7 Great Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Painting a bathroom is your chance to take some chances with color while creating a refreshing or relaxing environment.  In many homes, blue is a popular choice for bathrooms. However, in Feng Shui practice, blue and green are not regarded as the best choice for bathrooms because they represent the water elements, which are already plentiful in the room. In a Feng Shui bathroom, the chosen colors will be warmer colors, chosen to balance the cool water energy.

Though you may not follow the Feng Shui design aesthetics when you choose color at home, the principle of balancing cool with warm elements can make your bathroom more relaxing. This list of the best bathroom colors includes both warm and cool colors that work in a variety of decorating styles.

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    Summer Dragonfly by Behr

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors


    Behr's Summer Dragonfly is bright and cheerful. This is not a spa aqua, but more of a vibrant beach aqua and it can stand up to stronger accent colors.

    Summer Dragonfly looks great with dark wood and coral accents, where it creates a sophisticated look. Another option is to pair Summer Dragonfly with a creamy white for trim and doors to keep it looking crisp and clean.

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    Reflection by Sherwin-Williams

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors


    Reflection is a cool gray color that has just a hint of green. This is a wonderful color for a room that gets a lot of light. Many bathrooms have extensive expanses of white tile and could benefit from a calm gray to soothe the palette.

    This unusual gray will work well with a beach-style decor, as well as a bathroom design that is Zen-inspired.

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    Bungalow Beige by Sherwin-Williams

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors


    Interior designers and savvy homeowners often reach for Bungalow Beige when decorating living rooms and bedrooms, but this comfortable beige is also wonderful in a bathroom. Pair this color with blue or green towels and brushed silver fixtures for a classic look. 

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    Jamaican Aqua 2048-60 from Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua | 7 Delicious Kitchen Colors

    Benjamin Moore

    You don't have to decorate in a beach-inspired theme to appreciate the coolness of Benjamin Moore's Jamaican Aqua. Inspired by the colors of Caribbean waters, this aqua is a great match for cabinetry and floors that may look too gray if you put warm neutrals on the walls.

    White cabinets can give Jamaican Aqua an appealing and fresh look in a bathroom, especially when paired with lime green color accents.

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    Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors

    Benjamin Moore

    Most of Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection colors will shine in a bathroom, but Hawthorne Yellow outshines them all. In the search for the perfect yellow for a bathroom, Hawthorne Yellow has just the right amount of saturation to keep a bathroom from looking too sentimental.

    Pair this lovely yellow with charcoal gray towels and white marble surfaces for a traditional look.

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    Blue Nose from Benjamin Moore

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors

    Benjamin Moore

    Deep blue in a bathroom? Yes! Benjamin Moore's Blue Nose can give you the drama you're looking for to jazz up the bathroom space but without any harshness.

    Blue Nose is another color that looks smashing with white trim and white tile. This gray-tinted blue is also stunning with a more dramatic ash gray or black tile floor.

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    Snow on the Mountain by Benjamin Moore

    Best Bathroom Paint Colors

    Benjamin Moore

    Want to keep it simple in the bathroom? Try an off-white such as Snow on the Mountain. If you're looking for the ultimate in relaxing colors schemes, off-white paired with a bright white is not only soothing but incredibly romantic in a master bath.

    Your choice of accent colors is unlimited with an easy color scheme like this and can change throughout the seasons.