as long as your bathroom window doesn't directly face your neighbors! Silky material can add a romantic touch to the room.

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    Try Patterned Shades Instead of Wallpaper

    peppy roman shades

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    Patterned shades will add some pep to your bathroom in no time. These are a great pick if you don't have the option to install wallpaper but still crave some fun prints.

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    Go Big With Curtains in a Grand Bathroom

    long patterned bathroom curtains

    Kern & Co

    Go big or go home! Long curtains make this oversized primary bathroom appear even more regal.

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    Add Roman Shades Beneath Your Curtains

    curtains with shades under

    Kern & Co

    You can always add roman shades underneath your curtains as a way to block out even more sunlight if your tub is in a particularly bright spot.

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    Remember Velvet Curtains Aren't Just for Living Rooms

    red velvet curtains

    Louis Duncan-He

    Red velvet curtains aren't just for the living room. Velvet is always a beautiful curtain material and warms up this elegant bathroom.

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    Note That Cafe Curtains Aren't Just for the Kitchen

    cafe curtains

    @frostinghomedecor / Instagram

    Cafe curtains are common in the kitchen but work just as well in the bathroom. This way, it's easy to sit back and soak in the tub while maintaining privacy but allowing some natural light to shine in.

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    Why Not Try a Floral Motif?

    roman shades over tub

    @kateformandesigns / Instagram

    Many curtains contain floral motifs; these generally lean more traditional and will stand the test of time style-wise.

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    Go Coastal With Seagrass Shades

    woven roman shades

    @pattikellyihi / Instagram

    For a coastal look, install roman shades made of seagrass in the bathroom. As you soak in the tub, you'll feel like you're kicking back in an oceanfront home.

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    Try Patterned Curtains Instead of Painting Your Walls

    multicolor long curtains

    @old.apothecary / Instagram

    Patterned curtains like these add energy to this small bathroom. Who says you have to paint the walls to have fun with color?

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    Complement Floral Curtains With Some Accents

    long patterned curtains tied back

    @the_hidden_folly / Instagram

    Take floral curtains to the next level by accessorizing your bathroom with small floral accents. Real and faux plants alike will make your bathroom feel more spa-like and serene.