Bathroom Shower Ideas To Inspire Your Remodel

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    Bathroom Shower Ideas You Can Use

    Bathroom with sink and shower
    The International Photo Co./Stone/Getty Images

    To help generate bathroom shower ideas, one thing to do is decide which type of shower you want.  Basically, showers are divided between tiled and prefabricated units.

    Tile Only

    Created from scratch by tile installers. Your own imagination is the limit. The pan (or floor) is also tile.

    • Pros: Capable of being fashioned into any kind of unique design you wish.
    • Cons:  An expensive option, as pricey labor is involved.

    Tile With Pan

    Because tile pans are difficult to create, DIY tilers often use...MORE one-piece prefabricated tile pans. This also keeps the angle of drainage consistent.

    • Pros: Better at preventing leakage.
    • Cons:  Less attractive than the all-tile shower.

    Prefabricated Shower Units:  Single-Piece 

    Expensive, but seams are reduced or eliminated altogether. Keep in mind that single-piece units may be difficult to get into an older home with limited access.

    • Pros: Continuous surface with no (or few) seams is less prone to leaks.
    • Cons:  Difficult to move into small spaces.

    Prefabricated Shower Units:  Multi-Piece 

    Coming in 3 or 4 separate pieces, these showers are easy to get through doors and up stairs.  Once inside the bathroom, they reassemble to form a single unit.

    • Pros: Inexpensive.  Easy to move because each section is relatively light.
    • Cons:  Less desirable than single-piece units.

    Prefabricated Shower Units:  Corner Multi-Piece

    Relatively inexpensive units which have two walls of glass and allow for maximum light. You can either pair up the glass walls with two tiled walls or use prefab wall unit panels.

    • Pros: Plenty of natural light flows into corner glass units.
    • Cons:  Require an available corner, which many small bathrooms do not have.
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    Tumbled Stone Gives This Shower a Rustic Look

    tiled shower
    Tiled Shower. © American Olean

    This your basic Type #1 shower, made all of tile: walls and pan.  Tile is Tumbled Stone Azteca 6" x 6" travertine tile from American Olean.

    One benefit of all-tile is that you can create just about anything since you're doing it from scratch.  Here, the tilers created a built-in seat and added basketweave borders.

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    Unusual Combination Bathtub and Shower "Suite"

    Corner Shower
    Corner Shower. © Aquatic

    This bathroom has a tub.  This bathroom also has a shower.  You're thinking: No big deal, I've seen this before.

    No, you haven't.  From Aquatic, this is a bathtub and shower two-piece suite, as they call it.

    The 60” x 42” bathtub and the 40" x 40" shower are shipped separately, but upon installation combine to form a single unit.  Model is called The Darsey.  The surface is gel-coated, the material acrylic.

    Now, how cool is that?

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    Comes Through the Door In Pieces, Reassembles in Bathroom

    Multi Piece Acrylic Shower Unit
    Multi Piece Acrylic Shower Unit. © Aquatic Bath

    Yes, the doors are removed, but only to let you see the inside of this 4-piece acrylic gelcoat surface shower, part of Aquatic's Remodeline Sectionals line.

    In case anyone is keeping score, this would be a Type 5 shower.

    Best thing of all, Aquatic designates this a one dollar sign ($) product, meaning it's their lowest-cost product.

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    Yes, This is a Shower (Who Says You Can't Do This?)

    Shower With Arched Ceiling
    Shower With Arched Ceiling. © Tile & Stone by Villagio

    This is not a common shower stall, but I love it. One limiting factor for an arched ceiling in your shower stall is ceiling height: a 10' ceiling or higher is right for this.

    Located in Scottsdale, AZ:  Tile & Stone by Villagio.

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    Tumbled Stone Bathroom Shower Idea

    Tumbled Stone Shower
    Tumbled Stone Shower. © Tile & Stone by Villagio

    Great picture of a shower laid with tumbled stone. The top half is 8" tumbled stone laid on a diagonal. A cornice separates it from another set of tile laid parallel to the shower floor.

    Definitely check out Villagio's site, as many of their pictures (like the one displayed here) include helpful annotations.

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    Bathroom Shower Ideas: Cobblestone Pattern

    Cobblestone Tile Pattern in Shower
    © Tile & Stone by Villagio

    My best guess for this style of shower tile pattern is cobblestone (anyone feel free to correct me).

    Besides Scottsdale (AZ), Villagio ships to other parts of Arizona and the states of Colorado, Texas, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

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    Corner Multipiece Prefab Showers

    Corner Shower
    Sterling Plumbing Economy Corner Entry Shower Kit. © Sterling

    Corner shower units have one distinct advantage over other types of showers: they maximize light inside the shower. Two sides are exposed, rather than one.

    The downside is that even modestly-sized corner shower units--like the one shown, at 32 In. x 32 In. x 72 In--can be difficult to shoehorn into linear (or corridor-style) bathroom layouts. Also, you're increasing the area of glass that you will need to clean. Yes, shower walls and glass get equally dirty, but the spots and gunk show up...MORE more prominently on the glass.

    Compare Prices: Sterling Plumbing Economy Corner Entry Shower Kit

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    Tiled Shower Walls With Acrylic Base/Pan

    Shower Pan Tiled
    Cheryl Marland/Flickr/CC

    One of the smartest bathroom shower ideas is to pair a sturdy acrylic, one-piece shower pan with tiled walls. You have the beauty of tile, with none of the unreliability of a tiled shower pan.

    I have seen a lot of ugly shower bases out there, so these bases from Lasco Bathware come like a breath of fresh air. They come in either impact-resistant acrylic or Lascoat gelcoat, and have a dazzlingly high sheen.

    Note: Since the time of this writing, Lasco Bathware site has merged with Aquatic Bathware...MORE and now goes under the Aquatic name.

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    Single-Piece Prefab Units

    Acrylic shower Unit
    Shower Unit from Lasco Bathware. © Lasco Bathware

    To get a sense of this bathroom shower idea, we return to our friends at Aquatic Bathware.

    A single-piece molded prefab shower unit is usually made of acrylic. Single-piece molded units are admittedly not truly all one piece since you do need to install doors.

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    Interlocking Multi-Piece Prefab Shower

    Veritek Tub Wall Kit
    Veritek Tub Wall Kit. © Swan Corp.

    Multi-piece prefab shower/tub combinations are surprisingly easy to ship, due to the fact that most of the pieces are flat.

    Compare Prices: Veritek Tub Wall Kit

    Note that wall systems such as the Veritek Kit shown here typically do not come with the tub or shower pan--it's assumed that you already have one. These shower wall kits will have a long back panel, two corner panels, molded shelves for soap and shampoo, and side panels.