15 Bathrooms With Amazing Tile Flooring

Large bathroom with double vanity and patterned tile flooring

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Tile is a popular choice for bathroom flooring because it is very versatile. Tile comes in every color, shape, and material imaginable. Tile flooring is also an excellent choice for bathrooms because most materials used are water-resistant, making them perfect for the high humidity environment of a bathroom.

Here are a few tile materials worth noting:

  • Natural stone tile such as marble, granite, slate, and soapstone is used across a range of styles. Their natural colors and organic textures make for interesting patterns. Their downside tends to be price and maintenance: natural stone costs more than most other materials, and it tends to require more frequent and specialized maintenance.
  • Porcelain and ceramic tile are the most popular and budget-friendly choices. They come in a dizzying array of sizes, patterns, and colors. They're also generally easy to install, clean, and maintain over the years. They are also moisture-, stain-, and scratch-resistant.

Ahead, get some inspiration for making a tile floor work for your budget and style preferences.

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    Traditional Bathroom With Marble Tile

    Marble tiles in a traditional, luxury bathroom
    Denise Maloney Interior Design​

    This classic traditional primary bathroom by Denise Maloney Interior Design shows you the possibilities of marble tile. An inset with an interlocking curve pattern is surrounded by a large subway tile. The floor marble has very little veining compared to the countertop or tub; this gives a little contrast to the whole and avoids an "everything is white" effect.

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    Bathroom With Hex Gray Tile

    Grey hex bathroom tile
    Blake Shaw Homes

    A creamy white vanity is paired with a gray hex floor tile in this bathroom by Blake Shaw Homes. Hex tile is growing popular, thanks to its unusual shape. Hexagonal tile has a different "rhythm" and look ​than rectangular tile. It packs a lot more energy and movement, which means that it's perfect for giving a decor punch to a small bathroom.

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    Retro Bathroom With Pattern Tile

    Retro-style bathroom with bold tile flooring

    How better to finish this cute retro-style bathroom than with a starburst-pattern floor tile? This design by ​Amberth uses black-and-white contrast to make what would be a small, bland bathroom into a space with personality and punch.

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    Primary Bathroom With Herringbone Tile Floor

    Herringbone style bathroom tile floor
    Kate Coughlin Interiors

    A beautiful tile floor can also be subtle. This wonderful porcelain herringbone floor, in a bathroom by Kate Coughlin Interiors, uses a combination of pink-and-white tile for a chic yet understated effect.

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    Bathroom With Concrete Mosaic Tile

    Concrete mosaic tile in a luxury bathroom
    Sophie Burke Design​

    An unusual material for tile, concrete is durable and beautiful, too. This bathroom by Sophie Burke Design uses a concrete mosaic tile with a subtle grey pattern that fits the natural stone countertop. The added brass details on the mirrors and vanity hardware polish the look, giving it a touch of an industrial feel.

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    Small Bathroom With Vintage Black-and-White Tile

    Vintage-style black and white bathroom tile
    JAS Design Build

    A green washstand brightens up this small bathroom featuring a vintage floor tile pattern. JAS Design Build chose a square tile mosaic that complements yet contrasts the traditional subway tile on the walls. A bit of marble on the washstand brings a touch of classic style for a bathroom that is at once simple and luxurious.

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    Eclectic Bathroom With Large Hex Floor Tile

    Bathroom with eclectic furnishings and a hexagonal tile pattern
    Shannon Malone / Houzz

    Visible, contrasting grout can be part of a beautiful decor scheme. In this bathroom by Shannon Malone, a large blue hex tile with wide grout brings charm and a little retro touch. A matching subway tile on the walls and a colorful rug harmonize the whole space.

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    Beach Bathroom With Subway Tile Flooring

    Beachy bathroom with blue tile floor
    Lynn Morgan Design

    Glass tile is usually put on walls, but this beach-style bathroom by Lynn Morgan Design puts it on the floor for a glassy effect that reminds us of water. The floor is complemented by a frosted glass countertop and vessel sink and pale blue towels.

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    Farmhouse Bathroom With Herringbone Marble Tile

    Grey herringbone bathroom floor tile
    DV Rasmussen Construction

    A farmhouse bathroom by DV Rasmussen Construction gets a chic touch with a subtle marble herringbone tile floor. It's small enough to harmonize with the room but interesting enough visually to bring a sense of movement to the space. The natural color shifts in the marble contrast with the pure white of the walls and tub.

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    Traditional Bathroom With Bold Herringbone Floor

    traditional bathroom with a bold herringbone floor tile
    Studio M Interiors

    A classic freestanding tub and white cabinets are supported by a bold blue, white, and black herringbone tile floor in this bathroom by Studio M Interiors. By keeping the rest of the space simple and clean, the floor pops out. It's a bold but effective choice.

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    Southwestern-Style Bathroom With Colorful Mosaic Tile

    Southwestern style bathroom with tiled floor
    Nest Interior Design Group

    This long and narrow bathroom by Nest Interior Design Group features a colorful mosaic tile in white, orange and blue. The blue is repeated in the shower and bathtub tile, and the orange comes back in the natural earthy tones of the accessories throughout the space.

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    Primary Bathroom With Honey Tile

    Standing tub a master bathroom with honey tile
    Coddington Design​

    The interesting tile here is the one that surrounds the freestanding tub. The bathroom by Coddington Design features a laser-cut natural stone tile in a wonderful circle pattern. It defines the tub space from the rest of the room, and its colors are recalled everywhere: the wood board, the damask fabric on the bench, and the paint.

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    Tile Floors for Every Style and Budget

    patterned black and white bathroom tile

    Katie Martinez Design

    This bathroom, by Katie Martinez Design, shows a bold patterned tile with sharp angles and geometrical shapes to complement the classic subway tile on the walls.

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    Mediterranean Bathroom With Mosaic Tile

    Mediterranean-style bathroom with mosaic floor
    Stephen Karlisch / Houzz

    A mix of old and new defines this beautiful Mediterranean bathroom, photographed by Stephen Karslich. A modern plastic stool contrasts against a distressed wooden desk, and the rounded shape of the tub contrasts with the square wall tile. But the show-stopping feature here is the white, black, gray, and yellow tile floor, which brings it all together.

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    Luxurious Primary Bath With Marble Herringbone Tile

    herringbone marble tile floor
    Cote de Texas

    None of the previous herringbone patterns come close to this luxurious marble floor by Julie Dodson and featured on Cote de Texas. The herringbone pattern is made by the natural veining in the marble, rather than by the cut of the marble tile itself. This makes this tile stand out visually, and add to the sense of luxury and chic of the whole bathroom.