Bathroom Pictures to Inspire Your Remodel

Master Bath of Craftsman style house
Joe Schmelzer / Getty Images
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    Blue Latitudes in this Bathroom Design

    blue bathroom

    I have compiled some of the best bathroom remodeling pictures from various manufacturers. We hope that you will get ideas for your own bathroom remodel.

    A decidedly blue bathroom, courtesy of Valspar. Adding the pedestal sink and free-standing ladder for towels gives this bathroom just the right touch of "quirk."

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Special Bathroom Tile Borders

    bathroom tile floor
    American Florim

    Most of our pictures focus on large expanses of tile flooring. But here you find a nice little touch from American Florim. It's a 2" x 2" Navajo mosaic, which functions as a bordered accent area next to the bathtub.

    From American Florim.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: 12" Tile On Wall

    armstrong tile on wall

    Here's a nice bathroom remodel idea. Bring the 12" tile halfway up the wall and crown it with listello tile (listello is a border tile). Armstrong's listello is Bungalow Listello 4" x 9".

    From Armstrong.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Wall and Floor Tile of Differing Sizes

    ceramic wall tile
    American Olean

    Note in this picture the two different types of tile from American Olean: 13" x 13" floor tile and 10" x 13" wall tile

    From American Olean.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Double Pedestal Sinks

    pedestal sinks
    American Olean

    Floor tile is an attractive Salt and Pepper Mosaic from American Olean. Up the walls, they have run Unglazed Mosaic in Ice White 1" x 2".

    Other stand-out items: those double pedestal sinks butting up against the counter. An unusual touch that sucks up drawer space but lends some character to the bathroom.

    From American Olean.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Travertine Bathroom Tile

    Travertine Bathroom Tile
    American Olean

    Travertine tile in the shower, courtesy of American Olean. This is a fairly complicated tile design, complete with shower seat and a listello-bordered medallion.

    From American Olean.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Pastel Bathroom Paint

    Pastel Bathroom Paint
    Ralph Lauren Paint

    Think outside the normal boundaries of bathroom paint designs with this light, pastel design from Ralph Lauren Paint.

    A six-inch shelf on top of the wainscot makes this a very practical bathroom design.

    From Ralph Lauren Paint.

    • Walls: French Pink
    • Wainscot: Surfboard Yellow
    • Trim: Picket Fence White
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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Vivid Peach Paint

    peach bathroom paint
    Dutch Boy

    It's not clear how Dutch Boy came up with this paint color name, but Comforting Peach it's not! In my opinion, this is a very bold, hot peach that can enliven any bathroom, large or small.

    From Dutch Boy.

    • Comforting Peach, B23-2
    • Bamboo, B12-3
    • Ultra White, C4-4


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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Comfortable Earthen Paint Design

    Valspar Paint Colors

    Easy-going earthen bathroom paint colors that fit your disposition like a well-worn glove. These from the Valspar Eddie Bauer Collection.

    From Valspar

    • Walls- Burnt Brick, EB37-4 - Eddie Bauer
    • Trim- Vanilla Bean, EB25-3 - Eddie Bauer
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    Bathroom Remodeling Pictures: Neutral Bathroom Paint Colors

    Neutral Bathroom Paint Colors
    Benjamin Moore

    Who was it that said that neutral paint colors were boring? Neutrals take many different forms: from stark whites to arctic grass to smooth tans. Explore the possibility of using a neutral palette on your next bathroom painting project.

    From Benjamin Moore

    • Underneath the Cover Coat- Fresh Start Primer
    • Walls- Aura® Matte 522 in Feather Gray, 2127-60
    • Trim- Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in Wedding Veil, 2125-70
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    Unique Euro-Styled Bathroom Remodel

    Unique Euro Style Bathroom Remodel
    Unique Euro Style Bathroom Remodel. Carolavannini / Flickr / CC By 2.0

    Looking for something a little different in your bathroom remodel?  Check out this picture from architect Carola Vannini, who is based in Rome and has been practicing for well over a decade.

    This bathroom's shower pan is a wood deck surrounded by frameless glass.  What's most unusual, though, is the fat tube housing the shower's supply pipes (no, the supply pipe isn't really that thick).  

    Rather than try to disguise the support pillar running through the room, Vannini paints it a bright-red to use it as a design element.