Modern Bathroom Trends

Keep your bathroom looking updated with these modern design ideas

When upgrading your home, conventional wisdom says you'll get the most resale value by updating the kitchen and the bathroom. But even though it may give you a good return on the investment, a full remodel of either room can be expensive. 

That doesn't mean modernizing your bathroom is out of reach, even if you are on a tight budget. With a few small tweaks in key areas, you can take that dated washroom and give it a whole new look and feel. Here are a few design trends that will help ​rev...MOREitalize your bathroom.

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    Metal fixtures, especially brass, give a classic look to any bathroom. 

    Along with brass, you'll also find gold, silver, platinum, nickel, stainless and brushed steel as popular finishes. Get a little bold with brass faucets or change the cabinet knobs to a metal finish.

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    Stones and minerals

    David Marlow/Stone Forest

    Natural stones and minerals are good options in a bathroom, not just as decorative elements, but also as functional items.  

    Consider stones and minerals as decor items: a stone bench near the bath, or a stool covered in a polished mineral. In feng shui, stones represent mountains and their calm, grounded qualities.

    These tend to be higher-end items, so stone might not be affordable throughout the bathroom. But a polished stone sink instead of the typical porcelain can be an interesting focal...MORE point.

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    Artisan Items

     The growing trend of artisan items is now reaching big proportions, with artisan and handmade online marketplaces helping people market their products all over the world.

    Find a handmade bath mat, purchase soap from a local soapmaker (and avoid all the noxious chemicals in mass-produced soaps), get a custom-printed shower curtain; the possibilities are as endless as the people who make handmade things (which is pretty much endless).

    A bonus: your focus on artisan items support small business...MORE owners and local economies instead of giant, anonymous corporations. 

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    Green Plants

    Photo © Gau Designs. Gau Concrete Zen Garden Sink via dornob

    A green bathroom, which incorporates plants into the design, can be a quick fix for a tired layout. 

    If you are renovating, think about adding a full green feature to your bathroom space. And don't necessarily stop with adding a few plants; green walls give a small space a cool feel. An indoor garden can be transformative.

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    Dramatic Colors

    Kristie Barnett

    If you're tired of the white-and-beige bathroom, there's no reason to think you have to stick to a dull color palate. 

    Black tile and paint is a favorite on home design shows, especially with dramatic lighting that can provide sharp contrasts. If black isn't quite what you have in mind for your bathroom, any bright color will add a splash of life, even if it's just in accessories like towels and curtains. 

    In short, don't be afraid to indulge in your dramatic, glamorous tastes,...MORE especially in the bathroom where it's unexpected.

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    Floral Patterns

    floral bathroom
    Lived In Images/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    Floral patterns went through a phase where they weren't exactly in high demand. And while flowery designs aren't for everyone, or even for every space. floral patterns can add nice accents in small doses. Floral print wallpaper might not work over an entire bathroom, especially a small one, but can be a nice design for an accent wall.

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    Pink in all its shades


    Embrace your feminine side by going pink in the bathroom. You'll be surprised how much it adds to the feel of the room. 

    Whether it's bright, flashy hot pink or a more subtle pinky beige, an earthy taupe or cotton candy, pink is a color that can perk up even the most drab-looking bathroom. 

    If pink is your thing, a little can go a long way. You might not be ready for a pink tub or pink tile, but pink towels or a pink bath mat can give your bathroom a little personality.