23 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Dress Up Your Space

Vertical Mirror with Wood Plank

Erin Williamson Design

The bathroom mirror is an essential item in our daily routines. But a mirror in the bathroom can offer a lot more than just a place to get ready for the day. The design, color, shape, and style of the mirror you choose can greatly impact the look of your bathroom. Consider these 23 unique bathroom mirror ideas for inspiration as you design any bathroom space.

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    Include Double Mirrors for Double Sinks

    Bathroom with twin sinks By Rowena Naylor

    Rowena Naylor / Stocksy

    If your bathroom vanity has two sinks, why not take advantage of this by complementing the two separate sinks with two separate mirrors? Note how the space feels uniform and clean and emphasizes a state of symmetry. Matching the warm wood countertops with a warm wood mirror frame helps tie the room together and create a space of crisp cleanliness and comfort.

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    Add a Simple, Horizontal Mirror

    Luxurious bathroom with Large Rectangle Mirror

    Koen Van Damme / Stocksy

    Using a large, horizontal mirror not only gives plenty of mirror surface but also reflects the long, horizontal vanity beneath it. The mirror is frameless and backlit, giving it a similar floating appearance as the floating vanity. By completely filling the available space, this mirror adds drama and gives a finished look to the space.

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    Match Your Mirror to Your Vanity

    Matching Mirror and Vanity

    Koen Van Damme / Stocksy

    This unique mirror perfectly matches the vanity below, giving it the appearance of a single unit. The light wood sides match the light wood vanity drawers, while the medicine cabinet style of the mirror harmoniously reflects the storage of the vanity. Size, color, style, and storage capacity make this mirror fit into the space perfectly.

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    Include Backlighting on Dark Tones

    Sink and Mirror with Backlighting and Dark Tones

    Bisual Studio / Stocksy

    This mirror is designed to stand out from the dark, earthy tones of the space with its glowing backlight. The light not only adds to the cozy, moody feeling but also illuminates the space and adds a layer of depth and dimension.

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    Add Flair With a Unique Frame

    Farmhouse sink in bathroom with Nautical Mirror

    Trinette Reed / Stocksy

    Note how this farmhouse sink with gold hardware is perfectly complemented by a nautical rope mirror frame. Without the nautical frame, the bathroom would appear cold or utilitarian. Instead, the themed frame shines a light on the storytelling of this bathroom design and the fixtures feel purposeful and unique. 

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    Incorporate a Thick Frame

    Single Round Mirror with Thick Wood Frame

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This round mirror is made to stand out and add warmth to the space with its thick wooden frame. Note how the wood ties in the amber-colored soap dispenser and brings an element of nature into the room that complements the loon wallpaper. Its warm tones also match the wood drawer pulls on the two drawers.

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    Include an Arched Top Mirror

    Cane Bathroom with Arched Mirror

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This large, horizontal mirror adds a touch of flair with its unique arched top corners. This, paired with its thin black frame, creates a modern look. The curved element balances the use of sharp lines present in the space.

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    Layer Your Mirrors

    Layered Mirrors

    Design by Julie Rose / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This bathroom boasts two mirrors for a layered, multi-dimensional look. A long, horizontal mirror acts as the base with an arched mirror hung in front of it. Because both of these mirrors are frameless, they act as one mirror. Apartment-dwellers can try this approach to avoid removing an existing mirror while creating a more unique, layered appearance for their bathroom.

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    Match Your Mirror and Your Accents

    Gold Mirror with Matching Accents

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    This simple, gold-trimmed mirror perfectly complements the subtle gold accents throughout the room, including the gold towel hooks and floating shelving unit. This helps tie the space together and add a subtle pop of color. Want to change the color of your existing bathroom mirror to try out this look? Consider spray painting the mirror frame for a fast, DIY update.

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    Keep It Simple

    Vertical Mirror with Gold Frame

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This simple, thin-framed mirror with its curved corners is the perfect mirror for this busy bathroom wallpaper. The gold frame accents the metallic pendant lights and adds a touch of shine to the space without competing with the wallpaper. In a colorful or boldly patterned space, a simple mirror is best. 

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    Go Bold

    Bold Mirror with Branch-like Frame

    LA Designer Affair

    This mirror is the star of the room with its bold, metallic, branch-like frame. In this subtle space, the bold frame adds a wow factor to the bathroom and nicely mixes elements of glam interior design with features borrowed from nature.

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    Add a Wide Frame

    Wide Framed Mirror Green Vanity

    Mocha Girl Place

    This large, horizontal mirror is made to stand out from the green wall with its dark, wide frame. The dark wood brings out the brown in both the rug and the wall hanging. The width of the frame adds emphasis to the mirror. Because this is a single, large mirror, it also helps the space feel larger rather than incorporating a separate mirror for each sink.

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    Match Your Mirror and Your Hardware

    Black Mirror with Matching Hardware

    Cathie Hong / Photo by Christy Q.

    Similar to matching your mirror and your accents, matching your mirror with your hardware keeps things simple, clean, and harmonious. Instead of adding a subtle pop of color, this matte black mirror frame complements the matte black faucet, towel holder, and floating shelves. This grounds the space and makes everything feel connected.

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    Make Your Entire Wall a Mirror

    Wall of Mirrors

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you are looking for a dramatic option, try incorporating an entire mirror wall. Instead of using a single mirror, this room incorporates multiple mirror panes to completely fill the wall behind the sink. This adds to the depth and makes the room appear bigger and more dramatic.

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    Mix Your Metals

    Gold Arching Mirror

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This gold, arched mirror stands out in this bathroom because of its pop of color and its decorative crown. Notice how the faucet is chrome, the picture frame is matte black, and the light is a mix of black and gold. This mix of different metal materials in one space adds flair and makes each element stand out on its own.

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    Get Funky With an Oval Mirror

    Gold Oval Mirror

    House of Chais

    Get creative with the shape of your mirror. This oval mirror is a unique choice, and perfectly mimics the long, curved lines emulated throughout the space in the appliances, tiles, and rug. By incorporating the same types of curved lines throughout the design, every component feels in unison.

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    Hang Your Mirror with Rope

    Hanging Circle Mirror

    House of Chais

    Try hanging your mirror from a rope, cord, or other types of decorative lines. This will add a stylized touch to elevate your mirror design. Notice how the rope adds to the slightly nautical feel of space and brings out the warm copper accents on the vanity. Be sure that both your anchor point and your rope or cord are rated to bear the weight of the mirror you choose. 

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    Use Mirror Clips

    Large Rectangular Mirror with Mirror Clips

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    This beveled, frameless mirror is held in place with mirror clips. These mirror clips keep the edges clean and empty, allowing the full bevel to be seen. This adds a classy touch to the space and keeps things simple.

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    Incorporate an Edge-to-Edge Mirror

    Edge-to-Edge Mirror

    Sire Design

    If your space allows it, try filling the space above your vanity with an edge-to-edge mirror. This mirror fits snugly from the top of the vanity to the ceiling, and from the partition to the other wall. A sleek, clean look is achieved by one solid mirror with no interrupting lines.

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    Use Multiple Vertical Mirrors

    Multiple Vertical Mirrors

    Chelius House of Design

    This bathroom features vertical mirrors—rather than horizontal—to make the space feel taller. The fact that there are multiple mirrors, two at the vanity and one full-length mirror on the adjacent wall, adds to the open, airy space of this boho chic bathroom. Because the mirrors are the same shape, the space feels congruent and has a cohesive flow. 

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    Find an Eye-catching, Contrasting Border

    Eye-catching, Contrasting Border Mirror

    Brophy Interiors

    This tiled mirror stands out in the space because of its unique border. Despite being hung on a tiled wall, the contrasting color scheme of black and white makes the mirror jump out. Try using contrasting colors or elements on your mirror to really make it pop.

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    Add a Shelf to Your Mirror

    Mirror with a Shelf

    Design and Photo by Malcom Simmons

    This mid-century modern mirror adds a playful and practical element to the room with its clear glass shelf. This makes the mirror multi-functional and helps grab the eye. 

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    Give Your Mirror a Background

    Vertical Mirror with Wood Plank

    Erin Williamson Design

    These vertical mirrors are made to stand out against the horizontal lines of the wood plank wall behind them and the window slat above them. These opposing lines add an element of contrast and visual interest to the space. Try adding a contrasting background behind your bathroom mirror to achieve a similar effect.