21 Beautiful Bay Window Ideas for Living Rooms

blue sofa in front of bay window

Lara Kimmerer

If your living room offers a bay window, it's safe to say that you'll want to make the most of this beautiful architectural feature! Below, we've rounded up 21 ideas that you won't want to miss as it pertains to furniture layout, accents to decorate with, and more. Keep reading and then get ready to design the cozy living room you've always craved.

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    Choose an Oversized Seat

    bay window with large seat

    @life_at_kuldana / Instagram

    Place an oversized chair in front of your bay window, and if you wish, opt for something spacious enough to accommodate two children or an adult and a pet. This will be the spot to cuddle up!

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    Create a Conversation Nook

    accent seating in bay window

    @thejoannapiccoli / Instagram

    Turn your bay window area into a conversation nook. All you'll need are two armchairs, a side table (perfect for setting down drinks or snacks), and a lamp. You can also take a cue from this space and use a small area rug to section off this nook and make it feel a bit separate from the rest of your living room.

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    Place a Tree by the Window

    sofa in front of bay window

    @asymmetricalhome / Instagram

    Give your plants the light they need! Place some potted green friends or a tall tree in front of your bay window as seen here. Trees are excellent for adding height and dimension to any space.

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    Get Cozy With Throw Pillows

    large chair in front of bay window

    @the_williams_abode / Instagram

    Here's another example of an oversized chair being stationed in front of the bay window. Add some throw pillows for maximum comfort and carve out a little reading nook that everyone in the family will enjoy using.

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    Decorate the Windowsill

    radiator in front of bay window

    @lifeatrosies / Instagram

    If there's a radiator stationed below your bay windows, you'll want to leave the surrounding area clear—but you can still decorate the windowsill as you wish! Display everything from plants to vases to picture frames.

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    Have Fun With Green Friends

    blue chair by bay window

    @_house_77 / Instagram

    Angling a bold-colored accent chair in front of your bay window will draw attention to this area. Set up a charming vignette by choosing a fun hue for your seating. Then, accent the space with plants or pampas grass, as we see above.

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    Try a Bistro Table

    table and chairs in front of window

    @houseofsnook / Instagram

    Here's another conversation-nook-like setup that proves that a solution like this is a no-fail option. In a studio apartment, you could replicate this setup, only with a small bistro table to create a charming dining area.

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    Set Out Comfy Layers

    chairs and table in front of window

    @sheffieldsemi1930s / Instagram

    Get cozy! Accents like faux fur blankets and knit pillows will make your nook appear ultra plush. You can always store throw blankets in a woven basket when they're not in use.

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    Highlight a Vintage Piece

    loveseat in front of window

    @old_victorian_home / Instagram

    Love vintage style? Try a beautiful antique loveseat like this one, which looks absolutely stunning placed in front of the bay window. The French-inspired look is oh-so glam.

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    Set Up a Happy Hour Station

    chair and footrest by window

    @thisbeautifulheap / Instagram

    Happy hour at home just got way better. Make your bay window into a mini drink station—place an accent chair and ottoman alongside a small bar cart, and you'll always have a spot to relax when 5 pm strikes.

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    Don't Shy Away from Color

    purple chairs by window

    @sl_indesign / Instagram

    You can always recover chairs that have seen better days using a peppy fabric that speaks to you. Here, eclectic purple velvet makes a major impact. Install a gallery wall off to the side of these chairs to complete the look.

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    Accommodate Guests Galore

    sofa in front of bay window

    @themillys1930shome / Instagram

    There's no reason you can't place a full-sized loveseat in front of your bay window. This is a great way to maximize seating in your living room if you love to host and entertain.

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    Incorporate a Built-In Bench

    bench built into window

    Lara Kimmerer

    If you're designing a living room from scratch, you may wish to incorporate a bay window with a built-in bench into the layout. This one offers valuable storage drawers below, too, making it easy to tuck away things like board games, magazines, and more.

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    Try a New Orientation

    sofa in front of bay window

    Lara Kimmerer

    Don't be afraid to orient your living room so that the sofa is in front of the bay window. While we often see accent chairs in this spot, there is no right or wrong way to lay out your living room; a setup like this looks stunning.

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    Mix and Match Chair Styles

    empty area in front of bay window

    Lara Kimmerer

    Additionally, the chairs that go in front of your bay window don't have to match. Here, two different styles of seating look excellent paired together; the taller chair adds some welcome height to the room.

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    Push Your Sofa to the Back

    couch pushed against bay window

    Lara Kimmerer

    To make your living room feel more spacious, consider pushing a second sofa close to the bay windows rather than scooting it up a bit. This results in more open floor space, which is great if you have children who like to play on the carpet, too.

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    Don't Forget the Storage

    built-in bench with storage

    Lauren Pressey

    Here's another bay window that features a built-in bench component. Once again, the fact that the bench offers storage below couldn't be more useful!

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    Add Home-y Touches

    conversation nook by windows

    @cindyetta / Instagram

    If you choose to place a side table by the window, add some flair to the piece with little touches including a small lamp, plant, or picture frame. Don't forget about the big, comfy furniture. These accents will make your space feel more home-like and cozy.

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    Try a Fun Plant Setup

    plant in basket

    @thevenetianpantry / Instagram

    As we noted earlier, bay windows are the perfect place to set up your plants. Don't be afraid to think outside the box with an arrangement like this one—a plant in a basket couldn't look more chic! Whether you opt for one or several is up to you.

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    Keep Things Clear

    bay window looking out to water

    @palmandprep / Instagram

    If your bay window offers a beautiful view, be sure to maximize it by keeping the surrounding area open. Sunlight streams into this airy living room that offers a stunning view of the water outside. People of all ages—and pets—will appreciate being able to easily stroll up to the window and admire the scenery.

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    DIY a Plant Stand

    bay window with plants

    @beetrootandblack / Instagram

    Another way to position your plants is by placing them on stands. You can create your own DIY version by setting a favorite pot atop a small stool, too.