20 Bathroom Rug Ideas to Make You Rethink Your Space

Persian rug on a bathroom floor

Ryan Christodoulou / Unsplash

One simple way to make over your bathroom and infuse the space with personality? Switching out your bath mat or runner. There's no need to take on a major renovation or DIY project in order to breathe some new life into your bathroom. Whether your bathroom is ultra spacious or super petite, there's a rug choice for you. Below are some of our favorite styles of bathroom rugs, bath mats, and runners; all 20 of these bathroom rug ideas work to make a stylish statement beside the vanity whether you're a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between.

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    Source a Vintage Looking Piece

    vintage style runner in bathroom

    @delightfullywestern / Instagram

    If you can't find a vintage bathroom rug that you love, don't fret. True vintage rugs can often cost a pretty penny. However, note that there are many vintage-inspired pieces on the market that will do the trick just fine. Antique looking bathroom rugs are a big trend right now.

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    Keep It Simple Against Busy Floor Tiles

    simple white rug on tile

    @conifers_our_story_our_home / Instagram

    If your bathroom features a bold floor tile pattern, you may wish to opt for a simpler rug to prevent things from appearing too busy. You can never go wrong with a classic white bath mat, particularly if your bathroom features a dominant white tile, like this space does.

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    Lay Down Something Nice and Plush

    plush moroccan rug

    @pablosfirstgarden / Instagram

    A plush Moroccan-inspired bath mat like this one will feel ultra soft under foot while adding major sophistication to your loo. We love how the piece here looks in this boho style bathroom.

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    Go Bright With a Floral Design

    pink floral rug

    @stylingmyhouse_ / Instagram

    Brighten up your mornings with a vibrant bath mat like this one. Florals will never cease to bring a smile to your face, no matter the season.

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    Ensure Your Runner Can Accommodate Your Double Vanity

    long geometric runner

    @embraceyourspacefl / Instagram

    If your bathroom features a vanity with a double sink, make sure that you either purchase two smaller bath mats or go for a longer runner so that both people using your bathroom have somewhere soft to stand while brushing their teeth.

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    Soothe Yourself With Timeless White and Blue

    soft blue rug

    @lauren_loves_gifting / Instagram

    This light blue bathroom is sweet and spa-like. Blue and white is a popular color combination in the bathroom; it's soothing and timeless.

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    Scatter Rugs Throughout a Larger Bathroom

    vintage looking red rug

    @allisonpriorinteriors / Instagram

    The more rugs, the merrier! If your bathroom has ample square footage, purchase a set of matching rugs and place one by the vanity and another by the shower. Little details like this will make all the difference in your space.

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    Don't Shy Away From a Classic Jute Rug

    circular jute rug

    @haneminteriors / Instagram

    Jute rugs look excellent in so many rooms throughout the home. While we frequently see them in coastal style spaces, they truly will shine no matter your aesthetic. Here, a round jute rug adds visual interest and texture to this bathroom. As a bonus, jute rugs are known for the durability; a piece like this one is ready to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

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    Add Whimsy to Your Bathroom With a Heart Print

    pink hearts rug

    @natalies_house_x / Instagram

    Who says the bathroom can't be cheery? This heart-themed bath mat adds a pleasant, romantic touch to this otherwise neutral space. It's a great way to add a bit of style and color to rental bathrooms as well.

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    Match Your Runner Choice to Your Vanity Paint Color

    blue gray rug

    @emmas_homestyle / Instagram

    Bonus points if you perfectly coordinate your bath mat color to your vanity. This gray-blue hue is equal parts stylish and calming. Coordinating accessories like a nearby basket help to further tie this space together.

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    Try an Eclectic Mix

    tile like rug

    @myedwardianhouse / Instagram

    If you love an eclectic look, by all means, embrace color and pattern all throughout the bathroom. This tile-like rug is immediately eye-catching and adds extra life to this well-decorated space.

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    Have Fun With an Animal Shape

    tiger shaped rug

    @no.1_mews_makeover / Instagram

    Go get 'em, tiger! This whimsical rug will please kids and adults alike and is certainly full of personality. It's minimal footprint makes it ideal for a small space, too. You definitely don't need much floor space to display a fun rug.

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    Try a Black and White Piece Like This One

    simple black and white mat

    @steph_frombelmont / Instagram

    You can never go wrong black and white mat featuring a simple phrase. This one is perfect for a minimalist, contemporary bathroom.

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    Go for a Comfortable, Knit Piece

    thick gray runner

    @ourpharmland / Instagram

    A knit gray rug like this one adds instant comfort to any room. Look to your vanity countertops when choosing a hue to ensure that your entire bathroom appears cohesive.

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    Say Yes to Multiple Bright Colors

    pink square rug

    @rhiannonsmyth / Instagram

    Why settle on just one bright color if you love them all? This geometric bath mat features various pinks and oranges that are full of energy.

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    Let the Sun Shine All Day Long

    sun design on rug

    @theoldforgeincolour / Instagram

    Sunshine will always be in the forecast when you opt for a peppy bath mat like this one. If you like a bit of a funky look, don't worry about matching your rug to your floor tile color. Sometimes, a little variety is exactly what your space needs.

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    Don't Underestimate the Power of Muted Hues

    turkish style rug

    @jennymaddendesign / Instagram

    A soft Turkish rug adds instant beauty to this bathroom. Muted colors are always serene and elegant; paired with the lavender walls in this space, they look right at home.

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    Go Big With a Wide Bath Mat

    oversized vintage looking rug

    @mapleviewlane / Instagram

    Go big or go home. This oversized bath rug ensures that your feet will stay nice and cozy no matter where you step. It's also a great way to hide floors that you're less than jazzed about but are unable to change.

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    Go for Some Neutrals

    long white runner

    @justsosimple_m / Instagram

    If you're drawn to a black and white color scheme, there's no need to add vibrant hues into your space. Neutral lovers will appreciate this sleek bathroom, which boasts a long white runner.

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    Note That Deep Colors Can Hide Pesky Stains

    deep red turkish rug

    @kcmcbaindesign / Instagram

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, why not try a deep red? A color like this one is a smart choice if you're prone to spills, it will easily camouflage stains on the daily. This also works well if you choose something with a busy pattern.