Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Fresh New Look

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    Shower Tile That Wakes You Up

    American Olean Matte Glacier and French Roast Shower
    American Olean Matte Glacier and French Roast Shower. © American Olean

    This bathroom tile has a cool, almost retro contrast between the Matte Glacier vertical strip and the Satinglo French Roast field tile.

    This is an entirely do-able DIY project; no complicated designing at all. Note that the Matte Glacier strip is close to 4 feet wide, possible only in a shower of the size shown here. You'll need to scale down the width of that strip for normal showers.

    • Shower - Bright French Roast 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
    • Shower - Matte Glacier 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
    • Floor -...MORE Vintage Stone Chablis 16" x 16"

    About The Company

    Dal-Tile, a 60 year-old tile company from Dallas, Texas, has a subsidiary named American Olean which specializes in high-end ceramic tiles. We took advantage of American Olean's design portfolio to pass on some killer bathroom tile ideas.

    Why Tile in Your Bathroom?

    Because tile was just made for bathrooms. When glazed, it's water-resistant. It is infinitely combine-able into any kind of style or pattern. It can be as cheap as a dollar as square foot or as expensive as you want. It's very DIY-friendly; but should you doubt you riling skills, you'll find tiling pros aplenty to help you out.

    A few things you'll need to remember when planning your bathroom tile, at least from my personal experience. Smaller tiles make for more grouting and they are harder to adjust than the large tiles (12" or 16" square). But you can't get around the fact that smaller tiles look better in bathrooms--with the exception of the floor. Twelve inch square tiles in the tub or shower just don't look right.

    One safe bet for any bathroom you're trying keep retro-looking: subway tile.

    Finally, listellos--those narrow bands between tile fields--are a great way to add visual interest to any tile project.

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    Rococo DeLuxe: Travertine and Fancy Borders

    American Olean Travertine Tile Bath
    American Olean Travertine Tile Bath. © American Olean

    Souped-up travertine tile, complete with basketweave borders, matching soap dish and corner caddies, seat, chair-rail, and on and on. This is a bathroom tile idea whose execution is best left in the hands of professional installers.

    • Field Tile - Tumbled Stone Azteca 6" x 6"
    • Soap Dish - Resin Travertine
    • Field Tile - Puerto Gold 6" x 6"
    • More Details - See Shopping Link Below

    Where to Find It

    American Olean

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    Clean Living With This White Mosaic Tile!

    American Olean White Mosaic Tile 1
    American Olean White Mosaic 1" x 2". © American Olean

    Aesthetically, the opposite of our previous baroque tile idea. This is a clean, crisp design--but not as sterile as it may seem from a distance: the floor mosaic has an attractive light "salt and pepper" speckling.

    This is perfectly suitable for a do-it-yourself project. Mosaics are clusters of multiple tiles set on a single backing, so no need to install thousands of little tiles separately.

    • Walls - Unglazed Mosaic in Ice White 1" x 2"
    • Floor - Salt and Pepper Mosaic

    Where to Find It

    A...MOREmerican Olean

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    Bold Checkerboard Bathroom Flooring Tile

    Checkerboard Azteca from American Olean
    Checkerboard Azteca from American Olean. © American Olean

    Feeling bold? Try throwing down a checkerboard on your floor. Definitely not for the faint of heart.  Going diagonal with the shower/tub surround increases the visual contrast.

    All are from American Olean:

    • Azteca Antique Bronze 6" x 6"
    • Antique Bronze Beltaine Border 3" x 12"
    • Antique Bronze Beltaine Insert/Corner 3" x 3"
    • More Details - See Shopping Link Below

    Where to Find It

    American Olean

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    Cool and Elegant Bathroom Floor Tile and Wainscot

    American Olean Large Field Tile
    American Olean Large Field Tile. © American Olean

    Elegance comes easy with this diagonally-laid, 13" x 13" floor tile and 10" x 13" wall tile with shelf railing and swag accents.

    • Floor - Alysse in Blanc 13" x 13" Field
    • Wall - 10" x 13" Field with Designer Elegance Botticino 3 1/2" x 8" Shelf Rail and 3" x 12" Spiral Swag Accent.

    Where to Find It

    American Olean

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    Easy Contemporary Glass Mosaic Italian Tile

    Mosaic Tile
    © Marazzi

    Having smooth elegance in your bathroom is easy with this design. Marazzi is a top-end manufacturer that supplies tile for both homes and commercial applications like restaurants and hotels. It's a simple mosaic as the wall field behind the vessel sink, plus a wall border of larger tiles to the right of the window.

    This tile is Opalie Marfil and Beige.

    Opalie is one of Marazzi's lines of 13" x 13" and 20" x 20" glazed porcelain wall field, barely visible at the bottom...MORE right, next to the window.

    Beige refers to Marazzi's line of glass mosaic wall field, shown here behind the counter.

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    The Big and The Small: Bath Tile of Wildly Different Sizes

    Shower Tile of Two Different Sizes
    Shower Tile from Marazzi. © Marazzi

    It's often a good idea to try to pair tiles of differing sizes for maximum visual interest and impact.

    Marazzi is a well-regarded manufacturer that sells through over 14,500 locations worldwide. Its mosaic tile in a neutral shade is paired with larger wall field unit.

    Note, too, how this idea really pulls together: a thin strip of the shower's mosaic tile is also used as a border over the large wall field.

    This is from Marazzi's Pietra del Sole series of glazed porcelain tiles.

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    Tile Listello = Quick Bathroom Elegance

    Three Sizes of Bathroom Tile
    © Eleganza

    It doesn't take much to make your bathroom fancy and showy.

    Here from California-based distributor Eleganza is a bold red field pattern from its Laguna series, stacked three courses high. These courses are then topped by a showy border called listello, and that again is topped by rectangular beige 8" x 12" tiles, both from the Laguna series.

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    Boring or Just Quiet? Sedate Travertine Style Tile Surrounds Tub

    Travertine Tile Tub Surround
    Travertine Around the Tub. © Eleganza

    One of the greatest and oldest ideas around is to "break out of the box." Who said bathroom tile has to be square?

    These Travertine-series tiles from Eleganza are anything but. At 10" x 13", these tiles lend a feeling of spaciousness and grandeur to any bathroom. If you feel that these beige-inspired field units are too...beige, all you need to do is add a fancy listello like the 3" x 10" one shown here. Listello is a word for a fancy filigree that breaks up the monotony...MORE of large expanses of field tile, among other functions.

    All in Eleganza's Travertine series: Beige field on top, Mocha field on bottom,with listello slicing through the middle. Also used here, but not shown in the photo: quarter-round and bullnose.

    Keep in mind that this is not natural travertine stone; it's a ceramic tile with the look of travertine.

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    Cool, Urbane, Modern: Bathroom Tile From Spain

    Spanish Bathroom Tile
    Bathroom Tile from Hispano Azul. © Hispano Azul

    Now defunct, Hispano Azul was a tile manufacturer based in Alcora, Spain. This gray field is perfectly complemented by the floral-themed center band.

    This was the Nappa Blanco series 60cm x 60cm, or 24" x 24".

    This company is no longer in business. We include this tile for referential purposes only.

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    You Can Install This! Relaxing Marble-Look Bathroom Tile

    13" x 13" Field Tile Topped by 4" x 9" Listello Border. © Armstrong

    And a relaxing installation, too, should you decide to take on the job yourself. How so?

    First off, the tile comes from Armstrong Flooring, which means that it is easily available at some type of "major home improvement store" around the corner from you (wink, wink). Exotic, rare tiles are nice, but cost is the driver here, particularly if you special-order it (double-particularly if you order them online).

    Second, this is sized at 13" x 13", one of the easiest sizes to...MORE self-install. Shown also is a listello border on top called Bungalow, sized at 4" x 9", also part of the Perla collection.


    • Armstrong Perla 13" x 13"
    • Bungalow Listello 4" x 9"
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    It May Be Trendy, But Bath Tile That Looks Like Suede Still Rocks

    Suede Armstrong Tile Baseboard
    Suede 13" x 13" - Armstrong. © Armstrong

    Tile can be used as baseboard. Here we find large-sized tile taking on the role of baseboard.

    That's full, 13" x 13" Armstrong ceramic (Suede) both on the floor and one-tile-high on the baseboards.

    Note, too, the contrasting black around the bathtub area.

    This is easy to execute and reasonably priced.

    Materials for this Design

    • Armstrong Ceramics Suede 13" x 13"
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    Classic, Elegant: Marble-Look Bathroom Tile

    Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Marble
    © Armstrong

    This is a soothing style from Armstrong's Ceramic Tile division. It's called Classically Marble--a bit deceptive because there isn't a single particle of marble.

    But that's the point: the look of marble, without the problems of marble (cost, traction, sealing, etc.). Ceramic is quite easy and cost-effective to install.

    Note, too, the inlay between the bathtub and the sinks. This feature serves to highlight this important area, and to visually break up the expanses of the field.


    • Armstrong Classically Marble Collection, Satin Finish, 13" x 13"
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    Contemporary Bathroom: Tile That Provides Canvas For Other Design Elements

    Contemporary Bathroom Tile
    Bathroom Tile Idea - 13" by 13" from Armstrong. © Armstrong

    If you've got strong bathroom fixtures, you may want to keep your tile design understated.

    Here, we've got a dream bathtub in black tile with a translucent window...and a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair. These--and other elements--are doing all the work; the tile can hang back.


    • Armstrong Avignon Glazed Porcelain 13" x 13", Satin Finish
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    I Want that Tile...and the Whole Bathroom, Too

    Navajo Tile from American Florim
    Navajo Tile from American Florim. © American Florim

    This tile comes from American Florim. It's part of their Navajo Collection. Highlighted is their 2" x 2" Navajo mosaic, which functions as a bordered accent area next to the bathtub.

    Tile installers can work these extra features into the cost of the entire tile installation. Yes, you will need to pay them for these little embellishments, but these extras become part of the total cost and usually are nominal.


    • American Florim, 2" x 2" Navajo Mosaic
    • Larger Field Also From...MORE Navajo Collection
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    Stone-Look Ceramic Tile That Complements This Understated Bathroom

    Bathroom Tiles
    Artea Antico by Marazzi Tile. © Marazzi Tile

    A stone-looking but completely porcelain tile called Artea Antico from Marazzi.  Sure, it's an ordinary-enough 6" square beige tile with unified backsplash and matching bullnose.  

    But you don't need to go showy with the tile when the rest of the bathroom elements are understated, too:  the cool white vessel sink, faucet extending from the wall, and simple slab of mirror.  

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    Fantastic Italian Octagonal Bathroom Tile

    Stone Porcelain Tile
    Andretti By Marazzi. © Marazzi

    Marazzi's Andretti is a very unique tile-sheet with octagonal tiles measuring 2" by 2". Generous spacing between the tiles allows for wide grout lines.

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    Slate? No, Porcelain Tile Mimicking Slate.

    Slate Looking Porcelain Tile
    Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Slate - Jade Chestnut From Marazzi. © Marazzi

    It looks like slate, but it's porcelain tile. Marazzi's Jade Chestnut edges are smooth and its surface is flat, eliminating the problems of bumpiness and even spalling found in authentic slate tile.

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    Porcelain Mosaic

    Mosaic Bathroom Tile
    Percorsi Bianco From Marazzi. © Marazzi

    This design features an unusual mosaic from Marazzi. Each unified mosaic piece has a flat top and bottom, with left and right sides having a comb-like appearance. Each "comb" fits into that of the adjoining tile for a very dramatic, stone-like effect.


    • Percorsi Bianco
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    Shower Tile: Porcelain But Looks Like Stone

    Beige Shower Tile with Large Tiles and Mosaic
    Marfil Cream Bathroom by Marazzi. © Marazzi

    Shower tile in beige, it's Marazzi's Marfil Cream through-body 12" porcelain tile.  Boring?  It would be, if this were the only tile in the shower.

    What really saves the day in the inclusion of the wide listello between that Marfil Cream (upper) and the cream-colored octagonal tile along the lower half.

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    The Finnish Sauna Effect: Ann Sacks Plank Rectangle Used In Shower

    Ann Sacks Plank Rectangle Used In Shower
    Ann Sacks Plank Rectangle Used In Shower. © Ann Sacks

    Now here's a little tile idea you've probably never considered.  You know those wood-look plank porcelain tiles you see used all the time on floors?

    How about installing them...vertically?  Like on shower walls?

    That's right.  You get the full-on Finnish sauna effect by doing so.  Honestly, I've looked at a lot of tiles in my time and this is the first time I've seen this.

    This comes from one of my favorite tile purveyors, Ann Sacks.  These are 35.5" long by nearly 9"...MORE wide planks.  Price for this lovely stuff ranges around the $10 per square foot level.

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    Faceted--Yes, Faceted--Red Clodagh Tile Gives This Bathroom Max Visual Interest

    Faceted Red Clodagh Bathroom Tile
    Faceted Red Clodagh Bathroom Tile. © Ann Sacks

    Fasten your seatbelts, because it's going to be a mini onslaught of Ann Sacks tile in the next few slides.  And now this one...

    Faceted tile.  Think about this for a second.  Ann Sacks says that this tile is faceted both in and out, which means that this is an extremely 3D tile.

    Combined with contrasting reds and blacks, this tile gives any bathroom maximum impact.  The red is actually identified as "persimmon," but I call it red.

    If red scares you, this same Clodagh tile comes in a...MORE muted greenish color called corten.

    Very high-end tile, this goes for around $15 to $23 per square foot.

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    The Most Expensive Tie Dye-Inspired Bathroom Tile You Will Never Buy

    Bathroom Aura Tile From Ann Sacks
    Bathroom Aura Tile From Ann Sacks. © Ann Sacks

    Beautiful bathroom tile from Ann Sacks called Aura.  Each rectangular field tile is 4" by 8" and appears to have been inspired by tie dye designs.  Whatever the inspiration, this high-gloss tile will have your guests' jaws dropping in awe.

    And your jaw, too, will drop.  Because?  Aura's price.

    Prices range from $137 to $240 per square foot.  No, I did not accidentally add another digit to those prices.  These really are 3-digit prices.

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    White Subway and Unique Accent Bathroom Tile

    White Subway and Unique Accent Bathroom Tile
    White Subway and Unique Accent Bathroom Tile. © Ann Sacks

    Big difference between this 3" x 6" white subway tile and other subway installations you've seen before.  This one positively quivers with awesomeness.  And why?  

    Let's start with the obvious:  the subway itself.  No cheap knock-off junk, this is nice, substantial Signature By Michael S. Smith tile (available through Ann Sacks) with wide, light-catching bevels on all four sides.  Yet only on the bottom.  Above that thin border is more subway, same size, same color, but no bevels....MORE  Nice contrast.

    Then, to finish everything off, 1" x 1" gloss white mosaic is used as an accent panel in the center, by the controls.

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    Gorgeous 2" x 16" Dark Brown Marble Bathroom Wall Tile

    Gorgeous 2 x 16 Dark Brown Marble Bathroom Wall Tile
    Gorgeous 2 x 16 Dark Brown Marble Bathroom Wall Tile. © Ann Sacks

    You'd think this is wood-look porcelain tile.  But you're really looking at deep-brown vein-cut marble with greenish overtones, in 2" x 16" slabs.  It's called Idyllwild, from Ann Sacks, and this is a highly polished, honed surface.

    Complementing this tile's dramatic effect is a more ordinary 12" x 12" Carrara marble floor tile.

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    Ecru Colored Bathroom Floor Tile?

    Grace Series Bathroom Tile Bedrosian's
    Grace Series Bathroom Tile From Bedrosian's. © Bedrosian's

    Yes!  Assert your right to have ecru-colored tile in your bathroom.  Ecru (accent on the first syllable, mind you) is one of those colors that doesn't get enough respect.  It's a sort of yellowish, beige-ish, grey-ish color that sounds awful but actually looks pretty good:  it's the Grace series floor tile seen on this bathroom.

    The wall is 4" x 12" subway tile, also Grace from Bedrosian's.  Color:  Bianco.  

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    Huge 18" x 36" Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tiles

    Matrix Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile
    Matrix Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile From Bedrosian's. © Bedrosian's

    These sheets of porcelain tile (Bedrosian's: Matrix series) are so big, you could practically tile an entire small bathroom or powder room with three or four of them.  

    Joking aside, laying down massive tiles--Matrix comes in both 18" x 36" and 12" x 24" sizes--is an entirely different experience from laying those teeny-tiny 1" sheet-connected octagonal or hexagonal tiles.  

    For one, you automatically eliminate that ripple effect that's so hard to avoid when mushing...MORE down lots of little tessarae into wet mud.  On the downside, lippage is harder to avoid with the big sheets.  

    In any case, Matrix is a lovely tile that looks much like vein-cut marble--yet it's made of easy-to-maintain porcelain.

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    Large Hexagonal Tile In Bathroom and Shower

    Large Hexagonal Tile In Bathroom and Shower
    Large Hexagonal Tile In Bathroom and Shower. © Bedrosian's

    The most startling feature of Bedrosian's Native series glazed full-body porcelain tile is its shape + size.  Hexagonal tile is usually found in smaller sizes, but here we've got hexagons in large 13.5" x 13.5" sizes.

    These big tiles work perfectly for bathroom floor or as field tile for showers--both in evidence here.

    Even though it's not advertised as such, I believe that the square field tiles above the sink/counter are from the Athena series. 

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    White-Washed Wood or Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile?

    Glazed Color Body Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile
    Glazed Color Body Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile. © Bedrosian's

    Big 8" x 48" slabs of glazed color body porcelain tile (Bedrosian's: Allways series) grace this bathroom floor.  Reminiscent of white-washed wood, this color is called Fence.

    This tile works perfectly in this scene, with its cream-colored interior shutters, walls, and radiators.

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    Gray Glass Subway Tile For Bathroom Wall

    Gray Glass Subway Tile For Bathroom Wall
    Gray Glass Subway Tile For Bathroom Wall. © Bedrosian's

    High-gloss because these are glass, Bedrosian's Manhattan series 8 mm tiles are a full 4" by 16".  Color shown is Coast.

    Glass works well on bathroom walls due to its total water-impervious nature.  Grout may pick up moisture, but glass never will.

    Manhattan is one of Bedrosian's larger series of glass tiles.  So, if you go this route, you can be certain of having lots of peripherals for a full, varied, unique tile design.