Bathroom Makeover For A Family of 6

When this family adopted a little girl from Bulgaria with Down syndrome, they had to do something about their small, impractical, and frankly rather ugly old bathroom.

Adding a fourth child to an already busy household of three girls and two parents prompted them to rethink their whole home, including the bathrooms. The family needed to make things easier for everyone, and, at the same time, update their decor to something a little more current.

With the help of Lowe's, who donated the...MORE materials for this remodel, this generous family planned this wonderful bathroom update. Let's have a look at a few of the changes.

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    A color and lighting update

    before and after 1

    The first thing to notice about this update is the drastic change of color and lighting.

    The original blue is dark, dingy and makes the space look much, much smaller. The medium wood tone of the vanity is very 80s and definitely looks outdated. The whole feels uninviting and rather unfashionable.

    The update used white (learn more about using white in your bathroom) and a very light grey to enhance the space and make it look larger. It also suits the lilac and light blue used as complementary...MORE shades. 

    The use of three separate sources of lighting---one for each vanity space and one ceiling light---also makes this space much more practical compared to the large, unappealing vanity lighting strip. The lamp shades soften the space, where before there were only stark, exposed lightbulbs.

    The result? A lighter, brighter, and definitely happier space that suits the family's current needs.

    Other lighting in the space (not shown on the photo) include this glass bell pendant and an elegant chandelier, perfect to add some glamour to the space.

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    A flooring and tile change

    before and after 2

    The flooring also received a needed update. The old, outdated dark blue mosaic tile was replaced by a clean, light grey, natural stone-looking tile, which is perfectly on-trend.

    The large, rectangular tile shape also helps make the space seem larger and deeper, which is definitely a bonus.

    Aside from the updated floor tile, the wall tile in the tub was also changed to a gorgeous textured white glass mosaic. The original tile was a generic square white tile (turned more yellow with time), which is...MORE practical but doesn't have any style or flair.

    This new mosaic tile reflects light and opens up the tub area.

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    A new vanity

    before and after 3

    But possibly the most striking change in this bathroom is the vanity. From an old, 80s-looking medium wood vanity, we get a trendy white vanity that's perfect for a bathroom meant for a group of girls.

    Notice the choice to leave some extra space for sitting, instead of using a full-sized vanity. The new vanity provides plenty of storage space (which is supplemented by some extra shelving near the toilet), but the area closer to the wall is left open for a bench so two girls can take care of...MORE their hair at the same time and not get in each other's way.

    The sitting area also helps open up the space and makes the vanity seem less imposing overall.

    This allen + roth white vanity features an engineered stone top for durability and style, as well as brushed stainless hardware for a subtle accent. 

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    Brand new tub and toilet

    before and after 4

    The bathroom also received a needed toilet and bathtub change. The old, yellowed ones just wouldn't fit the new, updated decor, so the family changed them to brand new white ones.

    The new bath is a typical white skirted tub from Sterling Ensemble. However, given that this bathroom will be used by four girls, the family received the American Standard Acticlean toilet. It includes a powerful flush that helps reduce the frequency of cleaning, and other innovations that contribute to keeping the...MORE toilet cleaner.

    With four girls, these features on the toilet will surely be appreciated by the busy parents!

    Also note the extra shelving space above the toilet, which compensates for the smaller vanity and takes advantage of unused wall space, which is a smart move for smaller spaces

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    Details to finish the look

    before and after 5

    But what truly brings this bathroom together is the small decorative details. From two contrasting mirrors (one plain round and one framed square) to the lilac hand towel and matching jar of flowers, to the warm titanium faucet (learn more about faucet finishes), every accessory is meant to be inviting, feminine, and warm.

    Other details include a powder blue storage bench and a matching shower curtain, which you can see in photos above. 

This bathroom makeover was made not only with style in mind, but also with functionality. With four girls to see through adolescence to adulthood, this bathroom will need to remain functional as they grow up. The clever storage space, the feminine yet classic, timeless style, and the modern fixtures and updates will go a long way towards keeping the girls happy and organized.