Feng Shui of a Bathroom in a Metal Element Area

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Wood element can be expressed in a variety of ways - from green colour tiles to wood surfaces and live plants. The square shape of tiles expresses the Earth element, which is also good for a bathroom in the feng shui money area. Ludger Paffrath/Getty Images

Question: My bathroom is located in the West feng shui bagua area, which I understand needs the metal feng shui element. The bathroom is a water feng shui element, right, and it is stronger than the metal? I am a bit confused, please let me know how to improve the feng shui in my bathroom. Thank you!

Answer: Bathrooms do have a bad reputation in feng shui, but they obviously still have to be located somewhere in the house. If you take good care of the energy in your bathroom, this should not present a problem.
A bathroom in the West is not bad or worse feng shui than a bathroom in any other feng shui bagua area of the house. You might have a bathroom in the love area or in the money area. You might also have a bathroom above the bedroom or a bathroom above the main entry. In each of these cases, you would have to constantly keep an eye on the energy of your bathroom in order to keep the overall energy of your home fresh, stable, and harmonious.
With any bathroom location, it is mostly a matter of keeping its energy clean and clutter-free, as well as correctly balancing the feng shui elements. Of course, keeping the bathroom door closed at all times is a classic tip!
Bathrooms do have a predominant Water energy, which weakens the Metal feng shui element. Knowing that, you will have to make an effort and be conscious of strengthening the Metal energy and weakening the Water energy for a bathroom in the West or Northwest. Earth feng shui element will help you the most with that, as Earth strengthens Metal and weakens Water in the relationship of the five feng shui elements.
Go for Earth and Metal feng shui colors in your West or Northwest bathroom, like light yellow and sandy colors for Earth or white and gray colors for Metal. Definitely limit the Water colors, which are blue and black tones. Also try to limit a strong presence of mirrors, as they bring Water energy.
Focus on creating a powerful presence of the necessary feng shui elements in a subtle, harmonious decor scheme for your bathroom, and you are sure to remedy a potentially challenging bathroom location.