17 Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom with designed flooring and pink bathtub

threeboysandapinkbath / Instagram

You may think that because your bathroom is more than likely the smallest room in your house, that it's not as fun to decorate. We couldn't disagree more. From wild bathtubs to fun wallpaper to crazy tile, your bathroom is the place in your home where you're most free to experiment with trends. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large master bath, tiling your space is a great way to add loads of personality to your space and create an area where you can relax and rejuvenate. 

From eye-catching geometric tile flooring (like this one from threeboysandapinkbath) to simple and classic subway tile, there are infinite ways to use tile in your bathroom. Here are 17 of our favorites. 

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    Go Pink

    Bathroom with pink chevron tile

    paullmcraig / Instagram

    We're already totally behind pink as a wall paint color throughout the home, but this bathroom by paullmcraig is proof that we should ditch the standard white tile and go full-on pink. This pink ombre-style chevron subway tile packs a punch and adds a lot of visual interest, so the rest of the bathroom can remain modern and light. Paired with the soft pink vanity and the oversized marble walls, this is a bathroom fit for royalty. 

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    A Simple Upgrade

    Bathroom with hexagon tile flooring

    Experimenting with tile doesn't have to mean working exclusively with the bold and bright. This bathroom from Mademoiselle features light gray hexagonal flooring that adds just enough texture to give the space depth, but still feels minimalistic and modern. Hexagonal tiles can be difficult to install, but the result is sophisticated and beautiful. 

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    Navy Blue Subway Tile

    Bathroom with dark navy tiles and gold fixtures
    Tim Lenz

    There's something incredibly luscious and rich about this dark navy tile from studiodearborn. Not only does it make a small space feel deeper and larger, but the slight reflection in this blue subway tile creates more interest and provide a modern update to traditional subway tile

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    Rustic and Unique

    bathroom with neutral chevron tiles
    Craven Haven

    In this bathroom by Craven Haven, a beige herringbone tile floor looks rustic and reminiscent of natural wood, but with a bathroom-friendly twist. It adds an unexpected twist to the otherwise classic bathroom and helps lend an eclectic boho feel to the space. 

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    Mix Up White Tiles

    White bathroom with unique tiles

    the.palm.co / Instagram

    If you're more of a white tile type of person, you can still experiment with designs in your bathroom. This space from the.palm.co shows that white tiles come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, and when put together they create an interesting space that doesn't look overly busy but feels textured and unique.

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    Traditional Penny Tile

    Bathroom with penny tile and rustic vanity
    Claudia López Pella

    There's just something about classic penny tiles that make a bathroom look instantly chic and appealing. We adore this bathroom from Claudia López Pella, which uses classic penny tile to create an updated vintage vibe. When paired with the rustic wooden vanity and classic mirrors, this bathroom wouldn't look out of place in a sophisticated old hotel. 

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    Experiment With Designs

    Bathroom with white subway tile and wallpaper

    beginninginthemiddle / Instagram

    While the walls of this bathroom from beginninginthemiddle are traditional subway tile, the flooring boasts a loud, oversized patterned tile that catches your eye without becoming overwhelming. Because it's light and neutral, it adds texture without taking away from the rest of the room. Add a bold oversized floral wallpaper, and voila—you've got a bathroom worthy of endless selfies.

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    Oversized White Tiles

    Small bathroom with large tiles

    rhiannonshousetohome / Instagram

    This bathroom from rhiannonshousetohome uses an extra-large tile on the wall to help make a quaint space feel a little roomier. By reducing the number of grout lines on the large tiled walls, the bathroom walls are less busy and there's more visual room for the patterned tile flooring

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    Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

    Bathroom with aqua tile work
    Three Birds Renovations

    If you've ever felt like you were really meant to be a mermaid, you'll love this tile from Three Birds Renovations. Not only does the vibrant teal and blue mosaic pattern help the rest of the bathroom pop, but the fish scale shape lends a Mediterranean vibe that feels like a vacation every time you take a shower. 

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    Subtle and Beautiful

    Bathroom with unique tile
    Daly Digs

    This bathroom from Daly Digs feels like it belongs in a tranquil spa somewhere in the mountains of Turkey. Between the trendy cement sink and the muted patterned tile walls, this space is fresh, unique and utterly appealing. 

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    Play With Patterns

    Bathroom with circle tiles on the floor
    S​arah Sherman Samuel

    Though this bathroom from S​arah Sherman Samuel uses traditional subway tiles on the walls, the geometric pattern gives it a funky, modern vibe. The circle pink floor tiles add a fun, feminine vibe, especially when paired with the sleek gold finishes throughout the room. 

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    Navy Blue Penny Tile

    Bathroom with black and white penny tile

    snookphotograph / Instagram

    This bathroom from snookphotograph is another example of why penny tile will never go out of style. Not only do the small, pebble-like tiles almost massage your feet after a shower, but they come in so many different shades and colors that you can easily make it your own. Here, a deep navy blue draws your eye down and makes the space feel larger. 

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    Embrace Floral

    Bathroom with floral tiles and subway tiles

    at_lucys_house / Instagram

    This floral tile from at_lucys_house is bold, creative and packs a punch. We love that when paired with the simple white subway tile, the unique pattern really stands out. When you have a completely clear shower stall like this one, you have to think harder about your shower walls and opt for a look that stands out. 

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    Use the Same Tile Throughout

    Bathroom with a navy vanity and patterned tile floors

    prettydomesticated / Instagram

    We love how this geometric patterned tile flooring from prettydomesticated extends all the way through the shower. Not only does this make the space look more interesting, but it widens the room and makes the shower feel almost invisible, giving the bathroom the illusion of having more square footage. 

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    Mix Unlikely Colors

    Bathroom with gray wall tiles and green shower tile
    Jenna Sue Design

    You may not think lime green and dark gray make a classic pair, but this simple-but-elegant bathroom from Jenna Sue Design proves that sometimes the most unlikely combinations just work. The shading of the tile floor feels reminiscent of the outdoors, while the green shower tiles give a pop of color without altering the overall look of the space too drastically. 

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    Make the Tiles Your Centerpiece

    Bathroom with a large black clawfoot tub
    The House of Silver Lining

    You may think an oversized bathroom like this one from The House of Silver Lining would need a lot of decor and accessories to fill the space, but when you pick a bold, textured tile, your flooring does the work for you. If you have a lot of negative space to play with, opt for visually interesting tiles that fill the walls or floor without artwork.

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    Statement Color Bathtub

    Bathroom with designed flooring and pink bathtub

    threeboysandapinkbath / Instagram

    This gorgeous bubblegum-colored tub from threeboysandapinkbath is a stunning accent piece for this bathroom. Contrasting against the blue walls, patterned tiles, and colorful artwork and curtains, this bathroom and its tub will are so chic you'll never want to leave.