8 Bathroom Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

2022 modern bathroom

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

The bathroom may not be the most obvious space in your home to experiment with new trends. However, if you're looking to give your loo a bit of a refresh come 2022, we're all for it. The (usually) small square footage of the space makes it a doable update anyone can take on.

We've spoken with designers to gather a list of eight bathroom trends that will soon be all the rage. Whether you're interested in making a small upgrade or taking on a full remodel, you'll want to check out their pro insight below.

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1. Fluted, Reeded, or Slatted Features

Those who are all about eye-catching textures are in luck: These will become more mainstream in 2022, designer Rosanna Bassford notes. Just note that at the moment, achieving such a look may involve a bit of work with a pro. "Right now you mainly have to do custom cabinets to get it, but manufacturers will catch up," Bassford says of the look.

slatted bathroom vanity


2. Warmer Colors

We can expect to see inviting shades including beige, tan, terracotta, and wood tones, Bassford comments. "So no more gray cabinets or gray walls," she adds. "I think gray will become more like a color where it is used selectively, and beige will be the new neutral."

warm colors in bathroom

Doris Roberts Interiors

3. Fun Patterns

On a related note, designer Tara McCauley expects all-white bathrooms to be a thing of the past. "A small bathroom is the perfect opportunity to go bold with a saturated color or fun pattern," she comments. "With e-commerce sources for peel-and-stick wallpaper proliferating online, I think it's easier than ever for homeowners and renters alike to personalize their walls."

pattern in small bathroom

MJ Kroeger for Tara McCauley

4. More Types of Furniture

Who's to say that a bathroom can't incorporate a fun furniture find or two? "With the continued shift towards spending more time at home, paired with the very urgent need to take care of our mental health, we're expecting bathrooms to incorporate more furniture-like pieces that transform this room for getting ready into a space that promotes prolonged self-care," designer Liza Kuhn explains. Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to pieces one can include. "Vanities crafted from vintage dressers, upholstered vanity chairs, and tub side tables are a few pieces that we expect to see more of, as they provide warmth while encouraging you to slow down, relax, and take a bit more time for yourself," Kuhn adds.

bar cart holding towels in bathroom

Ashley Montgomery Design

5. DIY Touches

No matter one's style preference, taking matters into one's own hands design wise will continue to be prominent come 2022. Bassford notes that homeowners are beginning to DIY reeded or fluted features in their loos, while McCauley comments that those who don't wish to install wallpaper may wish to try their hand at a small mural in the bathroom. She notes, "Even a hand painted design isn't so daunting a feat in a small space!"

DIY touches in bathroom

Ashley Webb Interiors

6. A Mix of Old and New

Designer Isabella Patrick has seen clients opt for classic designs when it comes to tile and marble, for example, but notes that they're incorporating plenty of "fresh elements," too. What has Patrick been noticing? "Colorful millwork or vanities, mid-century inspired lighting, and really smart storage like full length niches and vanities with drawers," to name a few fab touches.

brass lighting and traditional decor

Cathie Hong Interiors

7. More Plaster

This look is something that designer Becky Shea greatly appreciates. "There is something so clean and chic about a shower being fully plastered versus little grout lines everywhere for tile," she notes. "From a maintenance point of view, it's also so much easier to keep clean and you don't have issues with grout turning yellow or chipping away."

plaster in shower

Sean Litchfield for Becky Shea Design

8. Vibrant Fabrics and Textiles

The addition of more color in the bathroom isn't just limited to walls and cabinets. Designer Sarah Brannon expects this trend to take shape in terms of textiles, too. "I’m opting for window treatments created with intricate textiles rather than neutral fabrics, saturated paints, and expansive vintage rugs to add warmth," she explains.

vibrant rug in bathroom

Sarah Gibson