The 7 Best Bathroom Scales to Buy in 2017

Shop for the most accurate and user-friendly bathroom scales on the market

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An accurate bathroom scale is a must-have for anyone who wants to track his or her weight on a regular basis. Though more precise than older analog scales, today’s digital scales are still relatively simple devices with one job: delivering an accurate weight reading. Spending a bit more can get you a more advanced scale that measures body fat, muscle mass, and water weight, or even a scale that can sync with your smartphone. 

Whatever type of scale you choose, there will almost certainly be...MORE reviews complaining about accuracy. Experts say it’s important to follow manufacturers’ directions to ensure accurate, consistent readings. That includes using a scale on a hard, flat surface, and making sure it’s properly calibrated. Experts also caution scale owners against weighing in too often—the average person’s weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds over the course of a day.

Ready to shop? Here are six great bathroom scales that cover a range of needs.

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    The best-selling EatSmart Precision Digital Scale is a simple, easy-to-use scale for anyone who wants a tried-and-true product with an unobtrusive design. Thousands of reviewers say it’s hard to beat the EatSmart brand, which also gets high marks for customer service.

    One of the best features of the Precision Digital Scale is its large 3.5-inch LCD display, which users say is easy to read even in the dark thanks to a backlight. It’s also easy to operate, turning on automatically when you step on....MORE (Some reviewers complain they must tap the scale to turn it on, but they are referencing an older model.) EatSmart says the scale’s four sensors ensure accuracy to the nearest 0.2 pounds, and most owners agree that they get consistent, reliable readings.

    The Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is 12 by 13 inches and has a 400-pound capacity. It has a tempered glass platform with a gray base that will blend in almost anywhere in the house, and requires four AAA batteries that are included with purchase. The company has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that lets customers return their scales for a refund or a replacement unit.

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    For buyers who want a basic digital scale that does its job without a lot of fuss, the Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale is a good bet. This scale gets experts’ seal of approval for consistency and accuracy, and most owners agree that it’s simple and reliable.

    Reviewers say the Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale is easy to operate: Simply step on and wait for the reading to stabilize. The scale displays your weight for five seconds before turning off to conserve battery. The 1-inch LCD...MORE screen is easy to read, even for taller users, but there is no backlight. There is also a low-battery indicator. Though there are some accuracy complaints, owners caution that moving the scale to a different location can affect readings and suggest that you should be careful to let it fully reset.

    The Glass and Chrome Digital Scale has a slightly bigger platform at about 13 by 14 inches with a 400-pound capacity. As the scale’s name suggests, the platform is tempered glass and the base is chrome. It requires a lithium CR2032 coin-cell battery that is commonly found in watches and calculators, but it’s included with purchase. There is a five-year warranty.

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    A Wi-Fi-enabled scale is a convenient option for anyone who tracks their weight on their smartphone. Users say the WiThings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer syncs easily with their phones, and it has many bells and whistles beyond Wi-fi compatibility.

    The WS-50 does a lot more than weigh its users: It provides body-fat measurements, heart-rate tracking, air-quality monitoring, and even a weather report. Though reviewers appreciate the extras, they’re most concerned with accuracy and ease of use. For the...MORE former, weight gets solid marks, but reviews are more mixed regarding body-fat measurements. The WS-50 also pairs with phones via Bluetooth, and data for eight different users can sync with more than 160 apps including MyFitnessPal and Apple Health. While most users say setup is painless, some say they have to pair the scale with their phone multiple times, while others say the data takes too long to show up on their phones when syncing to third-party apps.

    The WS-50 is about 13 by 13 inches and requires three AAA batteries that are included with purchase. It has a shiny black platform that users say is sleek and modern; the downside is that it will show footprints and dust. Weight capacity is 396 pounds.

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    Fitbit’s popular Aria WiFi Smart Scale is the other big name in WiFi-enabled scales, and it gets a lot of love for letting users keep track of their weight, body mass index, lean mass and body fat percentage effortlessly. Like the Withings scale, it syncs automatically with smartphones.

    One of the Aria’s main advantages is its seamless integration with Fitbit’s fitness trackers and app. The app gets a lot of love for its user-friendliness with its clear charts and graphs, especially among people...MORE who are trying to eat better, exercise and lose weight. The scale will recognize eight individual users but maintains privacy for everyone. Users give it good marks for weight accuracy, but as with most scales that monitor other data, they’re less impressed with stats like body fat percentage. Some also report issues getting it to sync.

    The Aria is roughly 14 by 14 inches and has a sleek polished glass surface. It’s available in either white or black and accommodates users up to 350 pounds. It requires four AA batteries and is designed to work even with buildup of some condensation – important in a steamy bathroom. 

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    There are a number of reasonably priced bathroom scales on the market, but users say the Utopia Digital Glass Bathroom Scale is among the best, with accuracy and features that compare favorably with much pricier scales.

    By and large, users say they’re confident that the Utopia scale gives them a reliable reading. The LCD display is backlit, which reviewers like. Users can see their weight almost immediately after stepping on -- there is no tapping the scale to activate it. The scale has automatic...MORE shutoff and a low-battery sensor, too. A few reviewers report durability complaints about the scale malfunctioning from the get-go; others say they find it imprecise.

    At roughly 10 by 10 inches, this Utopia scale is fairly small, making it a good pick for space-starved bathrooms. It has a shiny black tempered glass platform that most users say is understated and unobtrusive, though it is prone to smudges and footprints. It requires two AAA batteries that are not included with purchase. Weight capacity is 400 pounds.

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    Most bathroom scales are decidedly modern, with tempered glass, shiny silver, or glossy black platforms. That’s why the sleek Red Rock Modern Bamboo Body Scale is a design standout that will blend in equally well with modern or traditional settings. As a bonus, the bamboo used for the platform is eco-friendly.

    Users say the Bamboo Body Scale’s LED screen is easy to read, and the blue backlight means they have no problem weighing themselves even in low light. They also like that the scale has a...MORE spa-like feel that blends with hardwood floors. Accuracy gets mixed reviews: While most users are happy, some say their weights bounce around too much to be confident in the results. A handful of reviewers note that it works best if it stays put on a flat surface, which is true of most any bathroom scale.

    The Bamboo Body Scale is 12 by 12 inches and requires three AAA batteries that are included with purchase. Weight capacity is 400 pounds.

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    Digital scales are largely supplanting their analog counterparts, but traditionalists can still find a handful of good analog options. The Conair Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale is a good pick for anyone who appreciates an old-school, battery-free design.

    The Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale gets solid marks for ease of use. Reviewers love not having to wait for the scale to be “ready” to step on—a common complaint with digital scales—and they like the large, easy-to-see 6.5-inch...MORE dial, though some say the white needle blends in with the background. The scale gets mostly good marks for accuracy, especially from users who were frustrated by different readings from digital scales in the past. Some warn that they frequently have to reset the needle to zero, but this is common with analog scales.

    The scale has a rounded silver platform with a slip-resistant black pad. At 13 by 17 inches, it’s a large scale that will provide anyone a little extra room. Weight capacity is 350 pounds, and no batteries are required.

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