10 Wall Tile Ideas That Will Inspire Your Remodel

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    Wall Tile Ideas: Bathroom ala Mod?

    shower cabin tile
    Michael Bodmann / Getty Images

    Looking for wall tile ideas? Wall tile is typically used for kitchen backsplashes, shower and bathtub surrounds, or for entire walls within bathrooms (due to tile's superior ability to withstand moisture).

    Note that wall tile installs and behaves differently than floor tile: the emphasis is on aesthetics and moisture-resistance. It's not necessary to consider wearability, because no one will ever walk on wall tile.

    Also note that if you have ever installed floor tile, you might think that wall tile is a piece of cake. Gravity is the gremlin of wall tile installation, as tiles that are not securely adhered will begin slipping downward. In particular, heavier ceramic tile and natural stone may prove difficult for DIY tilers to install as wall tile.

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    Wall Tile Ideas: Up Close and Mod

    bathroom wall tile
    Copyright Dal-Tile

    This Dal-Tile bathroom wall tile idea deserves a close-up.

    From Dal-Tile, Stone á la Mod in Block Random Uptown Blend and Glass Reflections in White Ice.

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    Wall Tile Ideas: Slate Style

    field wall tile
    Copyright Dal-Tile

    Here's a wall tile idea that features the look of slate without the unpredictability and weight associated with natural slate.

    From Dal-Tile:

    • Continental Slate Brazilian Green 6" x 6" field tile
    • 4" x 12" border
    • Fashion Accents Antique Pewter chair rail
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    Wall Tile Ideas: Beige With Style

    wall tile ideas
    Devonshire Beige from Dal-Tile. Copyright Dal-Tile

    Beige doesn't have to be boring. Here is an elegant beige wall tile idea featuring tall and narrow ceramic tiles.

    From Dal-Tile:

    • Devonshire Beige 19" x 12" wall field tile
    • Devonshire Beige 13" x 9" accents in Beige
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    Wall Tile Ideas: Festive Tile for a Lively Kitchen

    Copyright Dal-Tile

    This is a wall tile idea that is effective in measured doses, as in the kitchen pictured here.

    From Dal-Tile, this is Festiva in Amber, Pecan, and Aquarius, each tile measuring 4-1/4" x 4-1/4".

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    Wall Tile Ideas: Simple Six-By-Six

    wall tile
    Copyright Dal-Tile

    Wall tile ideas don't get any simpler than this: clean and easy 6" x 6" white tiles leading up from Dal-Tile's floor border in Keystone Select, Cypress, Mexican Sand, and White.

    From Dal-Tile, this easy tile is called Keystones Select Semi-gloss in White 6" x 6".

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    Wall Tile Ideas: Wall Tile and Listello

    Copyright Dal-Tile

    Stretching the wall all the way up? For a wall tile idea that breaks the monotony, be sure to add a band or listello to serve as a visual "stop." Functionally, it makes no difference, but it's a nice addition. See our next image for a close view of a listello and chair rail.

    This is Dal-Tile's Gold Rush in Wheatland 8" x 10" wall field tile.

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    Listello and Chair Rail

    Copyright Dal-Tile

    Whenever laying wall tile in large quantities, it's always a good idea to add a listello or chair rail for greater visual interest.

    From Dal-Tile:

    • Semi-gloss in Chamois and white 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
    • Fashion Accents 190 vine Listello and Liners 190 White chair rail
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    Blue Mosaic Wall Tile

    Mosaic Wall Tile. Copyright Dal-Tile

    An attractive blue mosaic wall tile idea for a bathroom.

    From Dal-Tile: Sonterra Collection in Azul Verde Iridescent.

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    Subway Tile For a Traditional Kitchen Look

    Copyright Dal-Tile

    Subway tile is one of those wall tile ideas that is perfect for any home that is trying to maintain a traditional look.

    From Dal-Tile, this is Rittenhouse Square wall tile, White 3" x 6".