Bathroom Wall Tile

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    Bathroom Wall Tile: Porcelain Mosaic

    PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/Getty Images

    A handsome bathroom wall tile demonstrating a robust range of earthen colors. Porcelain mosaic is a perennial favorite for bathroom wall tile.

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    Bathroom Wall Tile: Listello

    Spaces Images/Getty Images

    Accent strips are simple to install and go a long way toward making your bathroom look awesome.

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    The Colors of Glass Bathroom Wall Tile

    YinYang/Getty Images

    Glass bathroom tile can create a strong feature and focal-point in your bathroom.

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    White Bathroom Wall Tile: Subway in Miniature

    Leanna Rathkelly/Getty Images

    One popular bathroom wall tile is subway tile. Essentially, any rectangular tile laid horizontally can be deemed subway tile.

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    Hexagonal (Hex) Mosaic Bathroom Wall Tile

    Dana Menussi/Getty Images

    Who said you can't use hex mosaic as bathroom wall tile? Often seen as bathroom flooring, this classic hex mosaic in rich, earthen colors can be used as bathroom wall tiling in limited numbers.

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    Glow in the Dark Bathroom Wall Tile

    Susan Jablon Mosaics

    Want unique--for kids? Check out this bathroom wall tile that glows in the dark for several minutes after the lights are shut off.