20 Bathroom Floor Ideas We Wish We Saw Sooner

tile continuing from walls to floor

Design: @casagrandestudio / Instagram; Photo: Sean Litchfield

If your bathroom floor just isn't speaking to you, a makeover may be in the cards. Luckily, there are so many routes you can go when selecting bathroom floor tile. Whether you love neutrals, can't get enough of pattern, or are looking to experiment with a design trend (we're looking at you, terrazzo), the options are truly limitless.

If you're craving a floor design that's a bit off the beaten path and isn't popping up everywhere, you're going to want to take a look at the 20 bathroom floor ideas below. They each feature amazing floor options that are bound to make a statement, and there's truly something for every style.

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    Experiment With Octagons

    multicolor octagon tiles

    Design: Cole & Cole / Photo: Muriel Silva

    How fun is this perfectly imperfect blue octagonal design? The various shades of blue are distributed in no particular order yet add plenty of intrigue to this otherwise neutral bathroom. Not a blue person? You could replicate this design with any hue of your choosing, just select a couple of different tones to create a similar pattern that features some contrast.

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    Pick Up Some Penny Tile

    blue penny tile in bathroom

    Design: Amy Peltier / Photo: Marisa Vitale

    If you love the look of classic penny tile, why not try it with a colorful twist? These blue hues add a soothing touch to this small bathroom. Finish off the look with a blue mirror like this one and some blue bath towels.

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    Bring Herringbone Into the Bathroom

    herringbone floors

    Design: Amy Peltier / Photo: Marisa Vitale

    By no means are herringbone floors solely for the living room (though they certainly look amazing there, if you ask us). You can welcome this look into the bathroom, too—the key is to forgo a wood finish and opt for something more appropriate for the bathroom. This marbleized design sure is beautiful and classic.

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    Try a Faux Brick

    brick like floors

    Design: Andrea May / Photo: Karyn Millet

    Bring the outdoors in with a brick-like tile that will warm up your bathroom in no time. This design is certainly unexpected yet looks gorgeous all the same. And who can resist a stunning terracotta hue?

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    Go Geometric

    geometric design on floors

    Design: Andrea May / Photo: Karyn Millet

    Many bathroom floors feature some sort of geometric design; the options are truly limitless when it comes to shapes and colors from which to choose. Black and tan always make for a sophisticated combo, as we see here. Don't be afraid to pair these hues with softer colors, like light pink, as well as brass accents.

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    Introduce a Fun Shape

    floral design with tile

    Design: Andrea May / Photo: Karyn Millet

    This tile is arranged to create a sweet, flower-like shape that couldn't be more darling. If you love florals but crave something more subdued, this is the route for you to take in your own home. Rain or shine, you'll always have a sweet display to admire.

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    Pick a Bold Color

    bright red floors

    Kelley Kish

    Brown, black, gold, and...red! This floor tile certainly can't be missed and adds some welcome vibrance to this petite powder room. You could do the same with orange, yellow, or hot pink, if you wish.

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    Think Baby Blue

    light blue herringbone tile

    Design: Serendipite / Photo: Molly Rose

    Herringbone flooring strikes again in this small powder room, only this time, it shines in light blue form. No matter what color you pick, this style of flooring will always look nice and elegant.

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    Play With Stripes

    striped tile pattern

    Design: Serendipite / Photo: Molly Rose

    Love stripes? Try a fun twist on this pattern by emulating the bathroom floors shown here. Pair with soft wood tones and blue and white accents, they result in a perfectly beachy looking space, perfect for any coastal style abode.

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    See the Sun

    black and white sun design

    Amanda Barnes Interiors

    Add personality to your bathroom in the form of black and white tiles featuring small sun-shaped cutouts. How cool are these?

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    Have Fun With Squiggles

    wavy tile shape

    Kristen Elizabeth Design

    Squiggly lines are fun and lighthearted, making them ideal for a family friendly bathroom. These floors feature many shades of lush blues.

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    Jazz Up a Dated Space

    black and white floor tile

    Lara Kimmerer

    If your dated bathroom is getting you down, fix the space up by installing some brand new floor tile. This black and white checked pattern modernizes this space instantly.

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    Say Yes to Retro

    black and white geometric tile

    Lara Kimmerer

    Similarly, this vintage-looking bathroom got a bit of a revamp in the form of black and white tiles that are oh-so-retro—in the best way possible.

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    Opt for Two Hues

    blue and yellow floor tiles

    @indigoinkdesigns / Instagram

    Can't commit to just one color? Try a design that features two peppy hues, like turquoise blue and sunny yellow. We won't blame you if you find yourself suddenly having more energy every time you step into the bathroom.

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    Embrace Terrazzo in the Bathroom

    terrazzo floor tiles

    @_amanda_west_ / Instagram

    Terrazzo is having a moment right now, and it isn't just for kitchen countertops or backsplashes. If you love the material and have been wanting to introduce it into your home, why not apply it to the bathroom floors? The compliments will most definitely roll in when guests stop by.

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    Keep It Continuous

    tile continuing from walls to floor

    Design: @casagrandestudio / Instagram; Photo: Sean Litchfield

    For a chic, continuous look, continue the tiling used in the shower down onto the floor. this orange and white pattern immediately commands attention and really jazzes up this simple space.

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    Or Try a Simpler Approach

    stone design on walls and floors

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you like the previously shown setup but don't want to go all the way to the ceiling with your tile–or pick something quite as bold—we're big fans of this more muted stone design and corresponding ledge, too.

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    Mix and Match

    quatrefoil design on tile

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Don't be afraid to choose two totally separate designs for your shower walls and your flooring. Here, classic rectangular tile in the shower looks lovely paired with a quatrefoil-inspired design on the floor.

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    Peep the Pink

    pink penny tile

    Erin Williamson Design

    We swooned over blue penny tile earlier, and we have to say, we love it just as much in pink. Try a look like this in a child's bathroom or anywhere else that could use a little dose of this sweet color.

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    Choose an Unexpected Mix

    black and white checkered floors

    Sarah Szwajkos

    We're seeing black and white checkered flooring like this make a major resurgence in the kitchen, but clearly, that's not the only room where it stands out. Try it in the bathroom for a little vintage fun. And if you feel like pairing these neutrals with a loud wallpaper, by all means, do it.