9 Bathtub Designs To Make You Drool

I love me a nice bathtub. I like them large and deep, with jets and bubbles. I have the biggest collection of bath salts, bombs and bubbles you've ever seen. I'm a big bath aficionado.

So no wonder I like to look at bath-centric bathrooms and imagine myself soaking in all kinds of tubs, from 19th century brass tubs to pool-like baths that remind you of Queen Cleopatra. They might be a luxury for a lot of people, but personally, I couldn't live without at least the possibility of...MORE taking a bath.

Here are some amazing bath and tub designs to make you drool... or maybe inspire your next bathroom remodel!

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    This infinity tub

    Infinity pool in the forest
    Matthew Wakem / Stone / Getty Images

    This amazing infinity tub is better than pretty much anything else you've ever seen.

    Inspired from the infinity pool design, this edge-less tub will make you feel like you're on the edge of world... literally.

    The beauty of these tubs is that you can fill them to the brim, and they won't spill over the edge. The extra water will fall down at the end and go down the drain. 

    Go head, soak yourself up to the neck!

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    The Bathsphere

    the bathsphere
    Alexander Zhukovsky

    I noticed this great design on Trendir, and I couldn't resist sharing it with you. 

    The Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky is a hanging sphere that you can fill with water and bathe in. Transparent walls make it a great way to enjoy a view... or being viewed, if that's your thing.

    This kind of original bath design makes an interesting statement on the use of space--what if we could use any room and a space no larger than say, a bed, and hang a bath there instead, what kinds of spaces could...MORE become bathrooms?

    I love how he put it as a central piece in this high-rise apartment. It reminds me a bit of the classic giant glass burlesque number

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    This beautiful sunken tub

    sunken tub
    Martin Harvey / The Image Bank / Getty Images

    A sunken tub is like a little in-ground pool in your bathroom. Because they open at floor level, they open up a space like nothing else. And they also look very luxurious.

    This sunken tub is designed to fit exactly with the pool right on the outside, giving the bather an instant connection with the nature right outdoors.

    I especially like the contrast between the wooden edge and the porcelain-white tub surface. And how about being able to take a shower (to the right of the tub) while your sweetie...MORE is soaking up in the bath?

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    This see-through bath

    see-through bath 1971
    Central Press / Stringer / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    How fun would it be to take a bath in a see-through tub? Well, a family with kids wanted something original and cool for the children's bathroom, and they came up with this awesome glass-sided bath.

    The perfectly white walls and minimal sconce in the wall make the whole look very sleek and modern. The transparency of the bath certainly opens up the space, and gives you a... ahem... new look on soaking up after a long day at work.

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    This heavy granite tub

    De Agostini / A. Garozzo / De Agostini Picture Library / Getty Images

    Tubs have been made out of stone since... forever. (The picture for this item is a 15th-century BC stone bathtub in Nestor's Palace, Pylos.) Certain types of stones are non-porous and perfect for keeping water at a nice temperature.

    This modern-day stone tub is all granite and weights 2,000 pounds. Polished to mirror perfection on the inside, the outside is hand-carved to look like the bed of pebbles it stands on, and the outdoor pebbled area as well.

    This modern yet ancient bathtub is...MORE luxurious and gives the tone to the whole bathroom with its central position. I can just imagine stepping into it and feeling like an ancient Greek goddess!

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    This gold bath

    gold bathtub
    dogayusufdokdok / E+ / Getty Images

    If glamour is your game, this ultra-modern, trendy gold-finished bathtub will definitely satisfy you. The matte inside finish contrasts with the shiny, golden outside. (Although there is an option for gold leaf inside as well!)

    I especially like how it is set off against a black wall to hide yourself from prying eyes, but also for a gorgeous decor contrast. Black and gold always looks glamorous and luxurious.

    You'll definitely feel like you're taking a bath in a royal palace when soaking...MORE in this gorgeous tub.

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    This modern copper tub

    copper bathtub
    chandlerphoto / E+ / Getty Images

    Tubs come in all kinds of materials these days, including beautiful copper. This soft rectangle-shaped copper tub with a shaped bottom (so you don't slip while you're lying down in it) is perfect for those who like to stay in there for long hours, reading or watching movies on their tablet.

    I love how the tub is set off by the warm colors of the floor and walls, and how it stands on an slightly elevated platform that puts the emphasis on this piece. It's a really clever way to show...MORE off the beauty of this original tub.

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    This typical bathtub with a croc-skin skirt

    colored clawfoot tub
    Caiaimage/Robert Daly / OJO+ / Getty Images

    Sure, a white standalone tub works just fine... if that's what you like. But some of us prefer a little more pizzaz to our bathroom. Enter the customizable bathroom skirt, which you can have in pretty much any texture or color.

    This really great-looking croc-skin skirt gives the bath a totally new look--and defines the style of the bathroom as a whole. It's something luxurious and tropical yet with a touch of roughness that's hard to pinpoint. I absolutely love it, personally.

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    This colorful LED tub

    Massimo Merlini / E+ / Getty Images

    Made of a semi-transparent orange plastic with LED lights installed at the bottom, this bath adds to the already abundant personality of this original bathroom.

    I love how the fixtures of this bath are installed in a little commode that also hosts a plant and some beauty supplies. It's a clever way to hide the plumbing. And as a fan of warm colors, I must say I'm totally in love with the choice of orange here. It's original and unexpected. I totally dig it.

Bathtubs don't have to be boring, white, and all of the same shape. If you have the space and the budget, there are plenty of amazing tub designs to get you inspired for your next bathroom remodel. And even if your wallet is limited, you can at least dream of one day soaking into one of these wonderful luxury bath designs.