9 Beautiful Bathtubs for Boosting Your Bathing Experience

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    How to Use These Bathtub Styles in Your Next Remodel

    One of the simplest ways you can make any bathroom, regardless of size, feel more luxurious is to add a beautiful bathtub. Nope, not builder-grade models.  But instead, sculptural beauties that will take a bathroom to new stylish and practical heights. Think about it, the right tub for your space and lifestyle will transform your bathing experience from an everyday soak to a spa-like experience. Are you Intrigued? If you are looking to move beyond something basic, consider one of these stylish bathtub styles.

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    Modern Soaker Tub That Resembles a Trough-Style Sink

    When it comes to luxury, soaker tubs are the must-have upgrade for many homeowners. And happily, they come in many gorgeous styles, models, and prices, including "off the shelf" options found at big box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. What makes soaker tubs so popular? They are deeper and broader than the builder-grade tubs, providing ample space for relaxing in the water. They also come in sculptural shapes as this freestanding example in a bathroom by Brett Barten Design. The interior designer selected this particular style because it resembles a modern take on the trough-style sink.


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    Stylish Black Soaker Tub

    Here is the thing with built-in tubs that are typically installed between three walls and the floor. When remodeling, they often require a more significant financial investment and work during installation. Freestanding tubs like this one in a bathroom by Ward 5 Design are usually plug-and-play once the proper plumbing is in place. We love the idea of looking for unique hues and shapes when shopping for tubs. This chic black soaker tub beautifully tops off the bathroom's monochromatic color scheme.

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    Clawfoot Tub With a Touch of Class

    Nothing adds old-timey character to a bathroom like a classic clawfoot tub. Tubs like these come in a broad range of sizes to fit most bathrooms like this small antique replica in a bathroom by Ward 5 Design.  Adding function to the bathing space is the marble subway tile on the walls, which brings the necessary waterproofing for washing and showering along with a stylish shower curtain. Note the polished chrome feet on the tub. They nicely match the brush nickel tub and showers fixtures.

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    Elegant and Large Ergonomic Bathtub

    Soft curvy lines make this soaker tub in a bathroom by Case Charlotte super inviting. The freestanding vessel is big enough to accommodate two adults. Its elegant and ergonomic shape creates a super comfortable bathing experience. The tub's sophisticated detailing truly makes it the crowning jewel of the bathroom. It is also important to note the tub's height, which provides adequate support for the back, neck, and head. Keep in mind: freestanding tubs should never be placed on wood flooring. Here porcelain tiles that resemble natural timber create a water-resistant surface perfect for wet spaces.

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    Minimalist Tub Brimming With Timeless Appeal

    A minimalist tub that resembles an elegant soup bowl makes a chic composition when paired with handmade drapery, as the custom roman shade appearing here and gorgeous slabs of marble covering the walls. Interior designer Sarah Barnard punctuated the space with a small painting, which lends a pop of color to the bright white bathroom. The final result is an undeniably modern space that also feels timeless.

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    Refreshed Antique Clawfoot Tub

    Whoever said a tub has to be white? When the interior design team at Siren Betty found this old clawfoot tub in an old Midwestern farmhouse, it was in pretty poor condition. But because it was made of hardy wrought iron and had good bones, it was an excellent candidate for restoring. It was also an ideal opportunity to make a bold color choice.

    First, the inside of the tub was restored to its original bright white. Next, the exterior was given a brand new life in a gorgeous peachy-pink hue. The rosy shade is a delicate contrast to the bathroom's exposed brick walls and pigeon gray wainscoting. How much did it cost to restore the antique clawfoot tub? Much less than buying a repro says the experts at Siren Betty. Typically reglazing costs less than $1,000. Here a quick remodeling tip: the contractors installed porcelain floor tiles under the tub to protect the wood flooring.

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    Small Soaker Tub and a Sizable Shower Stall

    A tall, but not so wide, soaker tub made the most of this modestly-sized bathroom remodeled by RenosGroup. Smaller bathtubs, like this example, make it possible to squeeze in a separate shower stall when remodeling not-so-big spaces.

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    Tub With a View

    A supersized bathroom becomes incredibly more dreamy thanks to a gorgeous tub with a spectacular view. When it comes to large spaces like this one in a New York City apartment renovated by interior design firm Tina Ramchandani Creative, you can let the tub be the star of the proverbial show. Be strategic about your placement, as shown above, and be sure to capitalize on angles when you can. Highlight it with a luxe neutral rug, an arrangement of plants, and a beautiful stool or table to hold specialty soaps and lotions.

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    Combine a White Tub With Gorgeous Tile

    There are lots of ways you can make a white tub stand out—no matter the style you pick, as shown in this drool-worthy space by Mercury Mosaics. Green mermaid tile throws focus on the clawfoot tub. And here is another nifty design trick: a small built-in nook on the wall, typically seen in shower stalls, adds a bit of practical storage.