10 Bathroom Hooks for Every Style

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    Beautiful Bold Bathroom Hooks

    Beautiful bathroom decor isn't just about colors, flooring, and tiles. Although these make a big difference in the overall look of your space, you can't forget about the smaller details: faucet style, vanity hardware, and, of course, towel and bathrobe hooks.

    Hooks usually keep a low profile because of their mostly practical function. But paying attention to this small detail and using creativity can help you use hooks as more than just functional features: they can be part of the decor too.

    Take this bathroom by Austin Design Associates, for example. Different size wooden peg hooks bring fun and movement to an otherwise austere, minimalist space. If you like the look, these slanted wooden hooks will add a pretty touch to your bathroom.

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    Kids' Bathroom With Animal Hook

    Kids' bathrooms have a love affair with animals of all kinds, marine and terrestrial alike. This minimal, contemporary kids' bathroom by House of Jade Interiors is no exception, even if the animal presence is a little more subtle. The animal head hook provides just the right amount of decorative flair, without overpowering the space. Even the animal itself is on the abstract side, suggesting rather than representing a horse.

    You can choose from all kinds of animals for decorative hooks, from elephants and deers, to octopi, bats, and rhinos

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    Luxury Shower With Diver Towel Hooks

    bathroom hook
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    This custom shower space features diver sculptures used as towel hooks. These original hooks add to the luxurious style of this bathroom by Pure Design Environments. The benefit? They are as beautiful as they are practical, and they can remain uncovered and still serve as decor elements.

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    White Bathroom With Brass Door Hook

    The beauty of this bathroom hook isn't so much in its style—it's a hook you can find in any hardware store ​—but rather in its material and its fit within the overall bathroom style. This bathroom by​ ​Caitlin Wilson Design is all white with added touches of brass everywhere, including the carefully chosen door hook. Sometimes all you need is a small detail to bring a space together, rather than something splashy and attention-getting.

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    Beach Style Bathroom With Octopi Hooks

    bathroom hook
    Home Improvement Group, via Houzz​

    Animals are good for more than kids' bathrooms, too. This definitely adult beach-style bathroom by The Home Improvement Group, via Houzz, features two octopi hooks that work just right with the nautical theme. The pebble floor helps move water towards the drain, and it is heated in the drying-off area to avoid cold morning feet.

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    Hollywood Bathroom With Doorknob Hook

    A white-and-gold bathroom, found on Design Sponge, featuring a white subway tile with golden accent and gold-finished faucet hardware also uses a vintage doorknob as a hand towel hook. The Hollywood look is complete with a make-up-room style light fixture. 

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    Rustic Bathroom With Wooden Towel Rack

    rustic round mirrors above a long trough sink
    Roxanne Gutierrez

    This rustic bathroom by Masterpiece Builder of Austin, with double-wide sink and wall-mounted faucets, also features a repurposed wood rack with mismatched hooks. If you have old hooks and a piece of wood hanging around, it's easy to copy this clever idea, especially if you enjoy a more rustic, handmade decor style. 

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    Contemporary Bathroom With Wire-Style Hook

    The hook from this bathroom by Dayka Robinson Designs is particularly interesting because of its wiry, open geometrical design. It's refreshing compared to the heavy, full hooks that we tend to see in most bathrooms. Hook racks with similar hook designs are easy to find and install, especially if you need more than two hooks for the whole family. Also note the original staircase-like subway tile pattern, which is another refreshing change from the typical installation.

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    Kids' Bathroom With Caterpillar Hook Rack

    With another interpretation on the animal theme, this bathroom by Southam Design uses a caterpillar-inspired hook rack with colored pegs, googly eyes, and a smily face. The bright blue is a great choice for a kids' bathroom, as is the colorful waste basket. 

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    Bathroom With Monogrammed Hooks

    bathroom hooks
    Ashley Avila Photography

    If you share a large bathroom with several family members (or roommates), maybe you need a way to identify which towel is whose. As this bathroom by Abby Manchesky Interiors suggests, maybe some monogrammed hooks will do the trick. These hooks add style and a personal touch and ensure that everyone knows where their towel is. ​