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10 Beautiful Bathrooms With Clawfoot Tubs

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    The Clawfoot Style

    Clawfoot tub
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    When they appeared in the 19th century, clawfoot tubs were considered a luxury item. They were made out of cast iron (heavy!) with a porcelain lining. This classic style has the characteristic rolled rim as well as decorative "feet" that hold the tub off of the floor. 

    Clawfoot tubs are an excellent choice if you want to give your bathroom a traditional or retro look. The feet and the type of rim will often make the difference between a true retro look and a more streamlined, modern interpretation.

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    Cottage Bathroom With Clawfoot Tub

    A gorgeous country cottage-style bathroom needs a clawfoot tub. This is the effect achieved in this budget bathroom renovation by Jenna Sue. Add to this the wonderful herringbone brick floor, quite an original and unexpected addition!

    You can get a similar look in your bathroom with a traditional cast iron tub, for example this one by Barclay. This double-slip style is a little bit more elegant than our example's straight lines, but it still works quite well.

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    Colorful Beach-Style Clawfoot Tub

    beach house clawfoot tub
    Ken Gutmaker

    In this classic beach-style bathroom by Ken Gutmaker Photography, via Houzz, the tub's outside finish provides a needed pop of color against the white, gauzy fabrics and the natural blonde wood floor. The turquoise shade, of course, is reminiscent of the sea.

    White beadboard gives the room a warm, traditional feel, and the chair in the corner is just the right amount of distressed to give a unique, personal touch.

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    Modern Bathroom With Clawfoot Tub

    The clawfoot style doesn't have to be all traditional, all the time. In fact, it does very well in a more modern decor, where it gives a touch of elegance. Take this clean, modern bathroom by Chalet Development, for example. The ornate feet provide a perfect contrast to the minimal colors, abstract art, and marble tile floor.

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    Victorian Cottage Clawfoot Bathroom

    This Victorian beach cottage bathroom, designed by OutinDesign, features a classic white clawfoot tub with shiny finish inside and out, very dark brass hardware, and windows that let in light yet maintain privacy. 

    The paint on the beadboard is Benjamin Moore's Tree Moss, a soft sage green that suits the warmth beach style.

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    Double-Sided Clawfoot Tub

    beautiful clawfoot tub
    Jason Nuttle Photography

    The central position of the hardware in this double-sided clawfoot tub allows two people to sit in it comfortably. This traditional bathroom design by LS Interior Group, via Houzz, takes you back to that summer you spent in the south of France with its natural stone flooring and wall, alcove decor, and beautiful mosaic focal point.

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    Deep-Soak Clawfoot Tub in Marble Bathroom

    This narrow but deep-soaking clawfoot tub is the centerpiece of a marble-clad bathroom, designed by The Renovated Home. The abundance of white makes this bathroom full of light, and the traditional style of both marble and clawfoot tub work together for an elegant effect that survives fads and fashions.

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    Black And White Clawfoot Tub With Golden Accents

    black and white clawfoot tub
    Jenna Lyons

    By leaving space around them, clawfoot tubs are excellent at making a small bathroom look bigger, compared to alcove tubs. And in the case of this particular space by Jenna Lyons, via Camille Styles, the black on white contrast also adds a lot of visual interest. The golden hardware does a particularly good job of avoiding the typical black-and-white monotony, helped by an array of textures and green plants to soften the whole.

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    Splattered Clawfoot Tub in Colorful Bathroom

    kids bathroom clawfoot tub
    Rikky Snyder

    Why stick to a boring white clawfoot tub when you can make it your own with a few splatters of paint? This farmhouse bathroom by Rikki Snyder, via Houzz, features a personal, colorful take on the clawfoot tradition. Let your kids have a little fun with this one by letting them paint ​on the tub!

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    Clawfoot Tub With Vintage Scale Tile Floor

    Although the clawfoot tub is gorgeous, what really arrests attention in this room by Rosa Beltran Design is the cement scale-shaped floor tile. They really bring a sense of movement and originality to the room. And the tub, painted in matte black, beautifully contrasts the shine of the flooring and of the golden feet.

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    Red Clawfoot Tub in Eclectic Bathroom

    red clawfoot tub
    Corbin Lee Gurkin

    What's not to love about this beautifully eclectic yet delicately feminine bathroom by Design*Sponge? The red clawfoot tub recalls the cabinet door covers, and the baby blue accents soften the whole. This bathroom has color, style, and most of all, a personality that's all its own.