Battery Powered Aquarium Air Pumps

A battery-powered aquarium air pump is handy to have when you need to transport your aquarium or unhook the pump from power for any reason. Much more importantly, a pump that runs on batteries ensures that your aquarium gets oxygen even during power outages. Better pumps offer "uninterrupted power" and include rechargeable batteries that remain plugged in and can automatically switch to battery mode in the event of a power outage. Less expensive models may be just what you need for...MORE moving your aquarium or an occasional brief power loss. 

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    Azoo Battery Backup Air Pump
    Azoo Battery Backup Air Pump. Photo by PriceGrabber

    If the power goes out, the Azoo Battery Backup Air Pump will continue to supply oxygen to your aquarium. It runs continuously on 110V (standard household voltage), switching automatically to battery during power loss, then recharges when power is restored. Features two modes: High runs for 10 hours continuously on a fully charged battery. Low runs for 20 hours intermittently, 50 seconds on and 50 seconds off. The 6V rechargeable battery is included. Two 3/16" outlets provide a total of 0.15...MORE cfm of air at 30" of water depth for two air stones.

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    The Marina Battery Operated Air Pump provides auxiliary air when your main air source fails. A reliable back-up air source during household electrical power failure, or a great portable aerator for fish in transit. Comes with air stone and 18" tubing. Brass cylinder improvement for lengthened service. Uses two "D" cell batteries (not included).

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    The Vibra Flow Portable Battery Air Pump is a portable battery operated air pump that is safe and convenient to use. This pump is ideal for holding tanks and fish transport. Includes pump, air stone, air line tubing and belt clip.
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    for power failures and maintenance, the Silent Air B10 Battery powered air pump will make a welcome addition to any hobbyists arsenal. Comes complete with air pump, 24" of airline tubing, and 1 air stone.
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    Boyu D-200 Battery Operated Air Pump is an ideal back-up air pump for emergency aeration in the event of power or equipment failure, or for livestock transport applications. Comes with airline tubing and airstone (batteries not included). Near-silent operation! Output: 2L / min. Pressure: 0.01 Mpa. 0.5 Watts. 1.5 V
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    The Deep Blue Cat 5 Battery Air Pump automatically switches to its rechargeable battery pack upon power loss. The automatic recharge system charges the battery pack when power is restored. It is designed with optional "D" cell battery slots for use when main battery pack is exhausted. It features two operat6ing modes: The Hi position pumps 14 hours on full battery and Lo position runs for 28 hours intermittently (one minute on, one minute off). Includes a removable, 6V Ni-Cad...MORE rechargeable battery pack. Made of high quality impact plastic for durability and quiet operation. Dual air outlet design.