36 Beautiful and Timeless Bathrooms With Hexagon Tile Floors

white bathroom with hexagon tile

Chelius House of Design

The six-sided hexagon is one of our favorite design shapes and it’s been a mainstay in homes for well over a century. It saw its popularity skyrocket in the 1920s, and it’s continued to pop in and out of design trends ever since.

And for good reason; as designer Nina Hendrick of Nina Hendrick Home explains, "Hexagon tiles add a unique shape, visual interest, and vintage flair to the space.”

Plus, hexagon tile comes in all sizes, colors, and styles, so there’s sure to be one that’s right for your space—as long as you consider the scale of the tile and your room. Hendrick explains, “Small hexagon tiles can be busy and overwhelming in a large bathroom, but may be perfect for a shower floor or small powder bath." Try contrasting grout for a vintage-inspired look or something more monochromatic in a sleek, modern space.

Looking for inspiration across hexagon tile’s many faces? Here are 36 bathrooms with hexagon tile that show this timeless look isn’t going anywhere.

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    Contrast With Black

    black hexagon tile in light wood bathroom

    Nicole Dianne

    Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors raves about hexagon tile’s versatility.

    "It is easily accessible in almost every type of marble-so you are bound to find the perfect hex to compliment your other tile choices,” says Macuga.

    This contrasting black and light wood bathroom proves her point.

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    Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

    mint green and black bathroom with hexagon tile

    IDCO Studio

    Black doesn't have to mean dark or moody. In this fresh bathroom, mint green wainscoting and vertical subway tile lighten up the space, while the black hexagon tile provides a modern, grounded contrast.

    “The hexagon shape is a very classic tile design and dates back to Moorish influence along the Mediterranean, but still feels so fresh and modern,” says Anastasia Casey of IDCO Studio.

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    Embrace Vintage Style

    vintage bathroom with hexagon tile

    J. L. Jordan Photography

    "There's a reason why we reach for hexagon tiles in the bathroom over and over—they're a total classic! This bathroom has its original 1897 encaustic hexagon floor tiles and they still look chic,” says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors.

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    Pair Dark Tiles With Light Grout

    light modern bathroom with hexagon tile

    Molly Culver Photography

    Meredith Owen of Meredith Owen Interiors says,

    “Hex floors are great to use in rooms with unique shapes, they are also an easy way to play up a fun pattern on the floor!” In this bathroom, she created pattern by using matte black hexagon tiles with light grout for a crisp contrast.

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    Go With Gorgeous Grays

    classic gray bathroom with hexagon tile floor

    Nicole Dianne

    "Choosing a hexagon shape for your tile flooring is a classic, timeless choice that has been a favorite of designers and homeowners for decades. The space is also highly versatile, making it an excellent choice for more modern or more traditional spaces,” says Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors.

    She used it in this timeless gray bathroom, where it’s perfectly at home both with the vintage-inspired rug and the more modern vanity.

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    Make a Spa-Inspired Retreat

    spa-like shower with black hexagon tile floor

    Emily Kennedy Photography

    Serene, neutral colors and complementing tile shapes make this bathroom from StruckSured Interiors feel like a spa-inspired retreat. The black hexagon tile looks like pebbles along the ground and the rustic wood stool adds to the natural aesthetic.

    "The goal was to provide a playful dynamic with the simplicity of the other selections," says the designer, Samantha Struck.

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    Try Pure White

    white bathroom with hexagon tile

    Katie Hodges Design

    Katie Hodges Design went all in on white with this California cool space. From the sculptural white arches to the clay-inspired built-ins, there was no need to bring in a drop of color, even in the tile. Subtle white hexagons make their way across the floor, not distracting from the pure white elegance of this monochromatic room.

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    Play With Patterns

    vibrant bathroom with patterned hexagon tile

    Meghan bob Photography

    This playful bathroom by Hub of the House Studio shows that you shouldn't be afraid of mixing stripes and stars. Bold gray and white stripes welcome you into this fun bathroom, where patterned blue hexagon tile and contrasting red cabinet hardware make it a space where you can't help but smile.

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    Try Muted Grays

    neutral bathroom with gray hexagon tile floors

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Subtle gray marble hexagon tile is the perfect foundation for this beautifully muted bathroom from Whittney Parkinson Design with a vintage-inspired rug and faded wood cabinetry. Black cabinet hardware and a black mirror tie in the dark, moody colors of the rug without weighing down the space.

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    Embrace Moody Hues

    moody bathroom with hexagon tile

    Tyler Karu

    Here's an example of gray marble hexagon tile with a completely different twist than the other light and airy examples. In this bathroom, Tyler Karu used dark grout to anchor the tile, echoed it in the light marble countertop, but did the rest of the bathroom in moody blacks and browns. The result is a high contrast, high drama space.

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    Go Timeless With Black and White

    timeless black and white bathroom with hexagon tile

    Meghan bob Photography

    This bathroom by Hub of the House Studio has all the makings of a vintage design. From the cast iron tub to the white subway tile walls to the iconic white hexagon floors with black rosettes, it's giving us total black and white movie star memories.

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    Stick With Iconic Black and White

    modern bathroom with classic black and white hexagon tile

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This is the iconic black and white hexagon tile you've probably seen a hundred, maybe even a thousand times, in older homes and retro apartments. But it's still a favorite of designers and vintage lovers alike. Michelle Berwick Design pairs it with a minimalist circular mirror and warm wood vanity for a completely modern look.

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    Create Cohesion

    freestanding tub with vintage rug and hexagon tile

    White Sands Design Build

    A dramatic freestanding tub surrounded by marble? Yes, please! This gorgeous bathroom from White Sands Design Build uses hexagon tile in marble to create a subtle, cohesive look with the marble walls. The result is an effortlessly elegant look that begs you sit and soak a while.

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    Use Scallops and Hexagons

    bathroom with hexagon tile and scalloped rug

    Stephanie Perez

    Stephanie Perez wasn't afraid of mixing monochromatic shapes in this lovely bathroom. From the scalloped bath mat to the hexagon tile to the subway tile, wainscoting, and Moroccan-inspired wallpaper, this bathroom does it all and, yet, because of the monochromatic palette, it blends beautifully into one calming space.

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    Use Hexagon Tiles on the Walls

    subway tile and hexagon tile

    Tyler Karu

    Hexagon tile doesn't have to stick to the floor. Tyler Karu used a classic subway tile throughout this shower, but set apart the hardware and niche with a bold, patterned hexagon. With a common color palette of black and white, it all works together.

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    Combine Gray and Chrome

    gray bathroom with hexagon tile

    Katie Hodges Design

    Gray hexagon marble and polished chrome is one of the most timeless bathroom combinations possible, and Katie Hodges Design brought it to life in this lovely space. With a washed wood finish on the vanity and neutral shades, this entire bathroom feels like a classic retreat. Can't you just imagine slipping into this tub with a good book after a long week?

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    Try a Hexagon Wall

    hexagon tile on wall

    Michelle Berwick Design

    From the floor to the wall, this bathroom from Michelle Berwick Design shows that continuing the same tile all the way through a bathroom can have a cohesive, expansive effect. When it's done in a small size in a bathroom, it creates an allover patterned look that is elongating rather than loud.

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    Add an Accent Floor

    hexagon tile in shower

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This hexagon tile is used only as an accent, to add subtle definition to an otherwise streamlined and neutral gray bathroom with a luxurious, large-scale square tile. Kate Marker Interiors created a calming effect by keeping the two in the same exact color palette.

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    Get Inspired by Midcentury Parisian

    classic bathroom with hexagon tile

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    Layers of marbled white and gray are the most elegant way to create a Parisian-inspired bathroom, and, in this space, Louis Duncan-He Designs took a cue from the most stylish of French inspiration: midcentury vintage. With chrome hardware, hexagon tile, and stately molding, this bathroom combines the best of classic features.

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    Have Fun With Gray

    gray hexagon tile

    Lindsey Brook Design

    This Lindsey Brook Design bathroom strikes the perfect don't take life too seriously tone with its confetti of gray hexagons. They feel reminiscent of a 1980s Tetris game, but in the most design-forward way, especially when combined with modern light fixtures and a fresh turquoise vanity.

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    Try Luxe White on White

    white bathroom with hexagon tile

    Leclair Decor

    Timeless white marble hexagon tile paired with brass hardware and woven details gives this bathroom an elegant, luxe look. This bathroom, designed by Leclair Decor, has nods to Paris, where the residents love to travel, and the historic brownstone they call home. It feels both historic and new, all at once.

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    Go Traditional Farmhouse

    moody bathroom with freestanding tub and hexagon marble tile

    Light and Dwell

    This moody bathroom from Light and Dwell takes hexagon tile for a different spin on traditional. Instead of city-inspired and refined, it has the look of a dreamy European farmhouse, complete with a standalone tub, brass fixtures, and an antique chest of drawers for cozy mornings.

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    Update the Classics

    large scale marble hexagon tile

    K. Shah Designs

    This updated take on the perennially popular gray marble hexagon tile involves a larger scale and ombré gradient. K. Shah Designs paired this bold tile with a vanity that reads like light, airy furniture, and a bright walk-in shower for a perfectly serene spot to start the day.

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    Use Dark Grout

    farmhouse bathroom with white hexagon tile and dark grout

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This bathroom gives off a sophisticated farmhouse aesthetic with its horizontal wainscoting, simple black frame mirrors, and white hexagon tile. By adding dark grout, Kate Marker Interiors made the floors stand out in this light space and created a more rustic, vintage feel.

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    Use Hexagon Tile as a Backdrop

    vibrant bathroom with white hexagon tile

    Katie Martinez Design

    Small white hexagon tile with dark grout and white subway tile walls is the perfect retro backdrop for any number of design choices. In this bathroom, Katie Martinez Design went bold with every other choice, from a black and white wallpaper to a sunny vanity to a vibrant shower curtain. And the tile did its duty as a blank canvas, ready for color.

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    Use Large Scale Hexagon Tiles

    white and black bathroom with white hexagon tile

    Katie Hodges Design

    This large scale ivory tile has the simplicity of a classic 1990s bathroom, but with an updated shape. By using light grout and light tile, Katie Hodges Design let the black clawfoot tub steal the show, while the hexagon tiles let their six sides simply point in the direction of the spotlight.

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    Try Nautical Navy

    nautical lake house bathroom

    Katie LeClercq Design Studio

    For this lake house bathroom, Katie LeClercq Design Studio did a deep, dramatic navy hexagon tile with light grout to play off of the vintage rug and quirk rabbit wallpaper. By going dark with light, the look is modern rather than moody, and feels right at home in its lakefront setting.

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    Use a Gradient of Greens

    green bathroom with hexagon tile

    Jessica Nelson Design

    This green-on-green bathroom from Jessica Nelson Design is a nature-inspired dream. With a gradient of greens across the hexagon tile floor, green on the walls, and greenery details (perfect to thrive in the humidity!), it just invites relaxation. And peep the pocket door—such a fun vintage-inspired touch.

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    Create an Optical Illusion

    optical illusion hexagon tile

    House Nine

    This eye-catching hexagon tile from House Nine not only grabs your attention with its shimmering mother of pearl finish, but it creates an optical illusion blending one room into the next. With its unfinished edge, you're not sure where one space ends and the bathroom begins, and the multi-edged look of the hexagon is ideal for this trailing look.

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    Go Back to Midcentury Roots

    black and white bathroom with hexagon tile

    Arbor and Co.

    This black and white bathroom from Arbor and Co. gives a nod to the home's midcentury roots with classic white hexagon tile and dark grout. Gigantic glossy black subway tile takes the look into the 21st century, while minimalist details make the entire space feel light and airy.

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    Combine Warm Stripes and Hexagon Tiles

    modern bathroom with hexagon tile

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    The warm wood on these vanities by Ashley Montgomery Design give a textured contrast to the simple white hexagons with dark grout. But it's all tied together with the minimalist frame mirrors and modern light fixtures.

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    Mix Hexagon and Herringbone

    hexagon and herringbone tile in a bathroom

    Chelius House of Design

    Hexagon tile on the floor is often seen with subway tile on the walls, but this striking herringbone pattern makes for a dramatic contrast. Chelius House of Design also added a black accent wall in a smaller herringbone tile with the inverse — black tile with white grout—for even more impact.

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    Make Bold Choices

    patterned hexagon tile

    Lindsey Brooke Design

    Who needs wallpaper when you have this bold patterned tile? Lindsey Brooke Design did a spin on the traditional wallpaper over wainscoting look with this geometric six-sided tile. And, in an otherwise modern, neutral bathroom, she punched it up with a bright work of art in a rich turquoise.

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    Try Teal and Gray

    teal bathroom with gray hexagon tile

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    In this bathroom, Ashley Webb Interiors uses an oversize gray hexagon tile to anchor a bold teal wall and a floating farmhouse sink. It gives this bathroom the calming touch it needs to help the otherwise industrial decor feel balanced and serene.

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    Nod to History

    hexagon tile with rounded edges

    Charbonneau Interiors

    This take on hexagon tile from Charbonneau Interiors has Moorish influence, with its curved and pinched details. In this gorgeous blush taupe and set against rose gold fixtures and an ornate mirror, it looks perfectly glamorous.

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    Create a Serene Retreat

    marble bathroom hexagon tile

    Collected Interiors

    This bathroom uses three different tiles within the shower yet, because of the serene white marble color palette, the result is positively spa-like. Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors used hexagon tile on the floor, subway tile on the walls, and a striking herringbone within the niche—but all look like they could have been a chip off of the same marble block.