14 Bathrooms With Double Showers

beautiful shower design
The Pleated Poppy

Are you always stuck waiting for your partner to get out of the shower so you can use it? A double shower might be the solution you're looking for. Double showers not only add value to a home, but they also have ample space for two people to take a shower whenever they like.

Installing a double shower is usually best done during a full bathroom renovation. And because of their size, double showers tend to be the focal point of a primary bathroom. Thus, making smart decor decisions with the colors and materials matters. 

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Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Enjoy a Full Body Treatment

    a shower with several shower heads
    Rock Paper Hammer

    A double shower obviously needs at least two shower heads for both people to wash at the same time. But this double shower from Rock Paper Hammer takes washing to another level. It features a ceiling shower head, a handheld spray, and several body sprays. It's like a car wash for your body. Having multiple spray options works well in a double shower because they can be adjusted for various heights and preferences.

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    Leave Space for a Bench

    a double shower with dark brown tile
    Drury Design

    This brown double shower by Drury Design features a rain shower head, a handheld spray, and a fixed shower head, along with six body sprays and a steam unit. It's the perfect place to relax or wake yourself up. Plus, the design makes good use of the large space by adding shampoo niches and a built-in bench, which allows you to shave or use a pumice stone without the risk of slipping.

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    Go for a Classic Look

    A marble tile double shower
    Eric Olsen Design

    Marble, a classic bathroom material, shines in this double shower by Eric Olsen Design. A double partition opens up the space, and two fixed shower heads provide symmetry. Plus, the mosaic border tile and flooring offer pops of interest and movement. This is one bathroom design that is both modern and timeless.

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    Experiment With Modern Design

    round double shower design
    LAIR Architectural + Interior

    This cool, modern double shower from Key Residential has a capsule design that makes you feel like you're in "Star Trek." Because the flooring is the same inside and outside of the shower, it looks seamlessly integrated into the bathroom. The unusual shape and position (in the center of the room) make this capsule shower the focal point of the bathroom. 

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    Stay Simple With Subway Tile

    A double shower with subway tile

    Add interest to a simple white subway tile by using a contrasting grout and dark flooring, as in this double shower by Leivars. Two ceiling shower heads and one handheld spray provide all the cleaning power you need. The design also has a bit of a retro feel, thanks to the white and stainless hardware.

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    Select Stone for a Natural Feel

    A stone bathroom with walk-in double shower
    ART Design Build

    This beautiful walk-in double shower by ART Design Build uses natural stone for texture on the walls in a neutral palette that will suit almost any decor style. Take special note of the large rain shower head that spans the space, rather than two separate shower heads. And if you want to take a quick shower, the fixed shower heads will work just fine.

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    Define the Space With Mosaic Tile

    A double shower with mosaic tile
    Sage Design

    An armchair elegantly marks the edge of this double shower by Sage Design. But it's the contrasting mosaic tile that really commands attention in the space, giving the shower definition through the glass divider. Two ceiling shower heads are all that's needed to keep everyone clean and fresh.

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    Opt for a Minimalist Design

    A walk-through double shower
    Rockridge Fine Homes

    For lovers of contemporary design, this shower by Rockridge Fine Homes has all the right elements: straight edges, minimal distraction, and a monochrome palette. A large rain shower head is large enough for two. But if you prefer to go it alone, there's a handheld spray and fixed shower head to satisfy your needs. 

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    Bathe the Room in Marble

    A double shower with marble tile
    Allwood Construction

    This beautiful primary bathroom is a marble lover's dream. The design by Allwood Construction uses the natural veining of the stone to bring texture and movement to the space. And the great part about marble is it doesn't seem to go out of style. White is a classic, high-value choice that makes it easy to update the decor with just a few accessories. 

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    Incorporate Double Doors

    A double shower with gray tile
    Brian Watford

    With doors on each side, this shower feels more like a room of its own rather than a bathroom feature. The doors also make it so two people showering simultaneously won't get in each other's way at all. The design by Brian Watford uses contrasting porcelain and marble in gray and white, which is perfect for a contemporary style.

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    Create a Wet Room

    A double shower in a white bathroom
    Kriste Michelini

    Not sure whether you want to take a shower or lounge in a bath? This wet room-style shower and tub space by Kriste Michelini Interiors gives you the option to do both. Because the tub is in the shower space, there's no need to worry about splashing water on the floor. Moreover, the choice of marble is classic and adds value to the home.

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    Highlight Accent Tiles

    A double shower with dark tile and candles
    Gaskin Design & Development

    This moody and dramatic shower by Gaskin Design & Development is big enough for four, but imagine taking a shower alone in this wonderful space. The koi fish mosaic accent tiles make this bathroom truly special. Also, note the LED candles on the shelves, which allow you to enjoy the relaxing glow of candlelight without the risk of snuffing them out with water.

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    Save Space With a Narrow Double Shower

    double shower in a white bathroom
    SC Homes

    In this all-white bathroom by SC Homes, the blue-gray Moroccan tile pops. And the design proves that a double shower can fit in an average-sized bathroom. In this case, the shower is a narrow corridor rather than a large corner of the room to save space. The cutout to the shower allows some natural light in while maintaining privacy. 

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    Use Frosted Glass for Light and Privacy

    A double shower with high-tech shower heads
    WK Design Group

    A frosted glass wall lets in natural light while maintaining privacy in this minimalist space by WK Design Group. The large white tile and floating bench give the sense of an airy, expansive space. The shelf holds shower products, and the shower stations each have a rain shower head, a handheld unit, and several body sprays.