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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: The Mandate Was Simple...

    Bathroom Remodel Pictures Jason Ball
    Copyright Jason Ball

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    My request to industry home remodeling pros: "Got a sexy bathroom remodel picture you want to share with the world?" Their answer: "You want sexy? I've got sexy."

    There is nothing worse than a bathroom remodel that looks like it could be found in a gas station--a condition far more prevalent than you might think. Bathroom remodels are meant to be lush and luxe. So, for your perusal, we offer bathroom remodel pictures meant to be ogled over. Portland, OR interior designer Jason Ball kicks things off...

    About the remodel: This master bathroom had a serious case of the blahs. The remodel was instigated because the homeowners wanted to remove the walls that surround the old shower. Once the walls were replaced with mostly glass and open to the natural light, the shower became a true spa-like experience with dual shower heads and built-in bench.

    Custom vanity with functional storage, custom lighting, glass tile accents in the shower and behind the mirrors, heated travertine floors, an air-jetted tub and fully outfitted master closet make this space perfect for getting ready in the morning or unwinding at the end of a busy day.


    Jason Ball Interiors is a Portland-based full-service interior design firm serving the Pacific Northwest. Jason and his team work closely with each client to develop a concept and implement that concept into reality. Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources--art, personal effects, commercial design, designers in other fields (lighting, furniture, etc.). Whether a living space, kitchen or bathroom, the end result is a home that reflects your personal aesthetic but meets all the requirements of a well-designed space.


    Jason Ball Interiors

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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: Heating Things Up

    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures
    Copyright Mark Ehlen

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    About this bathroom remodel picture, Lisa Ball tells us:

    This project involved a complete update of this master bathroom that originally included a hot tub, an oversized shower that never warmed up, and outdated materials (all of them white.) We incorporated a warmer color palette and used more natural materials including limestone, marble, and tile mosaic blends and bamboo cabinets. It was important to keep the clean, contemporary look that is consistent throughout the rest of the home.


    Lisa Ball is an independent interior designer with a studio in Minneapolis, MN.


    Design By Lisa


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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: High-End Design From St. Charles of New York

    Bathroom Remodel Photo New York
    St. Charles of New York

    Next: Traditional + Contemporary

    Check out this exquisite bathroom remodel picture via Karen Williams of St. Charles of New York. About this remodel:

    In a vacation home, a busy professional couple wanted a relaxing and luxurious master bath zoned so that each had plenty of space.

    Karen Williams designed a tranquil bath with unusual touches such as a warming drawer turned towel warmer, and a sexy mirrored lingerie chest that provides a bit of bling. The emphasis was on the natural light flooding in from the windows, with the whirlpool tub built into a platform that turns into a window ledge flanked with tall storage and drawer cabinets. The towel warming drawer is concealed to the right of the tub below the ledge. Mosaic tile “rugs” on either side of the whirlpool are placed in front of each vanity. The color scheme is serene with hand glazed cream cabinetry and pale blue Azul marble vanity tops, kept light with the lattice fronts on the vanities.

    A separate shower/steam room is designed with multiple body jets, frosted glass door, and custom mosaic tile insets. Adjacent is the toilet/bidet room. The main entrance to the master bath from the bedroom is through glass-fronted double custom doors designed by St. Charles of New York which open to reveal an antique French chandelier. Design copyright St. Charles of New York.



    Karen Williams is a principal at St. Charles of New York, an independent kitchen and bath design firm creating highly custom one-of-a-kind spaces for discerning clients primarily in the New York metropolitan area, but also nationwide and internationally.


    St. Charles of New York


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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: Mastering the Bathroom

    Bathroom Makeover Photo
    Copyright Lori Gilder

    Next: You Won't Believe Where She Installed The Bathtub

    Designer Lori Gilder graciously supplied us with this bathroom remodel picture, of which she says:

    This timeless master bath blends both traditional and contemporary elements by implementing cool wall tiles in a soft palette of whites, grays, and greens, to create a refuge from the daily hustle and bustle. Minimal furnishing and luxurious amenities keep rejuvenation the focus of the space.


    Lori Gilder is an award winning Architectural Interior Designer to Hollywood’s elite and is dedicated to providing her long list of clients with a unique set of design standards and expert guidance throughout the home renovation process. Lori has been a featured winner on HGTV’s “Designers’ Challenge”, has appeared as a guest designer on “Designing For The Sexes”, and is asked regularly to contribute to Her work has also been published in various design publications such as California Homes, Distinctive Kitchen Solutions and Kitchen and Bath Ideas just to name a few. Lori has designed a multitude of residential projects throughout the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.


    Lori Gilder - Interior Makeovers, Inc.

    Diary of a Renovation


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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: And the Winner of the "Most Creative Award..."

    Bathroom Tub Room
    Copyright Patricia Brown
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    From Patricia Brown, a bathroom remodel picture of...a closet that was turned into a tub room! See her site, Dig This Design, for more pictures and information about this bathroom remodel.


    Patricia Brown is a licensed Interior Designer in Vero Beach Florida. Ms. Brown owned a high-end kitchen and bath showroom for 18 years. Her business has grown to a full interior design company offering a complete design service to anyone in the world. Her showroom that she ran for 18 years was Patricia Davis Brown Fine Cabinetry, Inc and it won 15 national awards and several state awards on design.


    Dig This Design

    PDB Home Store

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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: Doubling Up Your Bathroom Style

    Bathroom Makeover Remodel
    Copyright Scott Jones. Via Debra M. Cohen / Home Remedies of NY®, Inc.

    Next: High Style For a Powder Room? That's Right!

    "Sumptuous" says it all in this bathroom remodel picture, courtesy of Debra Cohen. Says Ms. Cohen:

    Homeowners doubled the size of a 20 year-old 5x7 master bath to create this sumptuous, spa-like retreat. Two walls are adorned with a magnificent custom mosaic tile. 9x12 glass subway tiles in the shower and on the lower walls counterbalance the mosaics and give the bathroom a clean, sleek feel.


    Debra Cohen is President of Home Remedies of NY, Inc. a Homeowner Referral Network business based on Long Island.


    Debra M. Cohen / Home Remedies of NY®, Inc.


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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: Don't Forget the Powder Room

    Bathroom Makeover Picture
    Copyright DeWitt Designer Kitchens. Photographer: Suki Medencevic.

    Next: The Least-Expected Thing You'll Ever Find in a Bathroom

    When I issued the call for sexy bathroom remodel photos, I hardly imagined that a powder room could ever fall under this designation. With this very cool offering from DeWitt Designer Kitchens, I humbly stand corrected.


    Recipient of nine NKBA Awards, designer Elina Katsioula-Beall ​(MFA,CKD) owner of DeWitt Designer Kitchens in Pasadena, California has been in business for three decades. A native of Athens, Greece, and a three-time Emmy nominee for Art Direction for the Academy Awards (Oscars) stage design, Elina united her classical heritage with her unique talents into leading distinctive designs for kitchen and bath remodels, home offices, libraries, production studios and other special projects.


    DeWitt Designer Kitchens


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    Now I've Heard It All: "...An Old Tea Cart"

    Bathroom Remodel Mural
    Copyright Stephen Simms/Black Dog Remodeling

    Next: Where to Find Extra Space in Your Bath

    Recently, a new home remodeling blogging genre has sprung up, focusing on "bathroom renovation fails" and the like. Along these lines, Stephen Simms of Black Dog Remodeling passes on this juicy nugget about a bathroom remodel he did (and check out the cool mural in the "After" pic):

    This was a horrible bathroom before. I would not have bathed my dog in its tub. [The] vanity was an old tea cart. Custom mural on the walls with a faux sky on the ceiling (sexy and relaxing while taking a bubble bath in the oversized tub)


    Stephen Simms, Black Dog Remodeling; Mural: Catherine Simms, Artsy Wall Decor


    Black Dog Remodeling

    Artsy Wall Decor


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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: Remember to Utilize Vertical Space, Too

    Bathroom Remodel Makeover Photo
    Copyright Karen Carpino Design

    Next: It Began As a Kitchen...

    Chicago-based designer Karen Carpino reminds us to...

    Make the most of a small bathroom by using the vertical space, especially the high ceiling height in vintage homes. A pull-out stool was designed to roll back into the cabinet when not in use so it does not take up precious floor space.


    Karen Carpino Design


    Karen Carpino Design

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    Sexy Bathroom Remodel Pictures: How About This Kitchen-to-Bath Conversion?

    Bathroom Remodel Manhattan
    Alexander Johnson

    About this bathroom remodel photo, id 810 Design Group says:

    This bathroom was formerly the small kitchen of a studio apartment in Manhattan and after combining the studio with a two bedroom apartment next door, it is now the master bathroom en suite to a master bedroom. The bronze glass tiles and cream colored porcelain tiles all speak to the finishes used in the master bedroom. With a large standing shower and a thermostatic system, the bathroom feels like a luxurious escape from the hectic Manhattan lifestyle.


    At id 810 design group, the goal is to make clients' homes a blend between luxury and comfort, innovation and practicality. id 810's designs adapt classical principles to modern day spaces. They know the importance of deadlines and budgets and sticking to them. Whether you are a design savvy client who struggles to pull your different ideas together, or you are someone who doesn't even know where to begin, id 810 design group will help you focus your wants and likes into a cohesive style.


    id 810 Design Group