16 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Marble Tile

Bathroom with tan and light gray marble tile around white tub closeup

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Classic and elegant, marble is always a good choice when it comes to bathroom decor. It's timeless, it adds value to your property, and it's really, really pretty.

However, marble comes with its downsides: mostly, maintenance. Marble has to be sealed yearly and cleaned regularly to avoid stains, scratches and moisture damage. But if you can handle the work, the results are worth it: an elegant and classic bathroom that will stand the test of time.

Learn more about marble in this informative overview of marble flooring, and preview how to care for and clean marble before you invest in this beautiful tile!

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    Large Marble Primary Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Rebecca Lehde, Inspiro 8 Studios

    Our first example is a classic primary bathroom with floor and wall marble tile, by Rebecca Lehde via Houzz. The different tile sizes provide some interesting flow and movement to the space, and the gray paint around the alcove shower (note the marble hex tile at the bottom there) highlights the veining really well.

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    All-Over Modern Marble Bathroom

    modern bathroom
    Studio Isle

    If you really like marble, this bathroom is for you. This design by Studio Isle uses large blocks of marble for the sinks and tub, and large tiles for the flooring and walls. The brass fixtures are the only touch of color in the whole space. This keeps the space minimal and clean, perfect for lovers of contemporary design.

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    Marble for Small Bathrooms

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Horton & Co Design

    Marble is a great choice for smaller spaces too. This wet-room style bathroom by Horton & Co has a shower-tub combination in the same area, as well as a red brass fixture. The dark slate flooring makes it less monotonous than the previous example, too. 

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    Classic Corner Shower With Marble Tile

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Studio G+S Architects

    Refresh your classic corner shower with a marble tile on the floor and walls. The hex tile in the recess gives it some movement and visual interest, too. This design by Studio G+S Architects, via Houzz, shows how you can update your old bathroom by changing the floor, the wall area of the shower, and the countertop to marble for a classic, timeless look.

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    Luxurious Victorian Marble Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Dean Poritzky Custom Homes

    This primary bathroom in a Victorian home, by Dean Poritzky Custom Homes, shows why luxury and marble often come together in people's minds. The tan-veined marble is a little different from the typical grey-veined one, but it also brings more warmth to the space. The classic, traditional fixtures detail the whole with a muted, brushed finish.

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    Bright Marble Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Jenny Martin Design

    This beautiful, bright marble bathroom by Jenny Martin Design shows what's possible when mixing tile shape and size, color, and veining. The marble lattice-looking tiles in the shower are especially interesting and brighten up what could otherwise be just another all-over marble shower.

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    Modern Subway Marble Tile Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Tabberson Architects

    Sometimes, using the same tile size and color can also work, especially if you use other decorative elements to break up the monotony. In this bathroom by Tabberson Architects, via Houzz, the chandelier, stool, and portraits in the recess make for a personal yet classic space. The all-over rectangular marble tile doesn't seem boring or overdone.

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    Dark Marble Contemporary Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Todd Selby

    Are your tastes a little... darker? This dark-veined marble might just do the trick. This photo by Todd Selby presents a contemporary, minimalistic design that features the beautiful details of this darker type of marble. Notice how the tiles on the wall were placed to contrast, rather than match. The wall-mounted faucets keep the counter space visually clean.

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    Small Warm Marble Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    More Design+Build

    Combine warm wood and marble to keep your bathroom space from looking too cold and clinical. This design by More Design+Build takes advantage of every corner for storage and uses large marble tiles to maintain the natural look of the veining as much as possible. 

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    Bathroom With Fake Marble Countertop and Real Marble Backsplash

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Kylie M. Interiors

    Want marble but stuck with a small budget? This bathroom by Kylie M. Interiors shows you how to do it all for a good price. The countertop is actually laminate, while the backsplash is real marble. The hex shape is unusual and fun, and for such a small surface, won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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    Marble Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Jodie Rosen Design

    This bathroom by Jodie Rosen Design is a study in shapes. The two black cabinets enclose a right-angled freestanding tub on a marble floor with large tiles. The countertop is one block of marble with a large vein running through it. Notice how the glass tile mosaic on the wall recalls the shades of marble too.

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    Bathroom With Marble Alcove

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Mark Williams Design Associates

    It would be easy to overdo the marble in this large primary bath by Mark Williams Design Associates, via Houzz, but the amount of marble is perfectly on point. The way it's set back into the alcove brings the eye towards it and makes the space seem even larger. The inset mosaic tile serves as a way to break up the large marble floor tiles.

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    Chrome and Marble Bathroom

    beautiful marble bathroom
    Todhunter Earle Interiors

    This modern, minimalist bathroom by Todhunter Earle features two main textures: a highly contrasting marble, and shiny chrome. The effect of a dramatic vein marble is different from its softer version. This one has a bigger visual impact and dominates the space.

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    Bathroom With Different Marble Colors

    marble tile bathroom
    Zack de Vito

    This bathroom by Zack de Vito uses two marbles—white with grey veins, and black with white veins---for a modern, sleek look that highlights the clean white overall design. Note the marble block alcove walk-in shower. The shallow but long tub is perfect for lying down with a great book and some relaxing bubbles.

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    All-Over Marble Tile Bathroom

    marble tile bathroom
    Valerie Wilcox

    If marble can be a theme, this bathroom by Square Footage, via Houzz, would be its best example. The designers put marble tile on the floors and walls, with matching grey countertops, and transparent surfaces to open up the space. The all-over marble brings a sense of understated luxury, highlighted by the chandelier above the tub.

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    Glam Marble Bathroom

    marble tile bathroom
    Sera of London

    Marble can also be used in more quirky designs, as this glam, retro bathroom by Sera of London shows. The large wall marble tile and curved marble floor tile open up the space and give it a luxurious background, which perfectly matches the gold and mirrored furniture and accessories. The light fixtures are especially interesting!