18 Double Showers For a Spa-Like Experience

double shower ideas

Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

Taking a couple's shower might sound spontaneous and romantic, but in reality can often be a cramped, slippery, and awkward affair in a layout designed for one. Whether you're looking to build an ergonomic space for spontaneous joint showers or dual showers are a practical necessity in a household where you both need to get ready for work at the same time, a double shower can be a practical primary bathroom luxury for those with the budget and floor space.

Unlike a shower with conventional, hand-held, and rainwater showerheads attached to the same water source, a double shower features two showerheads within close reach that are controlled separately so each person can adjust the water temperature and length of their shower to suit their own needs.

Check out these double shower ideas in a range of layouts, styles, sizes, and finishes.

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    In the Background

    double shower ideas

    Design by Studio DB / Photo by Matthew Williams

    This stunning bathroom from NYC-based interior design firm Studio DB features a spacious double shower with minimalist hardware mounted on a floor-to-ceiling tile wall. The double shower has an understated look that serves as a backdrop to a gorgeous egg-shaped bathtub posed on a luxurious scene-stealing slab of marble.

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    Industrial Farmhouse

    double shower ideas

    Design by House Nine

    Interior designer Jojo Barr of House Nine created a double walk-in shower at the end of this long rectangular bathroom. The spacious dual shower entrance is framed out with industrial-style black metal and glass partitions that create structure. Along with black-and-white tiling that is carried from the shower walls onto the floor, these industrial touches add contrast to farmhouse elements including a reclaimed wood wall behind the tub and retro-style double pedestal sinks.

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    White and Wood

    double shower ideas

    Mel Bean Interiors

    Interior designer Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors created a spacious combination double shower and tub area that features a modern play of bright white and wood on the walls and floor. A high bank of windows provides both privacy from the outdoors, and abundant natural light.

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    Black Stone

    double shower ideas

    Design by Living with Lolo / Photo by Life Created

    Interior designer Lauren Lerner of Living with Lolo created a moody corner double shower clad in black stone that feels like a room within a room in this otherwise bright and spacious primary bathroom. A black-and-white patterned tile shower floor lightens it up a bit, and brass hardware adds contrast.

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    double shower ideas

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    Interior designer Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors prioritized the shower space in this generously sized minimalist bathroom design by installing a large marble and glass box double shower. An adjacent bathtub tucked off to the side under the window is on hand for occasional soaks.

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    Double Doors

    double shower ideas

    Mary Patton Design

    Interior designer Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design built a marble and glass double shower in the corner of this luxurious bathroom, with a freestanding tub anchoring the space. While the double shower is built for sharing, each side has its own door to enhance traffic flow and create a sense of theatricality.

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    double shower ideas

    Design by JL Design / Photo by Reagen Taylor Photography

    Interior designer Jessica Davis of Nashville, TN-based JL Design created a spacious self-contained double shower with a shared rainfall showerhead. She ran large wraparound warm-toned tiles horizontally to increase the perception of width in the relatively narrow, deep rectangular space. Floor and ceiling are tiled in complementary cream tones to retain a sense of airiness in the windowless space.

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    Mosaic Tile

    double shower ideas

    Sophie Head Interiors

    Interior designer Sophie Head of UK-based Sophie Head Interiors created a recessed double shower alcove carved out of an expansive primary bathroom with marble floor tiles and vaulted ceilings. The double shower is covered in a bespoke mosaic tile mural in a delicate pattern of branches and leaves that spreads from walls to ceiling.

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    Black and White

    18 double shower ideas

    Design by GreyHunt Interiors / Photo by Christy Kosnic

    Interior designer Sallie Lord from Chantilly, VA-based GreyHunt Interiors created a double shower on the left side of a galley-style primary bathroom with simple black and white tiling, glass doors, and room for plants.

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    Double Modern

    double shower ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    In this ultra contemporary California primary bathroom suite, interior designer Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors created a self-contained transparent wet room with a soaking tub and double shower installed on opposite walls. Wrap-around windows provide natural light and views from the shower or the central tub.

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    Under the Eaves

    double shower ideas

    Design by Jessica Nelson Interior Design / Photo by Carina Skrobecki Photography

    In this loft suite primary bathroom from interior designer Jessica Nelson of Jessica Nelson Interior Design, a large walk-in double shower is located under the eaves, with a rooflight window providing plenty of natural light.

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    Corner Suite

    double shower ideas

    K Shan Design

    Kelly from K Shan Design added a large corner double shower at one end of this spacious bathroom remodel that is enclosed with all-glass doors and tiled with the same gray tones as the rest of the space that help it to blend in.

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    One Sided

    double shower ideas

    Design by Marlaina Teich Designs / Photo by Ric Marder Imagery

    Interior designer Malaina Teich of Marlaina Teich Designs added a spacious patterned tiled double shower box opposite the double vanity in this extra wide galley-style bathroom.

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    Walls and Floors

    double shower ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    Blogger Emma Chapman from A Beautiful Mess renovated her primary bathroom suite, adding a double shower at the far end of the long rectangular room that necessitated a small step up to accommodate plumbing. She tiled the shower floor in black, but clad walls with marble-effect tiles that she carried onto the floor for a more seamless look.

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    Side By Side

    double shower ideas

    Design by Maite Granda

    Interior designer Maite Granda created a relatively compact double shower at the end of this somewhat narrow Florida condo bathroom to maximize space and take advantage of the natural light from the window.

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    Tile Inset

    double shower ideas

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Christy Kosnic

    Interior designer Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions carved a double shower out of the corner of this primary bathroom that maximizes space while leaving room for an adjacent soaking tub. She added a tile inset on one wall to add variation and interest.

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    Pony Wall

    double shower ideas

    Design and Photo by Nomi Bathroom Remodels 

    In this primary bathroom designed by Nomi Bathroom Remodels, a double shower at the far end of the room has a pony wall that provides some privacy. A glass upper half wall and door allows natural light from the adjacent window to penetrate the shower area.

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    The Great Outdoors

    double shower ideas

    Design by Giannetti Home / Photo by Lisa Romerein Photography

    This dreamy double shower and accompanying garden tub at Patina Farm in Ojai, California was designed by Giannetti Home