How to Organize Your Bathroom

Getting Started with Bathroom Organization

How to organize your bathroom isn't just an interior design pursuit. It's imperative to keep the bathroom well-organized for health reasons, and to help you get out the door more quickly on hectic mornings.

Bathrooms need to strike a balance between relaxing and efficient, and that means decluttering regularly and installing the right organizers and storage solutions to keep things, neat, tidy and peaceful.

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    How to organize your bathroom
    Use little boxes for bathroom storage. Photo / Angle in the North

    The first step in achieving a clean, clutter-free and organized bathroom is to go through the decluttering process. Toss any old make up, medicines, storage accessories that are not working for you, and anything that you haven't touched in a year. Here's a list of what to store in your bathroom and what not to.

    Wondering exactly how long you can keep something? Check the guide How Long to Keep Everything.

    Having trouble parting with an item you once loved? I know that's a tough one for...MORE me, too. These 5 tips to control clutter & stop hoarding, and follow the tips to toss once-cherished items

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    Bathroom Storage Solutions

    Baskets in Bathrooms
    Baskets in Bathrooms. Photo / Pinterest

    The right bathroom storage solutions are key to organizing a clutter-free bathroom. The goal is to maximize space in your bathroom and make everything easier to reach (and keep tidy). Sometimes it's hard to find storage solutions that fit just right or make the best use of space.  

    No matter how large or small (mine is teeny-tiny) your bathroom may be, there's always a new way to create more space or make things a little bit easier to reach. Here are a few tips:

    • Go vertical. Think about...MORE the space above the toilet or above the towel bar.
    • Definitely maximize the space under the sink.
    • Measure everything 3x to ensure you order or bring home the right-sized products.
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    Organize It!

    So you've decluttered and you've tricked your space out with a few, carefully-considered storage solutions. Now it's time to organize! Bathroom can be organized fairly quickly since they are typically small spaces. If you have 10 minutes you can accomplish quite a bit in a bathroom or linen closet. Once the purging and decluttering is complete, it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to organize everything in your bathroom including:

    • Under the sink
    • Drawers
    • Shelves
    • Inside the...MORE tub/shower
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    Tackle the Linen Closet

    Linen and Bathroom Storage in Pinks and Greens
    Linen and Bathroom Storage in Pinks and Greens. Photo / Better Homes and Gardens

    Since you're already in the bathroom, you might as well tackle and organize your linen closet as well. The linen closet is one of my least-favorite areas to organize because it involves so much folding. However, it's so satisfying once it's done. Organizing the linen closet is a great project to get out of the way in early fall and last spring before holiday and summer guests descend on your home

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    Maintain Your Organization

    Cynthia Chiffonier from Pottery Barn
    Cynthia Chiffonier from Pottery Barn. Photo / Pottery Barn

    There's no better way to get inspired than to look at some super-organized bathrooms and linen closets. Feast your eyes: