59 Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Quick Makeover

A large white bathroom with an ornate rug and wood vanity

Chelius House of Design

The bathroom may be the only spot in your home you have to yourself and for many, it's a little getaway for you to enjoy a relaxing bath or to do your nightly routine. So, your bathroom design should reflect your personal aesthetic for you to truly enjoy being in the space.

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, you may think you need to do a total upgrade. But, you can give your bathroom a completely new look with simple, budget-friendly upgrades. From simple paint updates to items you can add from your own home, we share our favorite simple bathroom decor ideas that will instantly upgrade your bathroom design.

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    Simple Accent Wall

    A bathroom with a green and white accent wall

    Studio Peake

    You don't need a lot of design elements and color to create a room that's high in style. This bathroom features pops of color through the wallpaper accent wall. The green vase brings out the color of the accent wall even more and ties the whole space together.

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    Curated Finds

    A bathroom with a green vanity and colorful accessories

    Mocha Girl

    Instead of buying a matching bathroom set from a store, Tracey added curated items over time to create the perfect bathroom design. She painted her vanity a beautiful, earthy green color and added yellow accessories, a colorful rug, and a woven wall hanging.

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    An Armoire for Extra Storage

    A white armoire in a large bathroom

    Calimia Home

    If your bathroom doesn't include a linen closet, an armoire is a great way to add that extra needed storage space, if you have the space in your bathroom. This glass-front armoire keeps everything you need at hand, from toiletries to linens.

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    Beautiful Bathtub Artwork

    A beach print hanging above a bathtub

    Chelius House of Design

    Artwork isn't just for the living room or bedroom. This serene beach print adds a relaxing, calming feel to the bathtub area of this bathroom, while also tying in all the colors of the bathroom together.

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    Spa-Like Makeover

    A starburst chandelier above a bathtub

    LeAnn Baker Interiors LTD

    You can bring the spa experience to your home with simple glam touches. This freestanding bathtub area is instantly upgraded with a beautiful brass starburst chandelier and floor-to-ceiling drapes.

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    A Touch of Black

    A blank planter in a white bathroom

    Lemon Leaf Interiors / Instagram

    A splash of black is exactly what this all-white marble bathroom needed. Kimberly added a tall black planter to her bathroom to ground the space and provide a place for the eye to land. Not to mention that the houseplant brings warmth to the all-white bathroom, too.

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    Black and White Gallery Wall

    A black and white gallery wall in a bathroom

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A gallery wall isn't just for a staircase or living room. This nature-inspired bathroom features earthy tones and natural materials, but the standout feature is a black and white gallery wall of nature prints that reflect the rest of the home's nature-inspired design.

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    Southwest Vibes

    Cactus decor in a bathroom

    COTTAGE + SEA / Instagram

    A large cactus, wicker vase filled with pampas grass, and wood details liven up this relaxing bathtub area. The plants paired with the patterned rug are true to the Southwestern design.

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    Decorating With Thrift Store Finds

    Calla lilies as toilet decor in a white bathroom

    Lemon Leaf Interiors / Instagram

    The bathroom is a great spot in the home to decorate with thrift store or estate sale finds. The round candle and amber glass jar bring a collected-over-time look to this marble bathroom, while a few calla lilies freshen up the room.

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    A Charming Color Palette

    A small bathroom with a charming pink floating vanity

    Design by PWD Studio / Photo by Margaret Wright

    Sometimes all you need to refresh a powder room is a new color palette. This powder room is charming with a soft pink and black color scheme with metallic accents. The matching bronze sconces add a high-end look to the small powder room.

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    A Coat Rack for Towels

    A coat rack used as a towel rack in a bathroom

    Life of Isa Tu / Instagram

    What was once a bare wall is now a functional spot in the bathroom. A coat rack is given new life as a place to hang towels right outside of the shower. The wood bench provides an area to hold favorite reads or toiletries for guests.

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    Bold Touches

    A colorful ornate rug in a large bathroom

    Margaret Wright

    This bathroom features beautiful design elements from the rich, navy double vanity to the patterned tile flooring and wallpaper. A kilim rug ties all the colors and elements together to complete the space.

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    A Beachy Feel

    A beach themed bathroom with coral decor and yellow flowers

    Maite Granda

    If nautical design isn't your preferred aesthetic, but you want to add a tropical beach, look to your bathroom. Subtle additions like this white coral decoration paired with the tropical flower wallpaper will do the trick.

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    Soft Touches

    A dark gray bathroom with floral prints

    Kate Marker Interiors

    A moody, charcoal gray wall color paired with a black stone sink and industrial style hardware is softened up with two bright floral and insect prints in this aesthetically pleasing bathroom design by Kate Marker Interiors.

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    Fresh Florals

    Feminine touches in a white bathroom

    Burchard Design Co. / Instagram

    This bathroom design is all things delicate, from the crochet hand towels to the matching bronze sconces. To add an extra soft touch, mini vases filled with fresh, colorful florals sit on the sconces. It's an easy and unexpected way to add color, and you can change out the florals for each season.

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    Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor

    A large houseplant in a large white bathroom

    K Shan Design / Instagram

    If you love spending time soaking in a bath, adding a fiddle leaf is a great way to enjoy nature indoors while adding a stunning design feature.

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    A Simple Floating Shelf

    A floating wood shelf above a bathroom sink

    Latham Interiors

    If your bathroom doesn't have the space for a vanity, you can still create a little storage space with a simple floating shelf like Latham Interiors did in this small bathroom. The wood shelf brings texture and warmth to the room while providing a spot to add decor or toiletries.

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    A Bright, Airy Space

    A framed photo above a toilet

    D Burns Interiors

    The airy, gray color palette brings an invigorating feel to this bathroom without being overwhelming. Personal touches like the small potted plants and framed print add a relaxed feel while still enhancing the bathroom's design.

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    A Dramatic Effect

    A dark green ceiling and wall in a bathroom

    M Lavender Interiors

    This bathroom design proves that dark colors can add a dramatic effect without making a space feel small and dark. Here, M Lavender Interiors painted one wall of the bathroom and the ceiling in a dark shade of green and added white patterned wallpaper behind the white vanity to balance out the space.

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    The Perfect Guest Bathroom

    Toiletry items in a guest bathroom

    Lemon Leaf Interiors / Instagram

    To help make guests feel welcome, making sure they have everything they need to feel at home is essential. This basket of clean towels and the wooden box filled with toiletries not only provides what a guest needs but also serves as cute decor. The small wood stool and potted plant in the shower add an extra welcoming touch.


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    Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower

    Eucalyptus plant hanging from a shower head above a bathtub

    Burchard Design Co. / Instagram

    This hanging eucalyptus bundle doesn't just add a fresh look and a pop of color, but it will elevate your self-are routine as well. The steam from the shower helps release the essential oils from the eucalyptus that will leave the shower smelling great.

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    Indoor Plant Jungle

    Multiple houseplants in a bathroom

    The Travelling Apartment / Instagram

    Plants add beauty to the home, so what better place to display them than the bathroom? This bathroom has the perfect ledge to display multiple indoor plants. Plus, the plants add a nice pop of color.

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    A Stylish and Playful Kid's Bathroom

    A kid's bathroom with a bright blue vanity and Legos decor

    Britt Design Studio

    A kid's bathroom can be as playful as it is stylish. Any kid who loves Legos and gaming would love the framed Legos and gamer-themed wallpaper in this bathroom. The bright blue vanity paired with the black countertop and toilet add an extra playful touch while keeping with the rest of the home's stylish interior.

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    Stylish Ladder Storage

    A ladder that stores towels in a neutral bathroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    A stylish ladder is a great place to hang towels, especially if you don't have any storage space in your bathroom. The ladder takes up minimal space, and it enhances the design aesthetic of the bathroom.

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    An Area Rug for Warmth

    A large area rug in a luxurious bathroom with a freestanding bathtub

    Lemon Leaf Interiors / Instagram

    Nothing adds warmth, comfort, and style like a large area rug. If your primary bathroom suite has the room for it, a large area rug will not only anchor the space but also will add warmth underfoot.

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    A Makeshift Dressing Area

    A large gingham ottoman in a white bathroom

    Latham Interiors

    The large ottoman in this bathroom design by Latham Interiors provides a place to get dressed for the day. The color of the gingham pattern is picked up in the veining of the marble flooring and countertop, which complements the Roman window shades to create a beautiful design aesthetic.

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    Laundry Room Curtains

    A gold velvet curtain that conceals a washer and dryer in a bathroom

    Design by Mary Welch Fox Design / Photo by Margaret Wright

    To separate the laundry area from the bathroom, a coppery velvet curtain conceals the washer and dryer while bringing texture to this space. The gold color perfectly complements the green shower tiles and black frame glass shower.

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    Mixing Patterns

    A bathroom with mixed patterns

    Design by Morse Design / Photo by Tara Carter

    This bathroom design by Morse Design proves that mixing patterns can be done stylishly. The star pattern on the curtains and wallpaper pairs well with the checkered tile flooring. The secret to mixing patterns is to choose patterns in the same color palette, so they blend seamlessly.

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    Incorporating Natural Materials

    Natural materials and textures in a bathtub area

    Lemon Leaf Interiors / Instagram

    When a bathroom has all hard surfaces, adding natural materials will help soften the space. This bathroom features a sisal rug, a wood dish, and cotton towels that bring a warm touch while still allowing the marble flooring and walls to shine.

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    Multipurpose Open Shelving

    A bathroom with black floor tiles and a gold chandelier above the freestanding tub

    Design by PWD Studio / Photo by Margaret Wright

    Open wood shelving is an easy and budget-friendly addition to a bathroom. It serves multiple purposes as extra storage space and a stunning design element that keeps things at hand when enjoying a bubble bath.

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    Dramatic Bathtub Nook

    A bathtub area with dramatic red velvet curtains and small cyrstal chandelier

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    The freestanding tub area deserves to shine— it's a favorite spot in the home after all. This bathroom nook features an over-the-top look with merlot velvet draperies and a small crystal chandelier. This easy makeover took the bathroom from ordinary to fabulous.

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    Large Ornate Mirror

    A large ornate mirror in a small bathroom

    Design by LAVA Interiors / Photo by William Lavalette

    When you have a narrow bathroom with no windows, the space can easily feel closed in and dark. To help open up the space, LAVA Interiors added a mirror to each wall including a large, ornate mirror that adds style while making the space instantly feel more open.

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    Sweet Color Palette

    An ornate mirror and pink bathroom vanity

    Design by Mindy Gayer Design / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    A bright and cheerful color palette can completely transform a space, like in this bathroom design by Mindy Gayer Design where the vanity was painted in a refreshing pink shade. A gold ornate mirror is an easy way to add texture and allow the pink color to pop even more.

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    A Variety of Textures

    An ornate rug and full length mirror in a bathroom

    Chelius House of Design

    This bathroom design by Chelius House of Design features many textures from the wicker bathtub chandelier to the black metal frame floor length mirror. Bringing in a variety of textures is simple with small additions like these. Also, adding a soft rug underfoot will anchor the space.

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    Choosing the Right Decor

    A bathroom with a marble shower and pampas grass decor

    Design by Mindy Gayer Design / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    If your bathroom already features beautiful tile work and coloring, you can elevate the look by incorporating decor with the same coloring. The color in the marble veining of the shower tiles is carried through to the large charcoal gray pot that's filled with pampas grass for added height and texture.

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    A Playful Custom Wallpaper Design

    Photo print wallpaper in a powder room

    Kate Marker Interiors

    What better way to display your favorite Insta moments than custom wallpaper? The custom Instagram photo wallpaper in this small powder room is unexpected and playful. Plus, looking at all the photos will give you something to do while in the loo.

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    An Easy Transformation

    Houseplants and art prints in a bathroom

    Martina's Cosy Crib / Instagram

    Martina's bathroom was bare and didn't reflect her design style, but she was able to transform it all on a budget. The houseplants paired with a variety of art prints bring personality and color to the space. She added a curved mirror that also features a shelf and hooks for extra storage.

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    Flower Wall Detail

    A plaster flower wall next to a bathtub

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    Even though the flower detail on this bathtub wall looks expensive and difficult to do, these plaster flowers are actually a fairly budget-friendly upgrade that completely transforms the bathroom. The flower design draws the eye up to help the space feel larger, and the monochromatic color scheme gives the bathroom a high-end look.

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    Black and White Design

    Black and white bathroom decor

    Arbor & Co.

    Without all the small touches, this black and white bathroom would feel bare and cold. But the addition of a floating shelf for displaying greenery and framed prints, a basket to store toilet paper, and a bronze sconce add warmth while still staying true to the black and white theme.

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    Contrasting Colors

    A robin's egg blue double vanity in a bathroom

    LeClair Decor

    The contrast between the robin's egg blue vanity and the black fixtures and hardware creates a stunning design in this mostly white bathroom. The open shelving on the opposite wall features a wallpaper accent that pulls all the colors together.

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    A Combination of Contemporary and Nautical Styles

    A neutral bathroom with a nautical rope mirror

    K Shan Design / Instagram

    This bathroom design by K Shan Design perfectly blends contemporary with nautical style. The clean lines and modern, neutral color palette bring an updated look while having subtle nods to nautical style. The round rope mirror and metal cage sconce add a more relaxed, coastal feel.

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    Subtle Patterned Tile

    A bathroom with the same patterned tile on the wall and floor

    Mel Bean Interiors

    If you're upgrading your bathroom tile and want to play with some pattern and color, going with a subtle pattern in a calming color can add interest while making the room still feel open and airy. Here, Mel Bean Interiors chose the same patterned tile for the wall and flooring to make the bathroom feel larger.

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    Stripes and Scallops

    A gray scalloped mirror against a striped wall in a bathroom

    Design by Blakeley Interior Design / Photo by Bowler Lane Films

    The bold yellow and white striped wall in this bathroom adds a traditional look, but the gray scalloped mirror brings a contemporary feel to help balance out the space. If you want to incorporate two different design styles, you can seamlessly do so by adding small doses of each in complementary colors.

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    A Combination of Materials

    A metal ladder storage in a neutral bathroom

    LeClair Decor

    Adding natural elements to a space through small accents can soften up hard surfaces in a bathroom. In this bathroom, natural materials like the wood stool, pampas grass, and the earthy tones in the painting soften the look of the glass shower and black metal ladder storage.

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    A Favorite Art Print

    A serene art print hanging above a freestanding tub

    Life of Isa Tu / Instagram

    If one of your favorite pastimes is to soak in a bathtub, the bathtub area in your home should be your sanctuary featuring your favorite colors and items. In this bathtub area, Isa added her favorite art print to create a place in her home that she can call her own.

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    All in the Details

    Decor items in a bathroom

    Design by Renovate 108 / Photo by Margaret Wright

    This bathroom design features so many small details that all come together beautifully. From the amber glass jars to the blue towel rack wall and gold frame painting. These small yet impactful details make the bathroom feel like any other room in the house.

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    Sleek Stainless Steel Vanity

    A stainless steel bathroom vanity

    Design by LeAnn Baker Interiors LTD / Photo by Audrey Hall

    A big, bulky vanity isn't a great option for a narrow bathroom, but you can still get the benefits of one with a sleeker design. This modern, stainless steel vanity provides the same amount of storage and countertop space as a traditional vanity without making the room feel cluttered.

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    Dark Farmhouse

    A dark green bathroom with a black farmhouse sink and wood vanity

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Farmhouse style meets a dark and moody aesthetic in this bathroom design. To create a similar look, incorporate natural materials and farmhouse details like the wood vanity and matte black farmhouse sink, and pair with moody colors like the hunter green wall and black decor.

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    Modern Storage Bins

    Stylish storage bins in a pink and white bathroom

    Margaret Wright / Instagram

    Organization is key in creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom design. Here, Margaret added colorful curved storage bins that are a juxtaposition to all the straight lines in the fixtures and furnishings. From the trough sink to the framed mirror and artwork.

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    A Contemporary Take on Coastal Design

    Nautical decor in a bathroom

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    At first glance, this bathroom design has a contemporary, clean look, but the nautical details adds a coastal feel to the space. The round rope mirrors, ocean blue lighting, and contemporary blue wallpaper that resembles ocean waves take you away to your favorite vacation spot.

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    Beautiful Gold Details

    A gold and white bathroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Gold, metallic details can really elevate a bathroom design. Even though this bathroom has minimal details, the gold details give the space a high-end look— from the gold frame mirror that resembles the wallpaper pattern to the gold toiletry tray on the bottom shelf of the vanity.

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    Towel Hanging Wall

    A bathroom with a black and gold towel hanging rack

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    The perfect bathroom design is one that is both functional and eye-catching. In this bathroom, designer Marie Flanigan added a visually impactful towel hanging wall. The brass pegs contrast beautifully with the black metal wall feature to create a stunning focal point in the bathroom.

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    Modern Farmhouse Design

    A neutral bathroom with a wood vanity and storage cabinet

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This modern farmhouse bathroom features the right balance of natural elements and modern touches. If this design style speaks to you, incorporate modern finishes like the black metal towel rack, faucet, a mirror with textured wood, and other organic materials.

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    A Functional Window Nook

    A floating wood vanity and wood bench in a bathroom

    S.U.S.A.P. / Instagram

    To make the most of your bathroom's layout, try to utilize every square inch of space. At first glance, you'd think this window nook is wasted space. However, a wood bench fits perfectly and is now a spot to store essentials or help you get ready in the mornings.

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    Gold, Handmade Tiles

    A bathroom vanity with two gold sconces and a gold subway tile backsplash

    Light and Dwell

    You typically see subway tiles in white, but this bathroom design by Light and Dwell features stunning handmade subway tiles in gold. If you love the look of handmade tiles, you can add it to your bathroom design on a budget in small doses like a small backsplash. This is a fairly easy DIY project that will make a big impact.

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    Bright and Airy Bathroom

    A large bathroom with a white ottoman, rug and silver chandelier

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This all-white bathroom has plenty of natural light. To break up the white design and add warmth, designer Kate Marker added an area rug, blue accessories, and a standout tiered chandelier.

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    Wood Crate Decor

    Wooden crates as storage in a neutral bathroom

    Milk and Honey Life / Instagram

    This bathroom features many intriguing elements, like the floating trough sinks and the branch curtain rod. However, the most eye-catching feature are the wooden crates with wheels. This portable storage option is functional and visually appealing. Plus, placing them vertically adds height and creates a place to display potted plants.

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    Symmetrical Beauty

    Two woven frame mirrors in a neutral bathroom

    Britt Design Studio

    Arranging your bathroom in a symmetrical design allows every part of the room to have equal visual appeal. The matching jute framed mirrors and lamp shade sconces add a charming look to this bathroom, while the neutral color palette brings a refreshing look.

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    Colorful Hoop Yarn Hanging

    A neutral bathroom with colorful hanging yarn art

    Maite Granda

    Sometimes all it takes to instantly upgrade your bathrooms look is a hanging colorful wall. You may already have something in your home that would be the perfect addition to your bathroom, or you could take this as an opportunity to try a new craft. This hoop yarn hanging livens up this neutral bathroom and a simple small rug incorporates all the colors for a cohesive look.