Battle of the Balloons Game for Adults

White, orange, or black balloons for Halloween party on gray background.

belchonock / Getty Images

Battle of the Balloons is an active and hilarious party game for adults that is easy to set up and is guaranteed to break the ice. It is a perfect game for a Halloween party and will get your guests up and moving.

How to Play

Gather balloons for the game. You can go for themed colors, such as black and orange for Halloween, or use extra balloons leftover from decorating for the party. Or, to save a little money, plan the game late in the evening toward the end of the party and use the party balloons. This way, you can start taking down the party decorations before the game is even over.

You will also need strings of equal length to tie to the balloons. The string needs to be long enough to tie around the balloon's tie and a player's ankle.

  1. Divide your guests into two teams and put them on opposite sides of the room or outside if the weather is nice and the guests are willing.
  2. Have each guest grab a balloon and tie it to one of their ankles.
  3. Yell "Go," and have each team wobble toward each other, using just their feet (no hands allowed) to try to break the other team's balloons.
  4. When a person's balloon is popped, he or she is out of the game and needs to move over to the sideline.
  5. The team with the last unpopped balloon is the winner.


Here are some variations that can make Battle of the Balloons a lot more fun and interesting:

  • Give each team a few minutes to come up with a strategy. It will be interesting to see if an offense is the best defense.
  • Tie a balloon to both ankles. Double the balloons, double the fun.
  • For a party with couples, have each couple work as a team to protect their balloons and go after other teams' balloons. It will be interesting to see which couples work together to figure out the best strategy.
  • Forget the teams and have each person play for themselves.
  • Turn up the Halloween music and have guests dance to the Monster Mash during the game.

Making the Game Kid-Friendly

Battle of the Balloons can easily be modified for kids of all ages and is a great addition to party games for children. Here are some ways you can change it up for the kids:

  • Make it a race: Let the kids run from a start line to a finish line with the balloons tied to their ankles. The first one to the finish line is the winner.
  • Get rid of the competition: Turn up the music and let the kids dance with the balloons tied to their ankles. They'll have a blast.
  • Sit and pop: Make the strings longer or forget them altogether and have the kids sit on the balloons to pop them.